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On Charles having disfigurement/burns on their face: Do you think that he could have been in the shed when the Jenna thing happened? and that's maybe why they're seeking revenge on the girls? idk something about the Jenna thing doesn't add up to me.

Your right… there are heaps of things that don’t add up with the Jenna thing:

  • Alison apparently did that to Toby because he spied on them - which he actually didn’t do and he even said that Alison did it cause she thought she had something on him but she was wrong.
  • She only threw a stink bomb, but the garage exploded - much like Toby’s whole house did season’s later from a supposed “gas leak” cough coug bullsh*t
  • Jenna said herself that she could see right from the first operation (which was actually back whilst Alison was still alive) So her blindness or lack of doesn’t match up.
  • Toby must have been involved with something back then because his mother’s death is a big part of the show and is very suspicious.

Personally I would love it if Charles was burned in the fire and that is the reason he is seeking revenge. But I would love it even more if Black Veil (aka the real and only original A) was the one who tricked Alison into throwing the stick bomb!!!


Dear concern friends of Huang Zitao, and Huang Zitao’s fans (you), this is Huang Zitao’s father,
I wrote this letter with mixed feelings, because I know that my decision will hurt many people, including my son, Huang Zitao. Although I have tried many times to convince him, he still wouldn’t understand and even blamed me for being a selfish father. Somewhere along the way, I know that he likes his group and how much he’s enjoying his career, I was asking him these past few months to leave Korea and it was a painful decision. But as a father, I must and have the responsibility to let him live healthy and happily, and I can’t bear to watch his body getting injuries! I honestly would rather let him have a healthy life than being a star in Korea!
In my eyes, strength, being tough, determined and persistent are essential to a man’s character. That was why I asked him to learn martial arts from an early age, to work hard so he could have a spirit to fight for his own life. I asked him to learn music and dancing from the money he earned from his part-time so that he could stand on his own. Becoming an artist is his dream and it is his choice. He must work hard for his dreams, and he will have the price of his own choice.
Huang Zitao has never let us down, he had made it, has always been the pride of our family! But what I didn’t expect was: just after three years of Huang Zitao’s debut, big and small scars are all over his body. Those countless hip injuries, physical injury, or even leg injury. Whenever there was a flip in his performances, either I was watching on the spot or at home my heart stops, afraid that his old wounds would be aggravated. Especially overseas performances, because sometimes the stage was slippery, and it was raining. I’d told him one day that his safety wasn’t always sure because of the slippery stage. But he said he didn’t want to let everybody down, and reassured me that he would be careful. Seeing the news of him hurting on weibo, my heart sinks! I couldn’t even go anywhere on the scene, I couldn’t do anything and I was hurting, all I could do was hold the phone for more updates.
Maybe many people think that I should be happy; I have happy family, and a son who is a star. But how could they know the countless tossing and turning nights because of too much worrying about his son’s pain? I was desperate that day and went to Korea to bring my son back in China to recover from injuries but one of the SM Entertainment executives contacted me. They said that just like what was promised since the beginning, they will establish a professional team for Huang Zitao’s works in China. I was so overwhelmed and we talked a lot of details about it. SM claimed that after Huang Zitao signed the contract, they will announce the news with other members. When the contract was almost signed, I learned that the company also have further plans for other member’s development. Here’s the truth: when you actually have so many things to say, that’s when you become speechless.
What is the purpose anyway of everything when Tao isn’t actually supported by his own company? All he got were injuries, everywhere. Truly, I decided to bring him back for medical treatment but it was said that he missed the best time for his treatment, and there would great damage to Tao’s body if they weren’t treated well. It is my last straw of hope. I finally made up my mind.  To parents, nothing is more important than the health of their children. Instead of flowers, applause, the first thing in my heart will always be his health and peace!
Finally, I am expressing apologies and gratitude to SM Entertainment and EXO members. I thank the company for the past three years of Huang Zitao that helped his cultivation, as well as to the members of Huang Zitao for the care and concern! Meanwhile, I apologize for Huang Zitao’s fans and EXO, I know that my decision has hurt you, but please consider that I’m just a helpless father. I am really sorry!


Yeey at this ugly ass edit, because what’s photoshop and ‘did you just slam a bunch of pictures of your favorite people together’? Yes, yes I did. So, a couple of days ago I hit my first hundred! Yeey for remaking :) and since I should be working on school right now I thought why not make a follow forever?

So, thank you so much for every single one of you and the fact that you guys must be going through pain every single day for following this inconsistent piece of trash that I call a blog. Thank you for letting me be who I am and allowing me to cry over complete trash *cough* Marco Reus *cough* or have a nervous breakdown over beautiful women why is Dinah so pretty? To the people in this follow forever: thank you for making my dash so wonderful every single day and for being the cool people that you guys are.

