You clicked the power button on the TV remote, watching the blackness of the screen change to light, your dance video on. Now you were supposed to be learning the dance moves to this since you would be teaching ten year olds this in just a few short weeks.

You sat in the floor, your legs stretched out in front of your torso, your leaned over, grabbing your feet and pulling your body down flat with your legs, holding for ten seconds before letting go. You moved your legs shoulder with apart, leaning over grabbing your right leg, holding for ten seconds before changing to the other leg.

You pulled yourself onto your feet, keeping them together, pulling your body down to your feet, feeling the burn in your calves as you pulled your body closer to being flat with your knees.

"God damn, lil mama." you jumped at the sudden noise of Nate’s voice behind you. "How did I not know you were this flexible?" you felt your cheeks begin to redden as Nate stared at you. The growing bulge evident in his pants.

"I…uh, I guess its never came up in the past months." you could feel the fire in your cheeks, as the words stuttered out of your mouth. "Well, lets use this to our advantage right now." 

You watched as Nate walked over to you, his arm reached out, “put you leg here.” You lifted you leg into Nate’s hand, a puzzled look on your face, “let’s see how flexible you really are.” he smirked before starting to raise your leg.

Nate had never seen how flexible you actually could be, your held your balance on one leg as late brought you leg higher and higher before stopping, “fuck.” he mumbled under his breath as he lowered you leg back down.

You felt his hands go to your hips, his hands jerking your around, your ass pressed against his crotch. You wiggled your hips back and forth teasing him a bit, feeling his hand on the small of your back pushing your torso down to your legs.

Your arms wrapped around the back of your knees pulling yourself down, you watched as Nate stepped back admiring the view of your ass in yoga pants in the air. “Why didn’t I know about this?” he groaned, his hand connecting your ass, stinging through your pants.

"I think its time that these go." His fingers slipping just inside the waist band of your yoga pants, sliding the down your legs, letting the rest around your feet. "Fuck its even better without anything on." you felt his cold fingers run down your slit, slamming inside of you. "Does all this turn you on, lil mama? You’re dripping." 

His body arched over yours as you tried to keep steady on your feet. “fuck nate, i’m close.” you gripped tightly to your own legs, Nate’s fingers suddenly pulling out.

"Come here." his fingers curled at you, "put your leg here." his hand patting on the barstool in the kitchen. You lifted your leg up, on the tall barstool, "Now bend over and show me that pretty lil ass." you leaned over grabbing your foot to help.

You heard Nate’s pants hit the floor as his button bounced on the tile, his hands grabbing ahold you waist as he pushed in without any warning. “Jesus, baby, you’re so wet.” he grunted pushing your torso down further on the stool.

Never have you had sex like this, Nate hitting all knew spots as he brushed against your gspot, making you feel like you were on cloud nine. his fingers tracing over your clit, teasing you ever so slightly, causing profanities to spill from your mouth.

"Such a naughty little girl." nate groaned as he increased the pressure on your clit, your legs starting to shake, Nate’s arms holding your hips keeping your body upright.

"Cum for me, lil mama." Nate’s whisper filling your ears, letting your high take over, your walls clenching around Nate sending him into his own euphoria. The wall liquid of his high seeping inside of you as he kept going. 

His hands hold your hips up as he pulled out, keeping you from collapsing onto the tile floor from the shaking. “That is the best sex we’ve ever had.” you moaned sitting yourself back on the floor, to sore to even think of learning that dance today.

"Next time, it will be even better now that I know your little secret."

You're Mine (Jack Gilinsky)

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Request: Gilinsky imagine where he gets mad because you’re flirting with the other boys so he takes you home.

"You ready to go?" Jack asks, coming into the living where you sat comfortably watching Netflix. He wanted to go hang out with the other guys, but you just wanted to stay home and cuddle.

"I guess." You whine and close your laptop, meeting him at the door.

"Don’t be like that, Y/N. You can watch your show whenever." You just sigh heavily in response and follow him to the car. You drive to Nash and Cam’s apartment and head up. Jack just walks in and you follow, trying to fake a smile and pretend you actually wanted to be there. Nash, Cameron, Matt, the other Jack, and Sammy were all there. Jack sat down on the couch and you took a seat between him and Sammy. You realized what you had to do to get Jack to go home. You were going to be the biggest flirt possible, to irritate him and make him take you back to your own apartment.You scooted a bit closer to Sam, but Jack didn’t take notice. You twirled the ends of your hair flirtatiously and kept your attention on Sammy. You squeezed at his bicep gently and gasped.

