Does any one else think that Tucker, walks around showing off these pictures “and is like my kid is going to have a free ride to what ever collage he wants.” 

and people go.“ is he that good?”

and Tucker is Like. ”that doesn’t matter, he’s black and half alien  and I’m a war hero, he’s going where he wants”


Collage frames for TS4 by Sim-sons

Yes! Finally! I fixed my game and converted the collage frames from ts3 to ts4! This is my first attempt to convert objects from ts3 to ts4 so this painting set is not so perfect. I still can’t fix the weird shadows. But I tried. And thank you for 2000+ followers!!! I love you all ⊂((・▽・))⊃

This set includes four swatches (Just the same as that one for ts3).

Download (Mediafire)

Download  (Onedrive)

*please use bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement cheat to unlock this painting*

Original mesh by lpvinyl21, converted and recolored by sim-sons.


Please don’t reupload and claim as your own. If you want to share my CC, please link back to the post on my blog. Thank you!

Tristan Eaton (HF Vol. 34) is such a versatile painter, his collage-like murals often include a combination of typography, realistic portraiture, illustration, and patterns — all rendered freehand with spray paint. His ability to mix and match various styles within a single, cohesive image lends his work well to collaborations, like the ones he completed over the course of the past week with fellow street artists Cyrcle and How & Nosm in Brooklyn.

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