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Thank you so much for Crashcourse. As a high school history teacher, it's often hard to find resources for students that are high quality AND that the students enjoy, particularly my AP level students. Have you gotten feedback from teachers? Have they shared how they are using the videos? Ps- please thank Sarah for the art Assignment. It made for a wonderful prompt in my Humanities course!

That’s all so great to hear! We have a group of teachers we work with periodically to get feedback, especially now that we’re developing resource materials around the videos—essays, collections of primary sources, worksheets, and so on. (Those should start debuting at the beginning of next year.) We’re able to invest in non-video resources thanks to Crash Course’s Subbable subscribers, so thanks!

If you’re an educator who’d like to be on that list, you can email us with the subject line TEACHER at hankandjohn-at-gmail. 

Thanks for watching Crash Course and The Art Assignment!

Hey, guys! I thought that since the struggle is all too real for college students (or just people in general, tbh) I would make a huge masterlist of all the things I’ve started using to make or save money. I’ll totally update this if I find more things to help you all!

Books and other school stuff you'll def need

adblock — don’t go through your life without adblock… just don’t okay? you’ll thank me when you need to watch a last minute crashcourse video and the advertisements are bothering the shit outta you

calculate your grade — for those times that your freaking teacher takes too long to put things in the gradebook

coursera — basically a lot of classes for free (go learn you something!)

free textbooks for everyone! 

free tv and movies — seriously, they have everything you can ever dream of

if you wanna do the sex,  please  be safe  and remember to always use birth control. (unless you want a baby, but i’m assuming that if you’re broke and need this post, having a baby is not a good idea. 10/10 would not recommend.)

learn more stuff for free (coursera’s on this list too, but i put it as a separate link bc it’s the best one imo)

openoffice — microsoft office (that means word, powerpoint, excel–EVERYTHING) for people that don’t want to pay a zillion dollars for software 

Earn money & rewards

featurepoints — download apps and rack up points to redeem for cash

ibotta — this one is a bit different, you basically get money back from most things that you already buy

inboxdollars — this is more like surveys and emails to get points and redeem for cash

listia — okay so this site is like ebay where you post stuff you want to sell and people bid on your stuff, but instead of money they bid with credits and then you can use credits to buy other stuff on the site or redeem it for cash. i know it sounds lame but it’s really cool i promise

paperbackswap — basically someone asks for your old books and you send it to them and it gives you credits for them, and then you can use your credits to buy other books (you pay shipping to send the books to the buyer, but when you end up requesting your book, you can get a $10 book for the $3 you paid for shipping, so you still save hella money, you feel me?)

perk — like swagbucks, you can watch videos and search the web for points that can be redeemed for cash and gift cards

shopkick — this one is cool because you can not only get rewards for shopping places, but also for simply being in a store and scanning a product, no purchase necessary

swagbuckssee perk

swapacd — same concept as paperbackswap only for old cds

swapadvd — same concept as paperbackswap only for old dvds

Save money on shit you were gonna buy anyway

honey — this is basically an extension that will automatically check for coupons and promo codes when you’re surfing the web. no work on your part required!

hostelworld — never stay in a hotel if you don’t have to. EVER. hostels are usually just as nice for a fraction of the price, plus you meet a ton of new, cool people in them

in case you need medicine or sometimes just a mind break

lyft (referral code: ALEXANDRA602971) — same concept as uber (see below) but lyft can be a little less reliable. still, it’s a good backup to have if all the ubers in your area are busy. my referral code will give you $25 of lyft credit, so if your first ride is less than that, it’s free!

uber — this is a really cheap car ride service that puts taxis to shame. if you use this link, your first ride is free (as long as the fare doesn’t exceed $30, which it won’t, believe me.)


ok soooo as you all know, school is just around the corner and i decided to compile a list of (mostly) academic tools that i use for school. at first, i was just going to add every helpful thing i could find. but i wanted this list to have genuine quality (meaning i use or have used these sites) so i’ve actually removed quite a few links. this is mostly aimed towards students in post-secondary but some of these links were discovered when i was in highschool. enjoy :)

ps. youre not a fool

some notes:

  1. bold means i use these frequently or have benefitted significantly from them
  2. asterisk (*) means a teacher or professor has suggested these links
  3. hover each link for a quick description (desktop viewers)

google scholar*


how to google infographic

how to google

understanding concepts:




simple wiki


science formulas simplified

homework help (mostly for mathematics):


wolfram alpha*

online calculators

chegg smartphone app

study tips + tools:



coldturkey (windows)

selfcontrol (OS)

pull an allnighter

primacy and recency effect*

final grade calculator


writing (more helpful for formal reports than creative):

plagarism checker


purdue OWL*


online thesaurus

online dictionary

urban dictionary

tip of my tongue

how to write an essay #1

how to write an essay #2

how to write an essay #3

creative writing masterpost






programs/softwares + other tools:









college life:

ultimate college packing list

college packing list

online college packing list

make friends in college

20 must-have foods for your dorm

bad prof?

bad roommate?

alarmy app

grown up life:

balance a cheque book app

tips on finding a place

being an adult masterpost






project free tv


midomi (or use shazam/soundhound app)

reblog/like and ref!

send me suggestions of what sites/softwares have helped you for school. i’ll try to update this as i find more sites to use! 

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Hank on CrashCourse talking about anxiety disorders.

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CrashCourse is a fast, funny, irreverent look at history. In this episode, brothers John and Hank Green gives us their take on what makes Big History so darn important.

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watch this video!

So it’s that crushing time of year again when school starts up again and I thought I’d share some sites that I like to use to help with my daily school work

Remember to work hard, but don’t overstress yourself and have a good school year :)

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I could’ve used this when I was in AP Psychology during my final presentation. Don’t use OCD as a punchline. i don’t have it but i know people who do/used to have it

Warning: This video contains a description of a panic attack and various phobias. If this isn’t good for you, skip ahead when Hank starts to talk about it. 

Had a lovely catch up with a friend I haven’t seen in like, 3 years, she was telling me about going to Lebanon for her year abroad

and then she tells me that like 3 people on her course got married there??? and that happens EVERY YEAR

and then they just come back to the UK and get a divorce

and their husbands are always like bUT I NEEDED A PASSPORT TO GET INTO THE UK THATS LIKE HALF THE REASON I MARRIED YOU but the foreign office KNOWS this happens so the girls just get crashcourses on how to divorce before they go back to the middle east

like these girls are my age and they get married for a year for the experience, this is just crazy