Nathan Bedford Forrest "The Wizard Of The Saddle” His tactics on the battlefield are still studied by military academies today

“I wish none but those who desire to be actively engaged. Come on boys, if you want a heap of fun and to kill some yankees” 

  •  29 horses shot from under him, killed or seriously wounded at least thirty enemy soldiers in hand-to-hand combat, and had been himself wounded four times.
  • In the motion picture Forrest Gump, Tom Hanks’s character Forrest Gump states that he was named after a “General Forrest”
  • Forrest’s victory at Brice’s Cross Roads became the subject of a class taught at the French War College by Marshal Ferdinand Foch before World War I.
  • His mobile campaigns were studied by the German general Erwin Rommel, who as commander of the Afrika Korps in World War II, emulated his tactics on a wider scale, with tanks and trucks.

Not only did he lack formal military training, but had very little formal education in his youth. Forrest was the eldest, and the head of seven brothers and three sisters. His father, a blacksmith, died while Forrest was still a young man, necessitating that he forego a formal education and help to raise the family. As a young business man, Forrest overcame his lack of schooling, entering the war as a private with an estimated wealth of a million and a half. During the war, he was an avid reader, scanning the newspapers daily to keep abreast of military information.

Years after the war, General Sherman said, "I think Forrest was the most remarkable man the civil war produced on either side. His opponents were professional soldiers, while he had no military training. He was never taught tactics yet he had a genius for strategy that was original and to me incomprehensible. I couldn’t calculate what he was up to, yet he always knew my intentions."

His lack of education became most noticeable in his poor spelling and punctuation of personally written dispatches and reports. The words such as “skeer,” “git” and “thar” were some examples. Described as urbane and polished in his mannerisms, most of the grammatical distortions in his speech were products of his staff officers and their leg-pulling tales of Forrest. However, in anger or excitement, his no nonsense approach to the English language would become evident. Once, having received a soldier’s repeated request for leave, Forrest responded in writing: “I have told you twict goddamit No!” 

He continued to be surrounded by controversy for the remainder of his life. He continued to be active in civic and political events until his health declined prior to his death. On May 14, 1875 he presence was conspicuous at a reunion of the Seventh Cavalry in Covington. Requested to make a speech, he did so from horseback. “…Comrades, through the years of bloodshed and weary marches you were tried and true soldiers. So through the years of peace you have been good citizens, and now that we are again united under the old flag, I love it as I did in the days of my youth, and I feel sure that you love it also….It has been thought by some that our social reunions were wrong, and that they would be heralded to the North as an evidence that we were again ready to break out into civil war. But I think that they are right and proper, and we will show our countrymen by our conduct and dignity that brave soldiers are always good citizens and law-abiding and loyal people.”

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  • 14-year-old girl with special needs allegedly was raped in Alabama school in 2010
  • Amicus brief: Teacher’s aide had girl meet accused sexual predator in a boys’ restroom
  • Plan was to “catch him in the act,” but it went awry and girl was raped, brief states
  • Appeals court to decide whether to hear claims that officials violated girl’s civil rights

(CNN) — It’s an unimaginable horror. A 14-year-old girl with special needs allegedly was raped at school after a teacher’s aide persuaded her to act as bait to catch an accused sexual predator, a fellow student.

"It has essentially devastated her life," attorney Eric Artrip — who represents the girl and her father — said of the alleged January 2010 incident.

The Department of Justice and U.S. Department of Education filed an amicus brief Wednesday supporting her family’s federal lawsuit against the Madison County School Board in Alabama.

An amicus brief is a legal argument offered to the court by someone who is not a party to the case. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit in Atlanta will decide whether to accept the argument.

"School administrators knew the student’s extensive history of sexual and violent misconduct and were alerted to the substantial risk he posed" to other students, according to the brief.

About a week before the alleged rape, Sparkman Middle School vice principals Jeanne Dunaway and Teresa Terrell received a complaint that the boy had touched a female student inappropriately and was assigned in-school suspension, according to federal attorneys.

A few days later, June Simpson, a teacher’s aide at the Huntsville-area school, told the principal, Ronnie Blair, that the boy had “repeatedly tried to convince girls to have sex with him in the boys’ bathroom on the special needs students’ corridor” and had actually had sex with one student, according to the brief.

