Blood and Masks: Book 1 of Neva Cora available now!

Calidus Varin, a member of an ancient order of elven demon hunters, has lived in the shadow of his master, Tullius the Black, for the better part of a century. Varin coasts on their combined fame, earning a reputation for recklessness, a taste for wine and women, and a irresistible inclination for boasting about his precious few exploits.

When a routine hunt on the city’s outskirts demands the execution of an innocent child, Varin is forced to reconsider his master’s teachings (and sanity). By delaying the execution and investigating a subsequent rash of inexplicable demon infestations, Varin stumbles upon an apocalyptic conspiracy that leads straight to his temple’s doorstep. Everyone he knows becomes suspect. His life—and the lives of his friends—are thrust into mortal peril.

Faced with the sudden arrival of a cunning Imperial magus, Varin enlists the aid of his closest friends: a wizard, a forest spirit, a skilled huntress, and a goddess. He also might have made an alliance with the creatures he’s sworn to dispatch. As the city threatens to sink into the abyss, Varin must fight to protect the city he loves—or die trying.


So that book I was talking about? Here it is! I worked on the cover and of course, Alex supplied all of the words, naturally. This book has sex, love, drama, demons, faeries, elves, cool fight scenes and tons of neat stuff. 

If you want a totally awesome fantasy story with cool characters (PoC! Queer characters! Tons of women!) and humor, action, then you can grab this for the low price of 2.99 and it’s part of a series that will be coming out later. 

Please also let me know about any questions or comments you have about the book. :) Reblogs would be very much appreciated. If you are a Goodreads or other kind of lit reviewer, contact me and I can see about maybe getting you hooked up with a review copy. Spread the word wide and far to your friends and neighbors if you like what you read!

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your icon is so cute!!! do you mind writing a small drabble on it? who gave stiles coffee? or is it hot chocolate? //dies

A/N: Laura and Derek (and Cora) stayed and rebuilt therefore Peter comes out of the coma sooner and saner AU.

- - - 


Stiles blinks at themug, sort of owlish, sweater too big and incredibly bright. The front door bangs open, and Laura glances over her shoulder to see her brother and sister come stumbling in. Derek pauses as he’s stripping off his scarf, snow layered thick on his coat and in his hair. At his side, Cora shakes off like a dog, laughing when Derek’s nose wrinkles.

Laura snorts. “Glad to have you back. Where’s Peter?”

“Carrying the bags,” Peter grumbles as he steps through the door, arms full. “Because these lazy asses won’t do it themselves.”

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