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do you think the rances are homophobic or just hate frankie? honestly, i think homophobic, but what about you?

I think a little of both. I’m going to use this as an opportunity to express my opinions and thoughts on what’s going on.


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@franklinjgrande said: i think he’s a homo-romantic bisexual. he might also be demi. demi homo-romantic bisexual… he says sexual things about girls all the time but the specifics of what he says sounds like he barely has any experience at all

Zach: “I’VE SLEPT WITH SOME FREEEAAAKKKSSSSSSSSS. Like… this one girl, before we would have sex…get this, she MADE me let her give me a blow job. Like a blow job before sex every time? CRAZY!!!!”

Cody: “Um…”

Frankie: “That’s like.. common.”

Zach: “… oh.”

But like. I’m sooooo here for a Derrick/Cody/Caleb/Zach reunion at Rock of Ages opening night. so they should really make that happen…

But the three of them might have to hold down Caleb to keep him from jumping on stage.

okay so fuck it I’ve stayed out of all of this but tbh i’m now like 99% convinced so yeah

Frankie has already gotten confirmation from at least Derrick, Caleb and Cody that they’re coming.
Him and Zach have obviously already talked about this and F has asked Zach (and everyone else) to come see him in the show.

So why is Frankie explicitly asking/inviting him in both the People article and in his reply to Zach’s tweet? Maybe to A. almost like ‘force’ him to have to come. Like, Zach obviously probably really wants to but now that it looks like Zach has been put on the spot it would be a giant dick move for him not to go and would reflect badly on him and Jill might realise that. Or B. to give the idea to whoever (jill&co) that Zach hasn’t been clear on whether he’s coming/hasn’t said anything yet evejn though i’m pretty sure he would have because duh lol.

idk i wanted to say more but I forgot what in the process of typing this post oops

fuck i’m being really delusional right now probably sorry


Cody Simpson - Wasting Time (Live) (Jack Johnson Cover)

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Ok maybe I'm crazy, but I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he hasn't had sex at all yet... One of the biggest reasons to me was he seemed completely clueless when Cody and Frankie were talking about how long they lasted during their first times. Then there's the whole "OTP HJ's (over the pants hand jobs) are the BEST hand jobs!" I mean... I personally think that's the extent of his experience lol. And then there's how awkward he was cuddling in the beginning... it's pretty adorable though :)

I was gonna post that I wouldn’t be shocked if someone told me Zach was actually a virgin, but I feel like he’s maybe had sex with a girl or two. The clip of Zach, Frankie and Cody talking about sex is super telling.