A Confederate “Stars and Bars” Flag, Captured By Soldiers Of The Union Army At Columbia, South Carolina.


                        ‘Tis sixty-two:–and sixty-one,
                        With the old Union, now is gone,
                        Reeking with bloody wars–
                        Gone with that ensign, once so prized,
                        The stars and stripes, now so despised–
                        Struck for the stars and bars.

                        The burden once of patriot’s song,
                        Now badge of tyranny and wrong,
                        For us no more it waves:
                        We claim the stars–the stripes we yield,
                        We give them up on every field,
                        Where fight the Southern braves.

                        Our motto this, “God and our right,”
                        For sacred liberty we fight -
                        Not for the lust of power:
                        Compelled by wrongs the sword t’ unsheathe
                        We’ll fight, be free, or cease to breathe–
                        We’ll die before we cower.

                        By all the blood our fathers shed.
                        We will from tyranny be freed -
                        We will not conquered be:
                        Like them, no higher power we own
                        But God’s–we bow to him alone–
                        We will, we will be free!

                        For homes and altars we contend,
                        Assured that God will us defend–
                        He makes our cause his own:
                        Not of our gallant patriot host,
                        Not of brave leaders, do we boast -
                        We trust to God alone.

                        Sumter, and Bethel, and Bull Run,
                        Witnessed fierce battles fought and won,
                        By aid of Power Divine:
                        We met the fee, who us defied,
                        In all his pomp, in all his pride,
                        Shouting, “Manasseh’s mine!”

                        It was not thine, thou boasting foe!
                        We laid thy vandal legions low–
                        We made them bite the sod:
                        At Lexington the braggart yields,
                        Leesburg, Belmont, and other fields–
                        Still help us, mighty God!

                        Thou smiledst on the patriot seven–
                        Thou smilest on the brave eleven
                        Free, Independent States:
                        Their number thou wilt soon increase.*
                        And bless them with a lasting peace,
                        Within their happy gates.

                        No more shall violence then be heard,
                        Wasting, destruction, no more feared,
                        In all this Southern land:
                        “Praise,” she her gates devoutly calls,
                        “Salvation” her Heaven-guarded walls -
                        What shall her power withstand?

                        “The little one,” by Heavenly aid,
                        “A thousand is–the small one made,
                        "A nation–O, how strong!”
                        Jehovah, who the right befriends,
                        Jehovah, who our flag defends,
                        Is hastening it along!


Flag displayed at Wisconsin Veterans Museum 

anonymous asked:

Hey, what's your opinion on the Josh Duggar thing? I care deeply about victims of abuse, as so many of my friends and me myself have been victims but at the same time I love God and believe in His forgiveness and grace. How should we respond as Christians to what happened without excusing abuse? Much love, love the blog xxxx

I did post my view on the issue in this post - but I suppose I’ll use this ask to expand on that.

I absolutely believe in God’s forgiveness and grace. There is no denying that. Even the most horrible person can be redeemed because Christ’s sacrifice covered everything. No exceptions.

However, that does not mean that we can fail to hold accountable people in sin - and this is ESPECIALLY applicable to abuse. Abusers may say that they’re sorry (and it’s not up to me to decide whether they’re genuine or not - though we might be able to guess - only God really can know), but sorry doesn’t mean they get to escape the consequences of what they do. That’s not it works.

Also, an unfortunate thing in Christian culture is that we praise people who forgive right away, and sometimes guilt them into doing so before they’re ready - which isn’t a genuine forgiveness at all, just a stuffing of feelings and being hurt and isolated when what they need is support and help. We need to support abused people more than we need them to forgive their abuser. I think something we need to learn is how to stand by victims, be an advocate, and let them forgive when they are ready instead of acting scandalized when they don’t verbally say ‘I forgive you.’

These are some jumbled thoughts (maybe I can formulate them better later) but I hope they made some sort of sense!


The Confederate States Almanac for the Year of Our Lord 1862. Being the Second after Bissextile, or Leap Year, the Eighty-Sixth of American Independence, and the Second of the Confederate States. Calculations Made at the University of Alabama.


       In the year 1862, there will be five eclipses; three of the Sun and two of the Moon. I. A total eclipse of the Moon, June 12, visible as follows:

  • PLACE. Beginning. Middle. End. D. H. M.
  • Charleston… . .11 11 21 ev. 12 1 1 mo. 12 2 41 mo.
  • Nashville… . .11 10 53 ev.12 0 33 mo. 12 2 13 mo.
  • New Orleans… . .11 10 40 ev. 12 0 20 mo. 12 2 0 mo.
  • San Francisco… . .11 8 31 ev. 11 10 11 ev. 11 11 51 ev.