The boy and his alleged sexual partner denied having sex in the bathroom, but Simpson recommended the boy be “constantly monitored,” according to the brief. Blair said the boy could not be punished because he had not been “caught in the act,” the brief reads.

School policy requires allegations of student-on-student misconduct be substantiated.

Trying to “catch him in the act”

On January 22, 2010, the boy approached a 14-year-old girl with special needs who had already declined his “recent, repeated propositions” for sex, according to the brief.

"She was not physically or mentally handicapped, although she does qualify for special education classes," Artrip told CNN.

When the girl told Simpson, she encouraged the girl to “meet (the boy) in the bathroom where teachers could be positioned to ‘catch him in the act’ before anything happened,” according to the brief.

The girl initially refused, but then agreed, according to Artrip.

Simpson and the girl went to Dunaway’s office to explain the plan. Dunaway “did not respond with any advice or directive,” according to the brief.

"If this was problematic for the administration it would have been better to express that on the front end instead of the back end," said attorney McGriff Belser III, who represents Simpson.

The girl left Dunaway’s office, found the boy in the hallway, and “agreed to meet for sex,” according to the brief.

"Something went wrong," said Artrip.

Instead of meeting in the boys’ bathroom on the special needs students’ corridor, the boy told the girl to meet him in the sixth-grade boys’ bathroom, in another part of the school, according to the brief.

"No teachers were in the bathroom to intervene," the brief reads.

"She stalled for time. She continually tried to fight him off but ultimately was anally raped by this young man," Artrip told CNN.

"It was evident that this had been a severe trauma for her," said Artrip.

Police were called and the girl was taken to the National Children’s’ Advocacy Center in Huntsville, where a rape kit was taken, Artrip told CNN.

Medical personnel found evidence of trauma “consistent with (the girl) being sodomized.” The boy claimed he had only kissed her, according to the brief.

Attorneys: Boy had a long history of serious misconduct

The girl was uncommunicative after the incident, Artrip said. The district attorney in Madison County investigated the incident, but with a victim who was unable or unwilling to talk about the incident, the office didn’t think they had a good case, and did not pursue it.

Even after viewing photographs of the girl’s injuries, vice principal Terrell “testified that she didn’t know whether (the girl) had consented to the assault,” according to the brief.

The school listed the alleged rape as “inappropriate touching a female in boys’ bathroom,” on the student’s computerized disciplinary report. He was suspended for five days and sent to an alternative school, but later returned to Sparkman after about 20 days, according to the brief.

Vice principal Dunaway testified that the girl was responsible for herself once she entered the bathroom, according the brief.

DoJ and DoE attorneys claim the boy had a long history of sexual and other misconduct in school and Sparkman Middle School administrators knew it. Several pages of the 126-page brief detail years of disciplinary problems.

The boy had been involved in 15 violent or sex-related proven incidents of misconduct before the alleged rape, according to the brief.

Federal attorneys say details about the severity of the incidents are unavailable because school administrators shredded the boy’s disciplinary files.

The girl’s father filed the federal lawsuit in October 2010 against the boy, the three administrators, the teacher’s aide and the Madison County School Board.

"We felt, (that) the teacher putting her into this position, because of the policy as interpreted by the school board and the principal, violated Title IX," Artrip told CNN.

Title IX is a federal law aimed at ending sexual discrimination in education. In part, it dictates how schools that receive federal funds must respond to claims of sexual harassment.

In 2010, a district court judge allowed the father’s claims of state violations, including negligence, against Simpson and Dunaway, while dropping the boy from the lawsuit because he was a minor. The judge tossed out the federal claims — that the school district violated Title IX and that Simpson and school administrators deprived the girl of her civil rights.

Both sides have appealed.

Fighting for a jury trial

According to the rare amicus brief, written in part by an attorney with the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, the school, in its capacity as a recipient of federal funds is “liable for [its] deliberate indifference to known acts of peer sexual harassment.”

On the same day the federal brief was submitted, the Women’s Law Center, joined by 32 national and local organizations, submitted a joint brief supporting the family’s lawsuit. Earlier this month, the National Women’s Law Center and Artrip submitted a joint brief to the Eleventh Circuit.

