Hey, so I could seriously use a Minecraft buddy to do Minecraft stuff with on PS4. Right now would actually be fantastic. I have over 100 friends on PSN and not a single one of them play Minecraft via PS4.

My play style is:

I usually (almost always) play Survival. I don’t greif, PK (player kill) unless it’s undertood that that’s what we’re doing, or blow your stuff up with TNT. I usually go for villages and repair/terraform them. I love making my house away from everyone else. I also love helping other people in any way shape or form I can. Farming is a must for me, I always have a giant underwater managerie/paradise.

Anyone like minded (on the survival and not being an ass part) feel free to message me on here and ask to join! I leave my system on 24/7 usually so I can leave the world up as much as need be.