"Oh My God, Sammy, have you been working out?" You ask. He chuckled lightly and shook his no. Jack took notice of this, but didn’t see it as much of anything so you decided to try a new technique. You made sure Jack was watching as you stood up and turned so your butt was facing away from him and Sam to the other couch where everyone else sat.

"Hey, Nash. Is there anything on my pants? I feel like there might me something on my ass." You say slyly, smirking down at Jack.

"U-Uhm, no." Nash said stuttering.

"That’s it, we’re going home. Sorry guys, I think we left the stove on." Jack tells them, grabbing you by the arm and pulling you out of the apartment and back to the car you had just got out of 10 minutes previous.

The ride home is silent besides the radio playing softly in the background. He pulled up to the drive way and went up to the door , not even waiting for you. You walked in and saw him sitting on the couch with his hands in his hair. He noticed your presence and looked up, you smiled at him innocently.

"Don’t give me that, Y/N? What the fuck was that back there?" He raises his voice slightly.

"I told you I didn’t want to go Jack."

"So, you flirt with my friends?!" He asks.

"It was the only way I could get you to bring me home. I didn’t feel like going out and I told you that!" You’re getting irritated too.

"That’s not the way to handle it though, Y/N. Damn, that pisses me off." He sighs obviously frustrated.

"Okay, I get it. Don’t make me do things I don’t wanna do and my eyes will be on you and only you." You try to say calmly to end this argument.

"Deal." He says. You walk over and sit on the couch beside him, he places his arm around you and brings you close.

"But, you’re still getting punished for that later." He says casually as you open your computer to resume your episode.

"Jack, what did I say about making me do things I don’t want to?" You reply, laughing.

"Trust me, baby girl. You’ll want this." He tells you, kissing the top of your head.

You walked into your house, kicking your heels off your sore feet before you could get the door closed. Looking at them laying on their sides, you walked towards the living room. You had texted your boyfriend Jack about the awful day you were having at work, nothing could seem to go right and you could feel how stressed you were. Your feet padded their way across the plush carpet, the house dark except for the gentle flicker of random candles set throughout the room. You walked to the bar in the kitchen, finding your favorite chocolate with a single red rose and a note, “come upstairs, baby girl.” You took a deep breath inhaling the scent of your favorite flower before laying it back on the counter and walking up the stairs. Rose petals lined the floor, directing you towards the master bathroom. A smile crept to your face at what he was doing. You grabbed the shiny brass knob turning it feeling the door unlatch, pushing in it to swing it open. “Hi princess.” Jack turned around from the bath he has just finished running, rose petals on top, a wine bottle and glass sitting on the edge. “Oh my god.” you felt the tears starting to form at Jack’s sweet gesture. “Did I do something wrong?” you watched as Jack’s feet made their way across the white tile before stopping in front of you, his arms wrapping around you. “No. Baby. This is perfect.” you hand smoothed your hair, “lets get in baby.” his hand moved to your side, brushing your hair out of the way to unzip the zipper that held your dress together. You shrugged the dress off your shoulders, watching it hit the floor before reaching your arms behind you to unclasp your bra and sliding your panties down your legs. You pulling on foot up, touching your toe to the hot warm, feeling the relaxing properties of it before submerging your leg and stepping in sitting down. You felt the warmth cascade over you, washing away your stress as the lavender scent bubbles floated around you. “Scoot up, baby.” you slid your body up, allowing Jack room to sit behind you, his legs on either side of you as you leaned against his chest. His rough hands massaged circles on your shoulders, listening to him whisper sweet nothings in your ear was enough to make you want to sleep into a position. Jack leaned up grabbing a loofah from its hanging position on the faucet, lathering it with your body wash. The coolness of the body wash being pressed against your back as you leaned forward, sipping out of the wine glass Jack provided. “How did I get so lucky?” you mumbled feeling the bath water return to your back as Jack rinsed it off. “I figured since you had a bad day, I’ll do something romantic for you, since you never fail to do it for me.” he smiled his arm reaching around your body to pull the plug letting the water drain. “I ordered pizza too, sorry I cant cook.” His mumbling turned to laughter as he reached for our towels. “Thank baby. This means a lot..”

