anonymous asked:

does cr1tikal still donate his earnings to charity?

Yep. You can follow his donations on his Twitter. He didn’t donate this month yet, but as you can see from his latest tweet, he didn’t get the money yet.

anonymous asked:

*sidles up to the ask box nervously* h-have you ever heard of cr1tikal... because i have an undying crush on his voice...

I was JUST about to make a post about him.

I fucking love him.

-The Star

punditpanda asked:

Do you know in which video does Cr1tikal talks about Extreme Dinosaurs? He was talking about sexually satisfying someone by caressing his/her titties, I think :P

I have no idea. Does anyone else know?

  • if cr1tikal were a personality core (deep voice fix)

I’ve noticed that the way cr1tikal talks kind of resembles an Aperture Science Personality Core

I GLaDOS-ified his voice from this video and I have to say I think it works (aside from my own lazy editing)

edit: main complaint is that his voice wasn’t deep enough. i fixed that now!