This is one of the most disturbing things I have read in quite some time. Am I surprised? Not really, after seeing the military response the Fergusen Police had to the community’s expected outrage over the senseless shooting of an unarmed teenager.
One of the most disgusting aspects of this report is how the City Of Fergusen uses the black community as a host to its parasitic feeding. At every turn the court system and the police suck the resources out of the community by sandbagging them with multiple citations in a single encounter, up to 14 at a time.
What is clear is this is a systematic fleecing of the poor to make up the gap of tax revenues that the rich have gamed the system enough to not have to pay.
Want an insight into the economic inequality of America today? Here it is. This is what it is in real time and real practice. The poor are victims to it as well as the very moral fabric of the police, the judicial system, the city council and clearly the state.
The police are not tax collectors. Their mandate is to Protect and Serve but what is becoming increasingly clear is that their hidden mandate within this system is to Collect money and Serve abuse.
The Police are a victim of this as well. Other then the complete moral cretins that are cited in this report, police officers doing horrible things, there are no doubt police who hate doing what they are being asked to do on the streets of Fergusen. Their simply can not be that many heartless people out there.
What is clear is that we need to tear this system down as it operates now and start all over. What is clear is that the Fergusen Police Chief should be run out of town as a very good start.


I luvvvv this concept of blackout bc for so long i suffered from so much self-hatred and internalized prejudice towards my own people. but I thank the black community for helping me see my worth tbh like this past year hasnā€™t been transformative just in terms of my views of America but also of myself and the endless amount of people who are beautiful inside and out that are apart of the AA community šŸ’–šŸ’–šŸ’–


I think the greatest part of this is seeing how many ppl love themselves and others showing love to people they might not ever meet in person. Especially considering the events that have happened in the black community over the past couple years.

No one is hating. No one is taking shit. Everyone is showing love.

It’s freaking beautiful.

Love is everything.

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The Blackout

This won’t just come and go. The blackout has united and built a stronger bond not only as the black tumblr community ,but our generation from across the nation. Showing love and appreciation for our black brothers and sisters. This is true power. This is love.


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oh my God, there's this post circulating that shits on ellen degeneres for giving ten thousand dollars to the inventors of The Dress (you know, the blue/black or white/gold). and somebody actually commented that she's annoying because she disregards the queer community and she only gives money to "well off whites" and i'm about to fucking lose it because she's literally won AWARDS for being so damn charitable and supporting others.


Is #ForestFriday a thing? We think it should be. Enjoy these photos of the coastal rainforest of Cameroon.

This forest, at the fringe of the Congo Basin, is a biodiversity hotspot, home to endangered species including chimpanzees and forest elephants. It also provides hunting and fishing grounds, building materials, fuel wood and medicine for local communities.

The forest, and the people and animals who depend on it, are being threatened by a proposed palm oil plantation that would flatten an area eight times the size of Manhattan. The corporation behind the proposed project, US-based Herakles Farms, is pressing ahead with forest clearance, despite widespread local opposition.

Want to do something about it? Start here.

11/09/2012 || Ā© Greenpeace / Alex Yallop

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The Lolita community can be VERY pretentious, but don't let them get to you! Your do not have to pay out the ass for your outfits to look great, and regardless of what they say, there's no one way to rock your look. Forget those poops<33

thank u bby <3

My eyes are tearing up. I am loving this unapologetic black social media takeover! The self love and community affirmation is so beautiful <3 I love my people so so so much

Black Excellence in Gymnastics: Dianne Durham

Dianne was the first African American woman on the US National Team and the 1983 US All-Around national champion. She was also the first US pupil of Bela Karolyi’s to make elite. Despite being somewhat overshadowed by Karolyi’s other star student, Mary Lou Retton, she was considered to be in strong contention for the 1984 Olympic squad. Unfortunately, she missed her chance at the team due to a communication error- after she injured herself at the Olympic Trials, an official told her she could scratch uneven bars and petition onto the team at the meet’s conclusion. However, there was a rule in place saying that gymnasts had to complete the competition to be eligible to petition, and her scratch resulted in a loss of this eligibility. Even today, many wonder if a 1984 team that included Dianne might have been strong enough to beat the Romanians and take home the gold that year.


Paying homage to brave African Americans like these officers who fought through true injustices to serve their communities and playing a part in paving the way for equality so a modern generation can have the nerve to choose to segregate themselves via social networks.

Today is the Holi Festival in India, what a colorful a festival!!

HoliĀ isĀ aĀ springĀ festivalĀ alsoĀ knownĀ asĀ theĀ festivalĀ ofĀ coloursĀ orĀ theĀ festivalĀ of

Ā Ā love.ItĀ isĀ anĀ ancientĀ HinduĀ religiousĀ festivalĀ whichĀ hasĀ becomeĀ popularĀ withĀ 

Ā non-HindusĀ inĀ manyĀ partsĀ ofĀ SouthĀ Asia,Ā asĀ wellĀ asĀ peopleĀ ofĀ other

Ā communities Ā outsideĀ Asia.

HoliĀ celebrationsĀ startĀ withĀ aĀ HolikaĀ bonfireĀ onĀ theĀ nightĀ beforeĀ HoliĀ where Ā 

Ā peopleĀ gather,Ā singĀ andĀ dance.Ā TheĀ nextĀ morningĀ isĀ aĀ free-for-

allĀ carnivalĀ ofĀ colours,Ā peopleĀ goĀ toĀ openĀ streests,openĀ parks,outsideĀ 

Ā templesĀ andĀ builidings,Ā Ā whereĀ theyĀ participantsĀ play,Ā chaseĀ andĀ colourĀ 

Ā eachĀ otherĀ withĀ dryĀ powderĀ andĀ colouredĀ water,Ā withĀ someĀ carryingĀ waterĀ 

Ā gunsĀ andĀ colouredĀ water-filledĀ balloonsĀ forĀ theirĀ waterĀ fight.

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what black out?

Copy/pasted from a post on here:

In a show of community and solidarity, for those 24 hours, we are exclusively posting and reblogging pics, gifs, videos, selfies, etc. of Black people. We want to show that Black History is happening today, right now. That we are all Black History.


I was supposed to black out my IG feed for Black History month, but I was too inconsistent with it. Participating in Black Out Day makes me feel like I’m tryna compensate. But I still want to do this because I love being black. Although the Niggas of our community continue to tarnish our image, I refuse to succumb to any discrimination or hatred from anyone. We are stronger than that, as a people. I hope we realize that one day.