Artrip told CNN his client deserves her day in court and a jury should weigh in on the Madison County District’s requirement of substantiation of allegations of student-on-student misconduct.

"We hope that the attention that this case is getting will spur a movement on these kinds of policies so that a girl can simply report sexual harassment without having a need to bring a witness with her or roll up her shirt and show bruises," Artrip told CNN.

The girl was withdrawn from Sparkman Middle School and underwent extensive counseling. She went to live with her mother in North Carolina, but her mother died soon after. Instead of moving back to Huntsville, she and her brother were placed with Child Protective Services in North Carolina, the attorney said.

Geraldine Tibbs, the head of public relations for the Madison County Board of Education, said the board and school officials “are confident that the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals will rule in favor of the Board and the administrators.”

"Our attorneys recommend that we not discuss ongoing litigation," she said.

Ronnie Blair and Teresa Terrell are still principal and vice principal at Sparkman Middle School.

Jeanne Dunaway is now principal at Madison County Elementary School.

June Simpson resigned shortly after the incident.

"My client has gone from being a teacher’s aide to being a scapegoat," said Simpson’s attorney.

When asked why his client thought it was a good idea to use a special needs teen as bait to catch a suspected attacker, Besler told CNN, “I don’t personally think it is a good idea. The events of this case have shown us that it was not.”

This is one of the most horrifying articles I’ve read in a long time, and it’s far from over. The administrators who let this happen still have their jobs. They are still being allowed to work in a position of authority over children who are especially vulnerable to sexual violence. This is so dangerous.

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Emmy Cheung, West Coast School of the Arts, makes top five overall at Hall of Fame Las Vegas nationals with this performance of her junior solo "Mr. Monotony" from "Jerome Robbins’ Broadway."  The singer is Kim Criswell.

your loud, vocal annoyance and disgust towards children is not neutral just because you don’t have/plan on having children. you are still adding to and upholding a culture that allows child abuse to happen. it doesn’t matter if this is your intent or not.

children cannot communicate very well, they don’t know that adults can be wrong, and they don’t understand concepts like abuse. all they know is that they’re hurt and upset, and when this happens their behavior changes. their cries for help are written off, they’re just “crybabies” or “acting out.”  abusers know this and use it to their advantage. 

Stone Cold Steve Austin on gay marriage:

"I’ve got some damn good friends that are gay. I’m absolutely for same sex marriage.

I don’t think that there is a god that says you cannot do this, you cannot do that. If two cats can’t get married, but then a guy can go murder 14 people, molest 5 kids, then go to prison and accept god, he’s going to let him into heaven. After the fact that he did all that s**t? See, that’s all horse s**t to me, that don’t jive with me.”

Ott sírnak a fiúk facebook-on, hogy annyi ribanc van, alig van normális lány… Jó lenne, ha nem csak őket vennétek észre, mert attól, hogy ott sír a szátok még ők fognak nektek tetszeni, a sok pláza cica, műkörmös ujjú, feszülős ruhás, kivágott felsős picsa, akinek a “gyönyörű” műkörmös keze több faszt fogott már, mint kilincset… utána meg sír mindegyik, hogy annyi a ribanc… de hát nektek az ilyen lányok tetszenek, mert nagy a melle és nagy a segge! Tessék, megkaptátok, amit akartatok! Mert, ha egy lány már nem fullos csaj, azaz nincs nagy melle és nagy segge és nincs MEGRAJZOLVA A SZEMÖLDÖKE, ÉRTITEK BAZD MEG MEGRAJZOLVA A SZEMÖLDÖKE, nem hosszú hajú, nem egy Palvin Barbara, akkor már nem kell mert nem néz ki fullosan? Takarodjatok már… :’DDD Sok idióta nyavalyog, hogy nincs normális lány csak a sok ribanc. De nektek az ilyen kinézetűek kellenek, viszont utána ne nyavalyogjatok, ha más is meg akarja dugni és beleegyezik. ;) Ha normális lányokat akartok, nézzetek széjjel Tumblr-en. Mert itt nincsenek ribancok. És az már rég rossz, hogyha a mai fiúknak -ha lehet némelyiket annak nevezni-, az ilyen nem emberszerű lények jönnek be. Isten a nőket smink nélkül teremtette meg, mert ő úgyis szépnek találta mindegyikünket. A baj csak az, hogy a fiúk a szemükkel látnak, hogy: - Ú de jó csaj, nézd már milyen jó nagy a melle meg a segge. Íme a mai tinédzser társadalom. :)

Uristen, de jol esett ezt kiadni magambol…….


