You see, the most important scene of “The Last Wedding” doesn’t involve “sex fist” or “Bidening” or Winston’s various aches and pains. No, the most important scene of “The Last Wedding” is the conversation between Nick and Jess in the men’s room, the reiteration of the only status quo New Girl ever needs to maintain. The friendship between these characters and the obvious, natural affection between Deschanel and Johnson made the Nick-Jess coupling such a no-brainer, and it’s always going to be at the core of this show. If season three did anything better than season two, it was the way it portrayed intimacy between the characters in terms of their relationships as well as the spaces they shared—and it doesn’t get more intimate than sharing a stall in the men’s room. Much as Schmidt, Winston, and Coach will forever represent New Girl’s funny bone, Jess and Nick will always be its heart—whether or not they’re “fridge people” or “toilet people.”
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anonymous said:

Messina has chemistry with literally anyone/thing, the man is insane but could you rate his show and movie co-stars from hottest to least amount of chemistry. This question is also going out to imadandylioness.

Wow, this is kinda a big question. Am I ranking hottest chemistry to least chemistry? Am I ranking hottest co-star? (The answer to this btw, is always Rashida Jones. She can get it.) Also you phrased it as anyone/thing so I’m taking you at your word. I can only speak for the shows and films I’ve seen and I’m rating them like hot peppers, but here goes nothin’:

Work: The Mindy Project
Coupling: Him & Mindy
Scoville Units: 350,000 (we’re talking Habanero)

Work: Sam Smith: I’m Not the Only One (Short)
Coupling: Him and Diana Agron
Scoville Units: 25. Does toast have a Scoville rating? 
Coupling: Him and the mistress
Scoville Units: 10,000

Work: The Newsroom (TV Series)
Coupling: Him & business suits
Scoville Units: 100,000

Work: Palo Alto
Coupling: Him & weed
Scoville Units: 6,000

Work: Damages (TV Series)
Coupling: Him and Ellen
Scoville Units: 250,000

Work: Argo
Coupling: Him & that moustache
Scoville Units: 3,000

Work: Ruby Sparks
Coupling: Him & giggling
Scoville Units: 80,000. I could watch him giggle on a loop forever.

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