To all my followers: this is also a huge recommendation of ‘go follow these blogs because they are hella rad and fun and cool and awesome and you deserve good blogs in your life!’

First things first, my absolute favorites:

carohlinewatson Alainaaaaa, my love. You’ll always be the Niall to my Harry and I’m so happy I met you on here. I swear you are legit one of the funniest people I have ever had the pleasure of not meeting in real life. Whenever I see a new pic of Sophia or Eleanor I know that you’ll be crying behind your computer of happiness and seeing a picture of them always makes me think of you. Thank you for keeping up with my shit. I’m sad you live so far away, because I would have stalked your ass by now if you didn’t.

justniallhoran Stefanie! One of my favorite people, with one of my favorite urls I’m not jealous what you talking about. If you would look up the word lovely in the dictionary I’m pretty sure your picture would pop right up. I could write a whole essay about you here, but I won’t do that. I’m just gonna say thank you for you. Thank you for all the things you’ve done for me so far, even though I’m basically a stranger to you. There should be more people like you in this world and I can’t wait to meet you in June!

drunkiehoran Lucieee, where to start with you. You always remind me of that tv show I Love Lucy, which is absolutely one of my favorites. I think you’re picture would pop up next to the word lovely just like Stefanie’s, but I guess that’s because you guys are almost like a package deal. I love you for always being there for me and letting me vent about stupid stuff that makes no sense at all. You and I are almost always on the same page and I know I can always count on you to understand me. I can’t wait to meet you in June either!

louisxxiii Elissa! I have to put you here, because it’s so hard to find good quality normal Louis blogs, if you know what I mean :x and you are absolutely hilarious I swear to god! You’re never afraid to speak your mind and I’m always like mentally high fiving you, because you are right 99,9% of the time. You are such a kind person and I’m really happy that I met you on here!

Now, this is in no particular order at all. Bold ones are my faves aka we should talk more or something, because I want to be cool like you. It’s also very small, because I don’t follow that many people tbh.

dinah-jade / madforhoran / ieighades / jadelust / pianolilo / adidaslilo / maiamitch / no-controls / laurensboss / relaxliam / paynefultommo / royaleigh / cvbello / thotmani / lvoeclubs / cawren / salutingnarry / zouislouiszouis / dihnajane / lougitsune / rapunzils / cabellokisses / dinahhjhansen / cockholmsyndrome / jdaesy / kmilacabello / dinahjhane / perrieeele / leighaide / dinalhjane / gay4lauren / likesmariahs

Thank you, good morning and in case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening and good night!

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laughs there's a massive knb skype group out there that's somewhat inactive these days :< i'm semi inactive on aomine too bc of school, but seeing y'all on my other rp account's dash makes me miss the knb fandom :(

((There was a Skype group??  Man, I feel like I haven’t been in this community long enough…  qq  But I hope everything goes well for you!  In school, I mean.  Take care of yourself - reality is more important than RPing!  But maybe we could RP when you’re free!  <3  And I totally know what you mean by missing a fandom…  I really missed the Haikyuu!! fandom during my hiatus, haha.))

((Like I said before though, now that I think about it, I really haven’t been in this fandom for long…  And really, truth be told, I had no intentions of joining the fandom, hahah.  I just made this blog for the sake of, well, making a blog.  But I got a starter and everything, and now I’m here, lmao.  I’ve got an RP account over in the Haikyuu!! fandom, so I’m going to be completely honest.  In the Haikyuu!! fandom, I got a few people welcome me and talk to me OOC.  But in the KnB fandom, I had about 4-5 (?) people personally come and welcome me.  Damn, it made me feel so special.  And to top it all off, those people are still talking to me now.  I mean, people in the Haikyuu!! fandom still talk to me a lot, but not nearly as much as the people in this fandom.  Now that I look back, I’m actually really glad I decided to make this account.  Honestly, I have no regrets.  Even though it can be hard sometimes, I’m glad I joined this fandom.  Because, although I haven’t been here for very long yet, I love this fandom so much…  ;;u;; ))

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Send me ➵ and I will bold all that applies to your muse

I would hurt you or use you. | you unsettle me. | I dislike you or you annoy me. | I would like to get to know you better. | I pity you. | you confuse me. | I feel indifferent towards you. | I would be friends with you. | I would fight by your side. | I would hug you or hold your hand. | I would kiss you. | I would sleep with you. | I would lie for you. | I would protect you. | I would fall in love with you. | I would kill for you | I respect you. | you are my family. | I don’t know you.


“Building 125” represents the 125 years of inspiring discoveries at #WashingtonStateUniversity. Follow @WSU125 to learn more about the objects shown here and the #WSU stories behind them. #wsu125 #GoCougs (at Washington State University)