       II. An eclipse of the Sun, June 27, invisible in the Confederate States; visible in the Indian Ocean.

       III. An eclipse of the Sun, Nov. 21, quite small, and visible only about the South pole.

       IV. A total eclipse of the Moon, Dec. 6, visible as follows:

  • PLACE. Beginning. Middle. End.
  • D. H. M.Charleston… . .6 0 25 mo. 6 2 20 Mo. 6 4 15 mo.
  • Nashville… . .5 11 57 ev. 6 1 52 mo. 6 3 47 mo.
  • New Orleans… . .5 11 44 ev. 6 1 39 mo. 6 3 34 mo.
  • San Francisco… . .5 9 35 ev. 5 11 30 ev. 6 1 25 mo.

       V. A partial eclipse of the Sun, Dec. 20, invisible in the Confederate States–visible in the Northern part of the Eastern hemisphere.


  • SPRING SIGNS.– Aries. Taurus. Gemini.
  • SUMMER SIGNS.–Cancer. Leo. Virgo.
  • AUTUMN SIGNS.–Libra. Scorpio. Sagittarius.
  • WINTER SIGNS.–Capricornus. Aquarius. Pisces.


       Venus will be evening star until March 1, and morning star the rest of the year. Jupiter will be morning star until March 15–then evening star until October 1, and morning star the rest of the year.


  • Dominical Letter… . .E
  • Epact… . .0
  • Golden Numb… . .1
  • Solar Cycle… . .23
  • Roman Indiction… . .5
  • Julian Period… . .6575


       March 12, 14, 15; June 11, 13, 15; September 17, 19, 20; December 17, 19, 20. Rogation Days: May 26, 27, 28.

       N. B.–The calculations of this Almanac are made in mean, or clock, time, which may be adapted to apparent time by adding the equation of time when the Sun is fast, and subtracting it when slow. The rising and setting of the Sun and Moon are given for their centres, allowance being made for the effect of refraction and parallax.


I’m talking about the colonization of Palestine. I’m talking about the holocaust. I’m talking about Spanish Inquisition. I’m talking about ancient Egypt. I’m talking about the medical experimentation on mizrahi jews by the Israeli and American governments. I’m talking about restraints, sedation, and seclusion. I’m talking about paranoia. I’m talking about never being seen as sane. I’m talking about being insane. I’m talking about anti-arab sentiments in America and beyond. I’m talking about forced medication. I’m talking about incarceration. I’m talking about the legal system built to destroy me and people like me. I’m talking about 7 point restraints. I’m talking about injected antipsychotics.

my dad is bipolar. my uncle is schizophrenic and deaf. my brother is epileptic. my grandma is deaf. I don’t know what they medically labeled my grandpa as but he was Definitely Crazy. many of us are csa survivors. we are all brown. we are all jewish. this is where I come from.

christianity is a faith that preaches forgiveness for the unforgivable, redemption for the irredeemable. that is something that amazes me about my faith and i can never take lightly.

that said, redemption does not mean excusing an abuser. grace does not mean there are no consequences. and all of this does not mean guilting survivors of child sex abuse to forgive their abusers while they remain mistreated. 

keep that firmly in mind as we walk down this road of grace and justice.

babylexxi asked:

The Duggar's molestation scandal is disgusting but seriously do not mock someone's religion. If they really believe that Josh Duggar will be forgiven for what he has done just let them have that. It's not right and they won't be forgiven but don't pin this on the Christian religion, please.

I’m not pinning it on the Christian religion or mocking individual Christians who are not involved in this scandal.  I AM pointing out how hypocritical it is that the Christian right wing claims they are against gay/trans rights and sexual freedom and contraception because of “family values” but actively protects and covers up pedophilia and child abuse and incest in their own community.  

I’m not going to keep silent about the fact that a religious institution is deeply culpable for the mass abuse of children because I’m supposed to respect all religions.  I don’t respect child abusers and those who enable child abuse.  I’m not going to stand idly by while these people say we should forget about this issue because they and their god have “forgiven” a child rapist when they offer no mention of the wellbeing of the children who were abused and no evidence that this is an issue they take seriously or have taken steps to prevent in the future.  Fuck them.

And if you are a member of the Christian church and don’t want to be associated with the child abusers in your midst, push the church to hold them accountable.  Don’t come after people like me and other bloggers and news outlets for simply SHARING information about the case in the hopes that it never happens again.

Can we stop talking about the Duggar hypocrisy of “they hate gay people but touch little kids” because it’s fucking gross and does a disservice to the victims, the very real victims of Josh’s disgusting acts? He’s a fucking pedophile, stop using it as a “gotcha” to his politics when there’s no “gotcha” needed. Hating gay people and being a fucking pig of a molester do not go hand in hand and should be hated as separate acts. Respect and protect the victims. Those little girls’ pain is not your political pawn. 


YA Lit meme; seven friendships 1/7

Dorian Havilliard & Chaol Westfall

“He looked at his friend, perhaps for the last time, and said what he had always known, from the moment they’d met, when he’d understood that the prince was his brother in soul. “I love you.”

Throne of Glass Series, Sarah J. Maas