Let’s talk about this amazing scene because you can pinpoint the exact moment Emma decides to take a leap of faith with Killian. She owes him nothing, to her, he’s a stranger with a weird obsession for leather and guyliner. She doesn’t remember kissing him, she doesn’t remember how saying goodbye was hard, she doesn’t remember him swearing he wouldn’t stop thinking of her. Yet, they still connect somehow, she still decides to believe, and even if her life is amazing the way it is, she still decides to give it up ,all of it, even her possible fiancé because there is a man who looks desperate to be reunited with her. Even without her memories of Killian and with memories of a happy life with her son, she had never seen in her life a man loving her so much. Killian’s love for her touched her

He glanced over at her and laughed.

"Because when you can’t be happy with them, but you can’t be happy without them either… Yeah, that’s when you know you’re well and truly fucked."

—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #53
So it's like this

I firmly and 100% believe that CS is True Love/endgame/what have you.  ALL the signs are in place, it’s just a matter of getting there. And the journey is the fun part.  I’m here for ALL of it, the good, the bad, the angst, the happiness, EVERYTHING.  This is what I signed up for, this is what I want.

But what I wish that I could make everyone understand is that it literally doesn’t matter to me WHAT happens on the show, no matter what, CS is MY endgame.  I’m never going to want Emma with anyone else, or Killian with anyone else.  No amount of hater bs or fandom drama is gonna make me NOT ship this.  It’s just NOT going to happen.  Save your fucking energy, naysayers.

If the show did something I literally couldn’t stand?  I’d stop watching and live forever in a fanfic world where Emma and Killian live happily ever after and have five little pirate babies.  I wouldn’t send hate or whine or cry or start a campaign against things.  What’s the point?  It’s not MY story.

If you love your ship as much as I love mine, why the hell aren’t you just surrounding yourself in a bubble of it?  Because that’s what I would do.

CS is the ship of my LIFE. No matter what happens, it’s not going anywhere, no one’s gonna make me NOT ship it, no amount of fandom bullshit is going to completely erase the ship from existence, sorry.  

CS is MY endgame.  And that’s all that I need.

A place by the water

Summary: Three times Emma thought of asking Killian to move in with her.

Rated M for sexy times and chest hair and scotch tape problems.

No beta on this one,so show me kindness.


The first time Emma thought about asking him she was standing in her soon to be ex living room in New York, Henry was somewhere in his room fastening over boxes, more of them standing next to the door as they were filling the car -not the bug but the trunk her father had offered to leave to them for the week end.

Killian was however with her, putting some books she had read - did it count as reading when the memories were fake ? She tried not to delve on the subject, afraid to end with nothing but a headache.

It was ridiculous, she thought however, how two lives seemed to crash and fusion into one. How the difference between here and there was so palpable and about to disappear in those boxes. As she watched, Killian wander around her loft, swinging between two boxes and helping Henry to pack, his smile so wide Emma felt her chest tighten. He looked truly ecstatic about all of this - she knew all too well how much he had tensed every time her parents - currently busy with baby Neal- were talking about her life in New York. His hand would close into a fist and his jaw would clench, despite her decision to stay and what happened to them in their little trip in time, he still worried.

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Like I just don’t get what people would POSSIBLY think is being set up on the show?  Like … if something happened and went badly with Hook and Emma, HE WOULD LEAVE.  He would have nothing else keeping him in Storybrooke, that much has been pointed out EXPLICITLY.  He wouldn’t just hang out and bang every chick in town.

It’s been made clear that anyone besides Emma, for Hook, would be second choice at best.  And if Emma wanted him, he’d drop them SO FAST.  That’s not exactly the stuff dreams are made of for any other Hook ship.  And as for Emma … she’s never BEEN this close to any other person, not romantically, not ever.  This is a HUGE DEAL for her to be letting him in, and if things go south with him, guess what?  GIRLFRIEND WILL PROBABLY NEVER GET INVOLVED WITH ANYONE EVER AGAIN.

And the stuff that’s happened between Hook and Emma thus far is TOO important for both of them, TOO real, to be a flash in the pan, a thing that’s going to fizzle out and go nowhere.  No.  This is the real deal, we’re in the beginning of the journey.

This is not just gonna be some fling that’s gonna be over and done and forgotten about, sorry haters.  Hook and Emma are INCREDIBLY important to each other, and that’s not gonna get erased because you don’t like him or you want her with someone else.

D23: Once Upon a Time Season Four Preview

In the Fall 2014 issue of Disney twenty-three, now shipping to D23 Gold Members, D23 sat down with Once Upon a Time creators Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz to discuss their very cool plan to incorporate Frozen into the new season. But there’s much more happening in Storybrooke this fall! Here’s our D23 Member “web extra” previewing what’s to come for Snow, Charming, Hook, Regina, Emma, and the rest of the characters when the ABC hit returns September 28. Plus, get ready for a reveal that will have you reeling!

Emma has finally opened—to her family and to Hook—how do you see their relationships evolving? 
Eddy: One of the big themes that tied Never Land and the Wicked Witch together is that happy endings aren’t what we think they are. They are something you have to fight for every day. Now it seems like Emma has found her home and she’s happy where she is. Rumple is married to Belle and that seems to be his happy ending. Snow and Charming have a child and they now share one heart. The question is, what happens next? For us it’s continuing to evolve the characters—especially with Regina. We left her in a really tough spot. People immediately thought she would go “crazy evil.” For us, that’s what’s interesting—now that we’ve done 66 episodes, how does Regina react? We know how she would have reacted in season one. How does she react in season four? We want to honor that and deepen the characters and create some fun mystery along the way.

Do you think it will be difficult for Hook to see a “little Prince Neal” running around as a constant reminder of Neal and Emma’s relationship? 
Adam: I think Hook ultimately recognizes Neal for the hero that he was. And because of that, hearing the name and seeing him carried on in a new generation—he sees that as a good thing.
Eddy: He’s far too confident to be worried about other people.

Michael Socha, who played the Knave on Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, will be joining the cast next season. How will he fit in? 
Eddy: There are two things we know about him from Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. One is that we know he spent a short amount of time with the Merry Men [Will is “Will Scarlet” of the Robin Hood story] and we know Robin Hood is in Storybrooke. The other thing is we know he was in Storybrooke before. He is familiar with the town even though he didn’t have a lot of interaction with our people.
Adam: He was a victim of the first curse so he had a life in Storybrooke. So there’s a connection with him to the town and to some of our characters, including the Merry Men. Those will all be explored. We’ll also discover he has ties to other members of the Storybrooke world. He’s going to meet new people like Emma and Captain Hook, and his relationship with Captain Hook will be… testy.

Emma’s little Volkswagen becomes Herbie? 
Eddy: No, but we have talked about that!