Time Magazine’s Most Influential People on the Internet

1. Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg (PewDiePie)

2. Taylor Swift

3. The Jester

4. Nash Grier

5. President Barack Obama

6. Kim Kardashian

7. Joy Cho

8. Janet Mock

9. Justin Bieber

10. Ta-Nehisi Coates

11. Grace Helbig (DailyGrace)

12. Vani Hari

13. Beyoncé

Not only did grace just pass dailygrace in subscribers, but shes about to have a tv show, and HeyUSA season 2, and NotTooDeep season 2, and she wrote a fucking book, and everything else she plans to do. I am so goddamn proud of her and everything she has accomplished and will accomplish. She works so so hard and its paying off and im so proud. I’m so proud of her and so happy the industry has someone like her. We might not be the biggest community and she may just be getting started but I am so fucking proud of Grace Anne Helbig, and I hope in a few years everyone knows that name and looks at her and thinks “i wanna be weird and cool and fun like Grace when im older” or even just “She’s fucking great.”

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grace is legit less than 200 subscribers away from overtaking dailygrace/dailyyou! ahh

[I had an excited Grace gif here but tumblr is being a cruel mistress and not allowing it to work, but FINALLY!!]


Okay, let’s be real here for a second. When this wonderfully comedic woman, Grace Helbig, was obligated to abandon her channel DailyGrace and all its content in order to actually own what she worked so hard to make, she also had to leave behind 2.4 MILLION subscribers (citation: DailyGrace ultra fans, who flocked me and flooded my inbox after I originally posted this. Hi, dears!)

On her new channel It’sGrace, she has now only got 2,114,756 subscribers. Can we please help this brilliant, hard working woman go up and over that goal? That would be AMAZING.

youtube.com/user/itsgrace !!!


THE FIRST 5 PAGES OF MY HANNAH AND GRACE SUPERHERO COMIC! I HOPE YOU ALL LIKE IT AND STAY TUNED — beware for style changes, cursing, random posting (It’s hard with school, haha…) and my terrible art! Please reblog to spread this around, I hope for people to see this!

On Grace Helbig’s Wikipedia page, it says she is best known for:

  • Creating the My Damn Channel web series DailyGrace
  • Being a correspondent on Attack of the Show! on the G4 Network
  • Playing Idol on the Fine Brothers’ web series MyMusic
  • Appearing in a series of Lowe’s television commercials
  • Co-producing and starring in the feature film Camp Takota
  • Creating and hosting the audio-video podcast Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig
  • Authoring the comedic self-help handbook for Millennials Grace’s Guide: The Art of Pretending to Be a Grown Up

“Best known for”

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What happened with daily grace I wasn't a fan back then

The DailyGrace channel (now called DailyYou) is owned by a company called My Damn Channel. Grace worked for them for 5 years and made videos for them but she never owned the videos she made. She left the DailyGrace channel in December 2013 and moved to her own channel it’sGrace in January 2014 where she owns all her content. Why today is special is because the it’sGrace channel has finally surpassed the DailyYou channel in subscribers.