The International Space Station, the largest co-operative project ever carried out in science, turned 15 years old today!

Here are some cool facts (via @NASA):

  • The ISS travels an equivalent distance to the Moon and back in about a day.
  • More than 136 space flights were conducted on 7 different types of launch vehicles to construct the ISS.
  • 68 countries have been involved in research aboard the ISS.
  • There are 52 computers controlling the numerous systems on the ISS.
  • The US solar array surface area on the ISS is large enough to cover 8 basketball courts.
  • The ISS weighs almost 1 million pounds (including visiting spacecraft) and has more livable space than a 6-bedroom house.

YA Lit meme; five protagonists 1/5

Richard Gansey III

“As always, there was an all-American war hero look to him, coded in his tousled brown hair, his summer-narrowed hazel eyes, the straight nose that ancient Anglo-Saxons had graciously passed on to him. Everything about him suggested valor and power and a firm handshake.” 

The Raven Cycle, Maggie Stiefvater


[Context: Mary Anne Layden is referring to what cognitive therapists identify as ‘Permission Giving’ beliefs, which are, “a set of beliefs that imply that my behavior is normal, acceptable, common and/or doesn’t hurt anyone so I have permission to continue to behave in the way that I am. In all types of violence and addiction, Permission-Giving Beliefs are involved.”]

Dr. Mary Anne Layden informing of porn culture’s societal impact.

(Uploaded on May 27, 2011)

Mary Anne Layden, PhD
Director of Education, Center for Cognitive Therapy
Department of Psychiatry bio page

Mary Anne Layden, PhD, is a psychotherapist and Director of Education at the Center for Cognitive Therapy at the University of Pennsylvania. She is the Director of the Sexual Trauma and Psychopathology Program and the Director of the Social Action Committee for Women’s Psychological Health.

She co-authored the book Cognitive Therapy of Borderline Personality Disorder with C. Newman, A. Freeman and S. Morse. She has written numerous chapters on Cognitive Therapy especially on treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder. She has co-authored a chapter with Linnea Smith called “Adult Survivors of the Child Sexual Exploitation Industry” in Cooper, S. et al (Eds) Medical, Legal, & Social Science Aspects of Child Sexual Exploitation: A Comprehensive Review of Pornography, Prostitution, and Internet Crimes. - (x)

The thing about making fun of triggers is that, like, you don’t know the environment the person suffering w/ PTSD or whatever was in at the time of their trauma. The strangest things trigger me. Of course CSA and rape and all sorts of things factor into this. They’re the big ones that obviously draw my attention back to “reliving” and kinda pushing me into an episode. But you know what else triggers me?

  • Seeing kids hugging their pet Boxer terriers
  • Black and white world war II movies
  • I’ve been consistently triggered by depictions of nieces and uncles doing benign things in anything. I once had a panic attack in a Comparative Politics class because there was a scene in Persepolis between the character and her uncle. It doesn’t matter if you tell me nothing happens. You know where my mind goes? “She’s going to get hurt. Get her out of that room. Why is there no one else around? Why are her parents trusting this man?”
  • Queen and Rush, sometimes, my abuser’s favorite bands. 
  • Certain kinds of trucks.
  • Silly things. Hollister hoodies with fur hoods, a very specific kind of MP3 player, eating rice in bed.
  • Smells that I don’t even have words for will trigger me.

And it’s a spiral. And it’s just. Bad? Survivors ask me to trigger warn things and I never look at it as “Oh, that’s silly. There’s no triggering content IN that.” Instead my head immediately starts building the fear that person must have felt and it’s just like. Idk. It hurts.

Don’t make fun of weird triggers. 


Zoie Palmer & Anna Silk