hey everyone! here’s something that I just finished that I’ve been working on these past few days. I’m super pleased and proud of how it turned out!

some info about the piece:

  • it’s on a 16x20 wood canvas panel
  • I used glossy varnish to adhere and seal everything
  • the sides are about an inch wide
  • both the sides and back of the piece are painted with black gesso and topped with the glossy varnish

if you’re interested in owning it, you can find it here on my etsy! 

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But as cellphones and then smartphones became ubiquitous, it became easier to capture a moment, and sometimes a feeling, with an image instead of a wall of text. As a writer, this might in theory make me nervous, but it doesn’t. I think language has some class barriers that image capture does not, and I like the fact that almost anyone can poignantly document their experience and viewpoint without having to learn how to compose a structured essay or write a compelling lede. Not because it’s easier or requires less artistry, but because if you can do it, an image makes an impression (or doesn’t) immediately. And it conveys so much more information so quickly. There are plenty of opportunities to lose/bore/turn off the reader in a written piece. With an image, it’s one powerful shot. Or a collage of images that tell a story impressionistically yet powerfully in a way that text technically can, but rarely does.

anonymous said:

Collage Humor have recently released a video about "Diet Racism." In the video, they make a sly comment about how White People use the apparently excuse of "Irish people were oppressed too Y'know" and pass it off as some thing that never actually happened. Any thoughts?

In a shocking turn of events a group of Americans trying to partake in Muh Internet Social Justice have turned out to not know what the fuck they’re talking about.

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