New Surreal Anatomical Collages by Travis Bedel aka bedelgeuse

Artist on Tumblr

Travis Bedel aka bedelgeuse is a mixed media artist that creates anatomical collages from cutouts of vintage etchings and illustrations, combining them into anatomical, botanical, and other biological parts.

Travis says his artworks can range from ‘5 inches to 6 feet’. You can see many more of his collages on tumblr. He also sells prints through Society6 and original works through Etsy.

Another collage by Blair. T Kerr (aka The Arsonist).

Excitement about the Tokyo show this weekend is building. Apparently people totally unconnected to the show are coming up to people we know in Japan and telling THEM about it like it’s some cool thing they just heard about. You know you’ve made it when your friends are hearing about your thing from people you’ve never met. Well, maybe not “made it”, but it’s a sign of something.

Volume 3, I can taste it! So close to completion!  The cover is the dopest ever!

I’m also hearing that the animated trailer is almost finished, and Kate Sullivan met a guy who’s going to kick it over to Matt G. when it’s done. What!

As for me, I’m still plugging away on my own comics at a snail’s pace. Zygote will be THE hottest comic book of 2030, mark my words