Michael loved singing to his daughter. Specifically he loved singing her to sleep. It was the time of day where it could be just the two of them in complete peace. So he would sit in the rocking chair, softly singing to soothe her cries while studying her features. When he smoothed his hand over her head to feel the soft bits of hair she made a happy little noise; when he ran his finger across her cheek the corner of her mouth twitched into a smile. When he noticed her eyes starting to flutter shut he would switch from cradling her in his arms to resting her on his chest. She would grip his shirt in her tiny fists, tilting her head to glance up at him one last time; tired eyes focusing on his lips that were still singing along. “Sweet dreams.”, he whispered, kissing the top of her head as she fell asleep to the sound of his voice.

So I feel like if there were to be some point of reference for the Women’s World Cup this summer, a lot of people might be more inclined to watch. I understand how difficult it is to have a level of consistency following the women’s game when it isn’t so readily available. Hopefully this list helps! And you’re more than welcome to reblog and add appropriate information! 



Group A: Canada squad list China PR squad list  / New Zealand squad list  / Netherlands squad list

Group B: Germany squad list  Côte d'Ivoire squad list  / Norway squad list  / Thailand squad list

Group C: Japan squad list  / Switzerland squad list  / Cameroon squad list  / Equador squad list

Group D: USA  squad list  / Australia squad list   / Sweden squad list  / Nigeria squad list 

Group E: Brazil squad list  / Korea Republic squad list  / Spain squad list  / Costa Rica squad list

Group F: France squad list / England squad list / Colombia squad list / Mexico squad list

Match Schedule 

(click here for a time zone converter!)

Group A:

  • 6th June - Canada vs. China PR / 23:00 GMT
  • 6th June - New Zealand vs. Netherlands / 02:00 GMT (7th June)
  • 11th June - China PR vs. Netherlands / 23:00 GMT
  • 11th June - Canada vs. New Zealand / 02:00 GMT (12th June)
  • 15th June - Canada vs. Netherlands / 00:30 GMT (16th June)
  • 15th June - China PR vs. New Zealand / 00:30 GMT (16th June)

Group B:

  • 7th June - Norway vs. Thailand / 18:00 GMT
  • 7th June - Germany vs. Côte d'Ivoire / 21:00 GMT
  • 11th June - Germany vs. Norway / 21:00 GMT
  • 11th June -  Côte d'Ivoire vs. Thailand / 00:00 GMT (12th June)
  • 15th June - Germany vs. Thailand / 21:00 GMT
  • 15th June -  Côte d'Ivoire vs. Norway / 21:00 GMT

Group C:

  • 8th June - Cameroon vs. Ecuador / 00:00 GMT (9th June)
  • 8th June - Japan vs. Switzerland / 03:00 GMT (9th June)
  • 12th June - Switzerland vs. Ecuador / 00:00 GMT (13th June)
  • 12th June - Japan vs. Cameroon / 03:00 GMT (13th June)
  • 16th June - Ecuador vs. Japan / 22:00 GMT
  • 16th June - Switzerland vs. Cameroon / 22:00 GMT

Group D:

  • 8th June - Sweden vs. Nigeria / 21:00 GMT
  • 8th June - USA vs. Australia / 00:30 GMT (9th June)
  • 12th June - Australia vs. Nigeria / 22:00 GMT
  • 12th June - USA vs. Sweden / 01:00 GMT (13th June)
  • 16th June - Nigeria vs. USA / 01:00 GMT (17th June)
  • 16th June - Australia vs. Sweden / 01:00 GMT (17th June)

Group E: 

  • 9th June - Spain vs. Costa Rica / 21:00 GMT
  • 9th June - Brazil vs. Korea Republic / 00:00 GMT (10th June)
  • 13th June - Brazil vs. Spain / 21:00 GMT
  • 13th June - Korea Republic vs. Costa Rica / 00:00 GMT (14th June)
  • 17th June - Costa Rica vs. Brazil / 00:00 GMT (18th June)
  • 17th June - Korea Republic vs. Spain / 00:00 GMT (18th June)

