(n.) A state of eternal friendship between two bros. Two bros entering into a bromarriage have probably shared many experiences such as hometowns, colleges, or sexual partners. Bromarriages usually originate through Greek brotherhood, childhood-to-adult friendships, or teammate relationships. There are polybromarriages but it is uncommon that all bros have equal bonds.


In honor of me being featured in this weeks Smosh Pit weekly, I dedicated this to the main dorks whose friendship has lasted for so long and is still blossoming <3 Alongside the Smosh Games crew who have been there through thick and thin!

 Sorry about Wes and Flitz, they were eating the bro-wedding cake


I couldn’t help myself. I had to draw this once I saw this weeks Fan Friday. Before I fall asleep and completely lose motivation to draw it (as you could see the pretty “rough/crude” drawing of buff crendor-san and jeesenpai. Sorry.).
And of coarse, I drew the most diabeetus-inducing shoujo-anime-kawaii-cow-eyes i’ll (possibly) ever draw in my lifetime.