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  • Jack and Jack


You felt Nash’s hands move up your thighs as the movie progressed, his hands inching ever so closely to your shorts crushing your core before resting on top of your thigh again, his thumb rubbing small circles. “Nash, your family.” you groaned as he leaned in sucking a small spot behind your ear, throwing your head back against the pillows. “If you’ll be quite they will never know.” His hand brushed your shorts sideways rubbing a finger up and down your slit teasing you, you could barely focus on the movie in the background. You hands slipping inside Nash’s sweats but staying on top of his boxers to tease him. Palming him through his boxers, you kept a steady rhythm, before you felt him side a finger in, gasping for air to stay quiet, your other hand gripped tightly to the sheets, watching your knuckles turn white as he inserted another finger curling the upwards. “Keep quiet, baby.” his breath hot against your ear, his lips kissing down your neck as he picked up the pace with his fingers, his thumb moving to run circles on your clit, a low groan escaping your lips. “Fuck.” you moved your hand inside his boxers, gently pumping his length, his mouth forming an ‘O’ keeping his moans held back. “NASHHY” you heard the door creek open and Skylynn appeared at the foot of the bed crawling up, Nash quick to remove his fingers, you hand ripping from his pants, the elastic snapping back against his lower abdomen. “Sorry.” you mouthed as Hayes sat at the end of the bed. “Scoot over, Nash. I wanna see by y/n.” Skylynn pushed against Nash making him awkwardly shoot across the bed trying to hide his obvious boner from his siblings. “Y/n.” Sky cuddled next to you under the blankets, “will you take us to the park?” you looked up at Hayes, still pissed from the interruption but knowing you cant stay mad at Sky. “What were you doing with Nash?” you felt your face turn bright red trying to not look at Hayes, “we were watching a movie, Sky.” You smiled looking up at Hayes doubled over laugh. “Alright everybody up, were going out. You to Nash.” you winked in his direction as sky pulled you out of the bed. “I’m gonna get Sky ready, you fix yourself.”


Young Love - Hayes Grier Imagine
“Mini golf?!” y/f/n says over the phone.
“Ya. I mean like really? Plus, his BROTHER is coming. It’s like he’s gonna be our baby sitter!”
“Ugh girl hang on I have to go to the grocery store frickin kill me.”
You and y/f/n were just on the phone about the date you are about to leave for.
You and Hayes have been dating for about 3 months now, and to you two, it’s really serious, but to his brother and his friends it’s not.. It’s so annoying.
He wanted to take you to go see a romantic movie and then go out to dinner. But Nash didn’t want to!¡ 
He always ruined the dates because he didn’t want to let his brother be happy.
Since you weren’t going anywhere nice, you put on a Nirvana tank top, black ripped jeans, white vans, and a choker.
You fiddled with you hair until it look good and for makeup you just put on some face powder and mascara.
You hear a knock on the door and you open it to see Hayes.
His face was red and his fists were clenched.
“Why don’t you come in for a second..” You said.
He walked in and sat down on the sofa, still looking really pissed.
“Hey baby what’s wrong?” You asked putting your arm on his leg.
“It’s Nash!!” He says standing up.
“What about him?”
“He cancelled the mini golf.”
“Keep going…it gets worse right?”
“Yea, instead he taking us to..”
“No where.” He replied insanely calmly, scaring you.
“Wha-wha-what do you mean?”
He just reaches into his pocket and pulls out a keychain with a key attached to it.
You jumped up and screamed.
“Aw Haysey I’m so proud of you!”
“And look, Y/N,” he flings the key around to show a picture of you two on your first date. “it’s us!” He smirks.
“Aw Hayes!” You stood up and hugged him. You pulled away and looked into his eyes.
You and Hayes have never kissed before, partly because Nash was ALWAYS around. But also because you and Hayes have never kissed anyone before.
“Oh! And do you wanna see the best part?” He says breaking the moment.
“Yes! Show me!” You plead.
“Here, follow me.”
He grabs your hand and leads you to the front door.
He tells you to close your eyes, and you obey. He drags you out the door and once your on the driveway he tells you to open your eyes.
In front of you there is a brand new MINI cooper.
“Here she is!” He says like a little girl about her new doll.
“Woah…” You run your hands over the hood.
“Hop in!” He says practically leaping into the drivers seat.
He starts driving and you feel like your lost.
“Um.. Where are we going?” You ask.
“You’ll see.” He says very mysteriously.
He drives for another half our until there’s no more road.
He gets out of the car, as you follow he goes down a path and suddenly your on the beach.
You take your shoes off and walk around on the sand.
You stop when you spot a bench.
“Let’s go sit down.” Hayes says.
You had no clue he was behind you, and when he spoke you jumped.
“Yea sure!” You say.
When you get to the bench you are in astonishment.
On the bench are your name and Hayes’ name inside hearts.
“Hayes,” you begin to say.
You sit down and he puts your legs over his.
You put your head on his shoulder and he puts his arm around you.
After what seemed like forever, he picked your chin up, making your faces just an inch apart.
“Y/N, I don’t know if I say this enough, but man, I love you.” You could feel your eyes already begin to water. “I knew the first time we met, that I was screwed. I was screwed because I knew I was going to fall for you so hard. And until I land, I’m just gonna keep on falling. Your perfect,” here come the tears, “and I love you Y/(full)/N I really love you.”
Next what happened were moments only a wish would grant to describe. That magic moment when your lips meet and you feel their hear beating and their affection for you craving for every second it can grab. You lived for this moment and it was perfect.
Now, young lovers, run free and live life to the fullest. You don’t know what your missing until its gone. And when it’s gone it’s a bitch.
You and Hayes lived so say “happily ever after”….
You both finished out high school then both moved to LA and got an apartment together. It has now been 6 years since the kiss and Hayes proposed to you. You said yes (DUH WHO WOULDN’T) and now your married and have a handsome son and a beautiful daughter who, well, one day you’ll be able to tell that story, but it’s just one that’ll have to wait its turn.
Take care ;)