Group F:

  • 9th June - France vs. England / 18:00 GMT
  • 9th June - Colombia vs. Mexico / 21:00 GMT
  • 13th June - France vs. Colombia / 18:00 GMT
  • 13th June - England vs. Mexico / 21:00 GMT
  • 17th June - Mexico vs. France / 21:00 GMT
  • 17th June - England vs. Colombia / 21:00 GMT


*Streams will come nearer the time but I can give you some TV channels that will be airing WWC15:

  • BBC: X
  • ZDF: X
  • British EuroSport: X
  • Eurosport 2: X
  • Fox Sports: X
  • Fox Soccer 2GO: X 
  • ARD: X
  • TSN 1 / 3 / 4: X X X
  • TV4: X
  • Eurosport France: X
  • Fox Sports 1: X
  • W9: X
  • CTV: X
  • Sky Mexico: X
  • SBS One: X


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anonymous asked:

for the ship thing: kaneki x hide (tokyo ghoul)


who’s the cuddler

HIDE HIDE HIDE HI IDE *falls over* HI D e

who makes the bed


who wakes up first

hide bc hide is like a tiny child and he wakes up on his own so fuckign early rip kaneki

who has the weird taste in music


who’s more protective


who sings in the shower

hide bc he knows it annoys kaneki so he sings SO LOU D like kaneki will ask him to stop then he’ll just be like :anD I’VE GOT A BLANK SPACE BABY”

who cries during movies


who spends the most while out shopping

hide ph my G OD

who kisses more roughly

rrreeeeeeee probably hide

who’s more dominate


rating of ship from 1-10


~otp ask meme thing yay~

anonymous asked:

Yeah, well I guess it just sucks being the only one who ships something in your whole school. And everyone is all homophobic and shit, it's super annoying. (My school is SUPER religious) like seriously, WHO WOULDNT SHIP LAPIDOT?! And I only have one friend that actually watches Steven universe so I just don't want to be alone QAQ //cri

I go to a religious school too, man, i know

but i guess you cant really expect decency from homophobics 

Should You Fight My Wildstar Characters?

Because this meme is too good to pass up.

Eidolex - Tough choice. On one hand, he’s infused with super nanites that make him hella dangerous, and he was trained to be a kickass bounty hunter by a lady who herself trained her whole life to be a kickass bounty hunter. On the other hand, he’s a giant fucking dweeb who cries at movies where the dog dies. I’d say go for it. If all else fails, you can call taulingrapedrank and she’ll kick his ass for you.

Nemaia - Do you have a fucking death wish? Don’t fight her. Don’t fight Nemaia.

Virus - I will personally give you thirty dollars to fight Virus.

Rosalie - Don’t fight Rosalie. Sure, you’d win, but then you’d have every other Ford coming down on your poor ass, and there’s like, what, fifty of them? Could you fight fifty Fords? I don’t think so. Don’t do it.

(based on twangcat‘s tags)

what if Bucky gets it into his head that Steve’s so sick because it’s Bucky’s punishment for thinking these thoughts all the time. And each time Steve coughs and his whole body shakes with it, Bucky whispers prayers for forgiveness with a mouth that tastes like blood and sin. 

When Steve sweats with a fever he can’t shake, Bucky thinks of the flames his priest talked about and wishes they’d burn under his skin instead. Bucky never touches Steve because he’s terrified he’ll make everything even worse and he can’t do that, not to someone he values more than himself. And he knows Steve takes it as disgust, as rejection, and it’s just another affliction Bucky’s given to him.

Bucky talks to God but he doesn’t hear anything back. The rosary beads dig into his fingers so deep he can still feel the imprint for hours afterward. The holy water feels like lye on his skin. Bucky pleads and prays and tries to keep his distance, tries to keep Steve safe the only way he can think of.

Husband came home to a screaming baby and a teary-eyed wife.

His response was to take the baby for an hour so I could have some quiet time. Then, after the baby was put down to bed, he surprised me with a “Mommy Relaxation Retreat”, complete with a “hot, male escort”.

