Zankie ( Zach Rance & Frankie Grande)

The fact that Frankie just realized the group basically played him last week on sending Zach out. I’m happy he is standing up and saying “I sent Zach home… I didn’t do that for me." He loves that boy so much and they put them through this BS UGH! Frankie did it for those dumb asses who manipulated him (Frankie) for the past 3 + weeks and put Frankie & Zach against each other! Fuck Cody & Derrick!


Sources (my own blue pillow) report that Zach’s pillow is reminding Frankie of all that he sacrificed (Zach) to show his allegiance to his alliance.  Blue pillow can be seen here, over Frankie’s shoulder, spilling tea.  In a surprise moment of defiance, Frankie asserted that he did not send Zach home for himself, but for his alliance, most prominently Cody, who was sitting on the block beside Zach.

Exhausted from sipping the spilt tea, Frankie reclines on Zach’s pillow, gaining further support from all that is left of the only person who ever really cared about him, in the house.

Stay tuned for more #pillowwatch2k14