Generally your boyfriend Matt was not a possessive type of guy, but when you both were already his friends, that changed a lot. What would be a normal conversation between two people would have Matt fuming.

"Matt we are just friends for christ sakes." your screamed as you slammed the front door behind you, Matt already halfway up the stairs by the time you kicked you shoes off, watching them bounce off the wall and land upside down.

You heard the bedroom door slam as you landed on the top of the stairs, continuing your way towards the bedroom, opening the door slowly to make sure Matt wasn’t standing right in front of it.

"How could you flirt with him in front of me?" Matt never screamed so this took you by surprise as you stood there, door knob still in hand. "Matt, we are just friends." you gently shoved the door back, listening to it click as it fully shut.

"He was practically throwing himself at you." Matt balled his fist up like he wanted to hit a wall, you subconsciously took a step back towards the door, afraid of what might happen next.

"Cameron and I are just friends, nothing more, baby." you spoke softly, you didn’t think Cameron was flirting with you, all he talked about was how happy he was that his new movie was being filmed along side his best friend. He never took a step at you or moved his body to where it touched yours.

"He likes you, baby." your smiled turned upside down. "He’s told me before." you had absolutely no idea about Cameron’s crush on you, making you feel bad for even talking to him. "I’m…i’m so sorry, Matt. I really didn’t know."

His facial features turning soft as he looked at you, moving his body closer to yours, “I know, i’m sorry for yelling, princess.” His arm snaked around your lower back, pulling your body flush with his.

You watched as he lowered his face to yours, “you’re so perfect, baby.” His lips attaching to yours as his hands slipped under the hem of your shirt. You hands pulled at the short hairs on the base of his neck, a low groan coming from his mouth into the kiss, giving you a prime opportunity to slip your tongue into his mouth.

You tongues dancing around each other as he back your body up against the wall, breaking the kiss to pull your shirt over you head. “So perfect.” his lips moving to your neck, kissing down to the valley between you breasts.

Your back arching into him at his touch, your hands moved, tugging at the end of your shirt, wanting it off as soon as possible. “Someones eager.” a chuckle falling from matt’s lips, his bottom lip being pulled in between his teeth.

You could feel the wetness growing between you legs as Matt finally moved his hand down, his hands unbuttoning you jeans, pulling them down in a swift movement, leaving them to pull at your feet.

His hands moved to your thighs, “jump” his words muffled as his lips kissed your neck, sucking gently at the spot behind your ear. You feet bounced off the cool hardwood, Matt’s arm catching you as you landed in his arms.

"Ready, princess?" you nodded your head, gripping your hands around his neck as he pushed himself in. The pleasure overwhelming, your nails scratching down his back, sure to leave red marks in the morning.

"oh god." your head leaned back onto the wall, Matt’s thrusts hard and fast. "You’re so tight, baby." his words through gritted teeth, his hands having a tight grip on your ass.

Matt’s thrusts were getting sloppy, “tell me you’re close?” you nodded your head, feeling the knot coming closer and closer to coming undone. “So close.” you moved your hand to your clit rubbing aimless tight circles, Matt’s lips attaching to your chest.

"oh god." your high washing over you, you nails digging into Matt’s back, your head thrown back against the wall, as Matt held onto you through your body convulsing.

"you’re so perfect." Matt’s own high taking over, his thrusts sloppy as his warm liquid pool inside of you.

You felt Matt lowering you to the floor, holding onto your waist steadying your shaking legs before letting go of you, pulling his pants back up. “You know, if talking to Cameron gets me that every single time.” I winked knowing what it would do to him when he saw it. “I swear, y/n, you better not.”