He literally escorted me upstairs where there were candles and a lavender, bubble bath waiting for me. He also had water to drink, relaxing music, and refreshing watermelon to eat. All the windows were even blocked off to allow complete darkness!

He sat with me and drizzled water on my shoulders, and I nearly cried from happiness.

It was a lovely evening, to say the least.

What a total sweetheart.

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Do you ever think about what would have happened if Lupin had gone to see Sirius in azkaban a couple months after the potters died so that he could yell at him or something (even remus didn't really know what he was doing there) and Sirius just begged and cried to lupin to believe that he didn't do it and lupin believed him...

Oh, for fuck’s sake. Why would you do this to me?

Remus swallows against the hard lump in his throat.
He can’t believe what he’s doing.
Does he really have any faith left in Sirius?
How could he? He killed Peter. He killed James and Lily, too.
But there’s a little voice in the back of his head, a seed of doubt - would he really do something like that? Sirius? Your Sirius?
What is he even doing there?
Do you even get visiting hours in Azkaban? What, do you just rock up and a dementor leads you to the right cell?
It’s far away, bruh. In the middle of the sea.
His patronus is wheedling - the wolf in front of him dwindles, because he has nothing happy to think of. But this is Professor R.J Lupin. He’s got this shit down. Despite the fact that he’s visiting the traitor who murdered his three best friends.
Back straight, his face is a cold, detached mask as he weaves his way through the dank, concrete aisles, holding himself together so as not to recoil in disgust from the dementors.
The next thing he knows, he’s standing in front of Sirius’s cell, and his face twists.
His best friend, behind bars. Matted hair, hunched shoulders, depleted figure.
His heart breaks.
‘Sirius.’ He says.
The prisoner is facing the wall. ‘Stop,’ he rasps. ‘Stop torturing me.’
Remus falters.
Sirius doesn’t see him, doesn’t know he’s there.
How long must he have spent, being tortured by his own memories? Memories of…him?
'Sirius, it’s me.’
A groan. 'Shut up.
'Turn around, Padfoot.’
A pause.
Remus can’t believe it.
What did he just say?
It just a force of habit.
But it’s been three years.
The figure against the wall turns.
The sunken eyes focus against the dark, looking at Remus intently.
Each of the boys have the same thought.
Is that really him?
And then, Sirius is clutching the bars of his cell, and Remus is struggling to keep a straight face, and nothing is OK.
Sirius’s face is lit with a mixture of elation and disbelief.
He looks…mad.
Nothing like the handsome, reckless boy Remus once knew.
Something in Remus snaps.
And the next thing he knows, he’s screaming.
He blacks out, but when he comes to, the words are still pouring forth in a rush.
Remus’s face is livid, flushed, and he looks like he belongs here too, because Azkaban is for criminals, after all.
At least then he’d be with Sirius, he thinks.
Remus had always been the most dangerous marauder, and not just because of his lycanthropy.
Sirius looks like a kicked puppy.
He’s recoiled, against the wall, clutching his face and matted robes.
He’s shaking, refusing to look at him.
He pauses, swallows, and then he speaks.
'I didn’t do it, Remus. I didn’t do it. You have to believe me.’
'AND I - what? Wait, what? What do you mean you didn’t do it?’
Sirius looks desolate. His eyes are spilling over with tears. 'I didn’t do it, Moony.’
The nickname - the old, fond affirmation - hits him like a punch to the stomach.
Sirius repeats himself.
'You have to believe me.’
But Remus doesn’t know what to believe, anymore.

phandpm asked:

do you have any favourite phan fictions (on wattpad or tumblr) ?

well my first phanfiction I remember reading was “An experiment gone right” (NSFW) and it’s pretty great! 

I also really enjoyed “If Lost Return to Phil”  (not wattpad sorry!) and cried of the feels while on a bus ride home so it’s A+

I’ve heard very good things regarding “Come What May” (also not wattpad oops I hope that’s okay) and I’m reading it now! It has some trigger things inside and is also NSFW in some portions, but it’s great so far :)