Vicky, a long time introvert with social anxiety that causes her to panic whenever she’s in a overwhelming social setting. Most of her friends she’s made have been from her blog, so when she meets four charming gentlemen and begins to innocently flirt with each of them she never thought they would actually fall for her.


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10 Adorably Charming K-Pop Idols With Cute Eye Smiles


Every K-pop idol has an irresistible smile, but some of them drive us just a little crazier than others with those crescent eyes that are on the verge of disappearing. Let’s see if some of your favorite idols have been mentioned!

Check out this list titled, "10 Photos of super cute K-Pop idols whose eyes disappear when they smile"!

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What I really want is to Killian find out that Charming is not actually a prince by birth. That he was a shepherd once. Because we know that Killian thinks that he isn’t worth of Emma and of course her royal origin doesn’t make it easier for him. So I think that it would make him more comfortable if he knew that the icon prince Charming wasn’t always a prince. And with more Charming’s shepherd backstory, it could be addressed.

Because don’t tell me that this look doesn’t mean: “Oh shit, she’s a real princess”.




Oh, shut up. I do have charm. This is me doing charming. It just gets mistaken for indigestion. Normally by Clara.
‘Let me tell you about Clara. She’s one that’s worth saving. Once I got so lost she walked the universe looking for me. So, the least I can do is find her in a cold lump of space rock.
—  Doctor Who novel: The Blood Cell

Witches Of Moonlight Falls; Part 19)

*.*.*.*.*Darkness is rising. Black, purples and greens fill the skies. Anyone who dares step outside is dressed in brooding light. Shrouded in a the mists of the full moon the erie town of Moonlight Falls turns into a restless sleep. Every curse that has been set returns into place… Every spawn of evil is conjured to replace the remaining good.

Deaths are sure to happen, bodies to be recovered but by what… Thats a mystery. As the spooky sound of multiple werewolves howling sound the night the sisters are cautious, the protection spell uses the power of three to cast, and indeed the spell has been set. Every werewolf, vampire and demon is roaming the night and under all the confusion the sisters must still figure out Bianca’s strange sleepwalking pattern, find out who’s responsible… If there is anyone behind this.

The three sisters stand of the spell book in the attic of the manor, a cat transform potion will allow one of the sisters to turn into a cat and follow Bianca sleepwalking. It would be too dangerous to follow her in normal form on a full moon.;

Bianca: “Werewolves howling… Here we go.”

Belinda: ”Which means its a full moon. The cat potion is at the ready!”

Beatrice: “I’ll be the one to drink it. Ok. Everyone go to bed as usual… The house is under my protection spell. If we want to find out whats been happening to Bianca then we better act normal and then get to the bottom of this once and for all.”

Bianca opens her mouth to speak but is silenced by an unknown cause.

Belinda: “ Um… Bianca your eyes!”

Beatrice and Belinda turn to look at Bianca to see tears of ectoplasm, one of the worst omens a witch can ever encounter. Ectoplasm only comes from ghosts… maybe whoever is casting spells on the youngest sister has something to do with spirits of the dead.

Beatrice: “Oh no! Tears of darkness! Ectoplasm.”

Before anyone can even blink the omen disappears and Bianca’s eyes are normal again. 

Belinda:It must be a warning, what if I’m killed again tonight?”

Belinda: “We can’t panic, whoever is out to get us is trying to scare us!”

Beatrice: “We must proceed with the plan as usual, were ready for anything!”

*There is a 4th sister coming… Or is she a sister? The next upcoming parts will reveal all and know that the next posts will be forever at night, until the sisters can break the curse they shall never see daylight…*

*indie dev voice* I’m making this game it’s uhh…. it’s a platformer with a CATCH haha it’s fresh and original and its 8-bit graphics are so super charming! hope you’re ready for something EPIC!

  • People who are just getting into classical music:this fugue by Johann Sebastian Bach is absolutely sublime, conveying all the genius and charm of the genre. To listen to it is an epiphany of peace and light
  • People who have loved classical for a long time:Heyo this Respighi cantata is fuccing DOPE u needa get in on this shit

it rained today but I dressed nice!! so I doodled Lune in my outfit also my new phone charm came in do you recognize the character also LINE is the greatest thing ever the stickers ohmygosh? I also gave Lune freckles because I love freckles freckles are the best!!