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@MrRPMurphy @JOAQUINSEDILLO @DarrenCriss @chriscolfer We want happy Klaine and them getting married in S6 #KlaineIsForever


@MrRPMurphy @JOAQUINSEDILLO @DarrenCriss @chriscolfer NO MORE BREAK UPS we want happy, successful, married Klaine in S6 #KlaineIsForever

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All righty then, so the story keeps a-changin’…so now he saw Chris paying, then 3 seconds later Matt and Darren went up to pay. Sounds like he missed them sitting together at lunch, eh?  And wherefore art thou, Chord?  Wasn’t he supposed to be there?  Hmm…guess not.

Get your freaking stories straight, asshats.  Tired of it.  

Again, I reiterate:


One day the truth will come out about WHY they treat Chris like that, why they hide everything that connects Chris and Darren. One day it will come out and I’ll be sitting here and saying, told ya so. That Fox is homophobic piece of shit (like we don’t know that already), that PR does a terrible and pathetic job and turns themselve into the biggest joke ever.

If u don’t have to hide something u simply don’t hide. But they do, all the fucking time and think they are so smart and doing an amazing job. No, u do nothing but make everything obvious. Keep on hiding bc then u keep on failing every time.

I just remember Queer as folk when a bunch of gay and straight guys were in a series together and you saw them fucking and kissing. U saw a guy who is straight in real life have a lovely on screen relationship with a guy who is in real life gay and they never were hiding. They were giving everything, talking about their characters, their storylines and it was no big deal, bc they loved their fans and what they did.

anonymous said:

But how is this the crisscolfer shippers fault? I've really tried to wrap my head around that. Two grown ass men don't stop taking pictures with each other because some peeps on the internet like to fantasize that they may be "in a relationship". At least not two mature professionals that recognize the impact that the characters they play have had on fandom also THE WORLD and the reach social media has in keeping precious viewers for their dying show. Or am I just reaching??

Apparently we have chased them into this. Our “delusions” have created this scenario where they won’t take pictures together because we harass them on twitter, instagram and facebook. I think the delusional ones are the ones that believe a small subset of fans have that much impact on the personal lives of two actors who this will happen to with every show they do and has been happening since the beginning of theater. You can’t stop people and you never will.



So did you make up all those spoilers yourself or is somebody really just feeding you bullshit to make you believe you actually have something? Funny how you bring up her shipping Crisscolfer to deflect from her calling you a fake. I’ll give you some credit though. That actually works pretty well in the Glee fandom. The big bad Crisscolfer shippers are out to get ya! Oh no! Those crazy tinhatters! Ha ha ha aren’t they something?

OK. I confess. I’m part of the vast conspiracy to make sure crisscolfer is kept a secret!

You know, that conspiracy that has PR flacks dropping everything they’re doing in order to rush to a  studio canteen to make sure co-stars aren’t sitting together at lunch.

Who, despite having a slew of other clients, spend all day and night trolling twitter and tumblr in their all consuming quest to ensure their actor/client, who stars on a failing TV show, is forcibly kept in the closet.


anonymous said:

Sorry, I've been gone for a bit, what happened with chris and darren and tables and stuff? I'm kind of confused?

Chris, Darren and Matt Morrison were spotted having lunch.

But upon further investigation it was discovered that they were having lunch together on two tables on opposite ends of the earth. 

Then we found out Chris had suddenly morphed into Chord, which was surprising because we know Chris is talented, but really?

Later on in the day, spoilery pics of table seating cards were tweeted from the set, which indicated Kurt and Blaine would be in the same scene (but even that was just extreme speculation. I mean that would be too much).

When a pic not including Chris surfaced, when the tweet from earlier implied that he was present. And that sort of reminded me of the table thing from this morning. That Chris was there but not really there. 

Who knows Nonnie, I am just as confused and I have been here all fucking day.