anonymous asked:

do u understand that kim k is 96.4% ^ richer than Paris and has More fans and beauty and talent and better family and life LOl sucks for Paris AWe poor girl :/

You are delusional honey, Paris Hilton was basically the first, the original, practically the inventor of the ‘famous for being famous’ post-modern phenomenon. Paris did it first, Paris created Kim and you will deal. While Kim is still doing reality tv, for Paris Hilton a whole new frontier has opened up, she is now an awarded DJ (she makes more money than Tiesto, Calvin and deadmau5 together in just ONE NIGHT), she has her own club in the Philippines and she is about to open her own hotel, she has sold MORE than $2 BILLION in just perfume sales, she has more than 55 Paris Hilton Stores all around the world (and two in the Dubai Mall), she is currently writing her second book, she is working on her second videogame (yes, Paris was the first socialite to have her own videogame and she is now working on a new one), she is producing, writing and recording her second studio album which is coming out this year and she is about to drop her next smash hit ‘High Off My Love’ in 4 days, while Kim is still doing what Paris stopped doing 4 years ago.

Stay jealous, xo.