Fire-Aspected Dragon-Blooded: “And I also say I know another teahouse.”
Heroic Mortal: “Do you know every teahouse in the Creation?”
Fire-Aspected Dragon-Blooded: “Most. I have read the Harek Carask’s Guide to Teahouses three times.” 


Vaas was really a visceral creation. Since my first audition, I knew exactly who he was and what I wanted to do with him… I don’t know how to explain it, sometimes the timing is just right and you feel an overwhelming desire to express something… And when a wonderful company like Ubisoft comes by and gives you that opportunity to just be free and create, it’s a dream come true.” (Michael Mando)

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anonymous said:

what happened to 4chan

moot is dead, and Christopher Poole killed him

okay here’s a big long explanation:

Moot created 4chan in his bedroom when he was just another 15 year old goon from SomethingAwful, and it fucking exploded in popularity taking the web by storm.(Kyanka bitterly hates moot for this). Now keep in mind what internet was like back then, there was NOTHING at all like 4chan at the time. For years and years it was infamous around the web, and moot was loved by millions and millions of users. But as he got older he got bored and wanted to move on to the next big thing, something that he might actually make some money off of. And who can blame him for that, who wouldn’t want to be the next Reddit guys who sold their creation and made out like bandits for it? For all the laughs he has brought to us, yeah I’d say moot deserves a yacht and helicopter, why not? I’d love to see that. But alas he never really hit the big times.

Now he’s nearing 30 and he wants to leave his past behind and try something new. He starts to try this new social network angle and who knows, maybe it will be the big new thing online just like 4chan was, and he will finally be known as something besides the guy who made that creepy anime website full of child pornography. But ends up failing because it’s a turd nobody wanted to use, and now moot’s back at square one. He’s had a decade being m00tykins, loved by anonymous but having nothing to show for it.

As much as I truly believe that moot does indeed love 4chan, he hates the reputation that it carries. His TED talks show him nervously mumbling to a crowd about how fun yet weird it is for him to be a relatively normal person worshiped by the internet’s biggest psychopaths.

So he slowly changes who he starts hanging out with. His instagram shows him becoming a stereotypical NYC hipster. On his blog he talks about how he wants to focus more on his offline life, taking a leave of absence from twitter and not responding to as many emails. Yes he’s starting to grow up, but he’s not abandoning his principles or anything.

But along comes gamergate.

Now, moot had never given a flying fuck about social justice before. Remember that before /s4s/ was dubs central, it was made on April Fools Day as a parody of SRS (shit reddit says, the super left-wing board where the modern SJW was born). And moot laughed directly at the people who cried at moaned and wailed at him to delete /pol/, saying that they don’t have to read it if they don’t like it. He gives zero fucks about your preferred pronouns, is what I’m getting at here.


Now he knows his best chance of distancing his personal reputation with 4chan is to pal around with this new crowd. The problem is that this crowd is 100% pozzed as hell, and are the type of people who don’t bat an eye when they tell you to check your privilege, because they aren’t trolling you. They actually are serious. But these people have connections he can use to get ahead. Back when he did he worked for (and was funded by) Kenneth Lerer, a billionaire who happened to be a huge giga-liberal. moot also shared office space with Jonah Peretti the creator of Buzzfeed (as much as people make fun of reddit and tumblr, at least those places have some good parts on them. Buzzfeed, in addtion to being pozzed, is weapons-grade unfunny cancer and it deserves way more flak than reddit/tumblr gets) And his new girlfriend Mallory Blair works for fucking gawker. Don’t take my word for it, look this shit up.

So gamergate is chuggin along and then one day the mother lode is found. The GameJournoPros discovery is a smoking gun if there ever was one, and it’s around this time that moot suddenly decided that everyone has to take it somewhere else and that it never belonged on 4chan? Really? Right at that point? Those rumors that have been spreading about how 4chan secretly replaced the mods with huge SJWs used to sound far-fetched but at this point aren’t too hard to imagine now. Hell, look at Redwood. People on every single board there are furious about this now because they feel moot has stabbed them all in the back.

My personal opinion is this: people have been critical of him in the past, like when he added 4chan passes some people called him JEWt and freaked out and said he was selling out, and I just rolled my eyes and bought a pass. Like I said, I don’t care if moot actually makes some money, and I dislike captchas so yeah sure I’ll buy one or two. But obviously with what’s just happened I’m not renewing it for a 3rd time when it expires in two days.

I want to leave you with this: I believe moot simply thinks that 4chan has nothing left to offer him at this point. And I can understand that, and I don’t see him running the place when he’s 50. But if that’s the case why not give the reigns to someone who will run the ship the same way, and with the same sense of freedom? Have a contest with five golden tickets or fucking whatever. But self-destructing 4chan and trying to ride the explosion somewhere up higher is not going to get you anywhere, man. I do believe you will be destined for some great things in life, but sucking Antia’s clit is not the way there. You don’t need to sell your soul and become yet another pozzed-out Social Justice internet celebrity. Remember that you are famous because 4chan offered something that can be found nowhere else. Freedom. Tell your new friends that you’re not always proud of everything in 4chan’s history, but it is still your creation. It’s brought you years of joy and if you were that 15 year old kid you’d do it all over again. It’s 4chan, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

That’s all you need to tell them, moot. Here’s some additional encouragement from Walter White.




Nüwa [女媧] is a goddess in ancient Chinese mythology best known for creating mankind and repairing the wall of heaven. 

Nüwa is not considered a creator of the entire physical universe, but a creator and protector of animals and people. It is said that Nüwa existed in the beginning of the world. The earth was a beautiful place with blossoming trees and flowers, and full of animals, birds, fish and all living creatures. But as she wandered about it, Nüwa felt very lonely, so she began to create animals.

On the seventh day of creation, she bent down and took up a handful of yellow clay, mixed it with water and molded a figure in her likeness. As she worked, the figure came alive — the first human being.

Nüwa was pleased with her creation and went on making more figures of both men and women. They danced around her, and her loneliness was dispelled. She created hundreds of figures, but grew tired of the laborious process. Then she dipped a rope in the clay mud, and swung it around her. Soon the earth around her was covered with lumps of mud. The handmade figurines became the wealthy and the noble; those that arose from the splashes of mud were the poor and the common.


Here is a tiny bit of ETD (so far).

The main menu animation is not laggy. Bandicam ended up making it look laggy for some reason >.<…

I had to cut a bunch of scenes to make it fit into 5 minutes, (especially a big part of the opening). And had to shrink the size to make it less than 100mb. Also…bandicam >_>; I should probably buy it soon.

Anyways, it’s not exactly a “playing the game” vid. Just showing some scenes, some game mechanics and the chara creation of Lith and some scenes from the start of “Thief route”. But it should give you a small idea about how the game is turning out.

I’ve decided to add a proper video once the game is a bit longer. More stuff to show like a battle scene, a mini game and a quicktime event etc.


Parlour Typeface by Hustle Supply Co.

Without further ado, Hustle Supply Co. presents “Parlour” a display typeface inspired by Movember, Menswear Brands, Tattoo Shops & Barbers. This versatile font is perfect for your next project. This font comes with the texture already applied. Created with the software, “Glyphs”, this font comes in OTF format with a full alphabet, numbers, punctuation & other extra glyphs. This is the 2nd typeface HSCo has released, we plan on continuing in this direction. Let me know what you think in the comment section. I would love to see what you do with this font, so feel free to send me any creations you make! 

Download it here:

You stood before creation
Eternity within Your hand
You spoke the earth into motion
My soul now to stand
So what can I say
What can I do
But offer this heart O God
Completely to You