A two shot for the lovely Mod Z who asked for “ reincarnated henry noticing the growing antlers?”….um, I got part of it? :)


The nurse looked at the baby in her arms, looked away, and then did a double take.

Maritza Martinez was a perfectly normal and healthy newborn. Ten fingers, ten toes, born two days early but that was fine, a thick swath of black hair on her head-

And popping out of that hair, two tiny little nubs that looked like….like…antlers?

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The Seven Deadly Sins 

(and yes I know ‘Greed’ is already a magic card) 

I may re-work these later and re-submit them, but viola! My cycle of incarnations for each of the deadly sins. Some were easier than others, some ended up complex, some ended up simple, but hopefully all of them were flavour home-runs (which  was the point, really). The most fun? Finding quotes! Poor Gluttony, he ate his quote… 

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for that little fic recently of a Henry reincarnation named Maritza with the antlers and everything and Dip helping her find her mom the last line just made me think of Dipper occasionally being like her imaginary friend for a lil while growing up and then later in high school and stuff she's learning about demons and learns about Alcor and she just '....oh holy shit my imaginary friend was Alcor no wonder my parents didn't like him when i told them...'

Oh man but imagine the long, drawn-out angst and horror she’d have for a while as all the pieces slowly fall into place.

On one hand, she doesn’t want to believe her imaginary friend was even real, much less something so terrifying. On the other, it gives her enough to wonder why he even hung around her in the first place? Is she cursed? Did he attempt to steal her soul and leave when he couldn’t find the opportunity? Did he succeed? Why on earth did he seem so nice in her memories? Would he end up coming back for her someday?

Poor bb Maritza

When a demon owns a soul i know they normal eat it and take it out the reincarnation cycle for a while but what if they don’t like Dipper and Mable? Does he continue owning the soul each time it’s reborn or did he have to release it in order for it to re-enter the cycle? Cause if its the first i can imagine the horror of raincarnated!Mable finding out her soul is already belongs to some demon who”s supposedly the worst of the worst. A summoning class that she is awesome in but no demon will respond to her and when one finally does it just looks at her shouts “NOPE! NOT GONNA MESS WITH ONE OF ALCOR’S SOUL!” and poofs away. The sudden suspicion and disgust by everyone who knows and it spreading all over the school that she sold her soul when she was younger for “insert stupid reason”. Eventually she summons Alcor to figure it out and he’s horrible at explaining and it just makes things worse. Reincarnated!Mable hates Alcor and DOES NOT trust him but Alcor keeps showing up to win his sister back over ad it gets worse and worse and in the end either 1.) Alcor avoids the next 5 reincarnated!Mabels out of fear or 2.) he basically spends 10 years in sweater town until reincarnated!Mabel dies and her soul remembers her past lives and goes to comfort him and ends up stay for like 20 years until he’s better.

Soul Origins

If you want to know who/ what you are (spirit wise) and what abilities/ purpose you have and could use on Earth, it’s important to find out what is your Soul Origin - as this will kickstart your self discovery journey and give you some sort of guidance. 

What is a Soul Origin?

Well, when the soul is born in a group of other souls, it comes from “somewhere”. This “somewhere” has an energetic imprint, a DNA and a place. The Universe is a pretty massive place, there are plenty of dimensions and realms, so there are a few places where your origin may be. We obviously don’t know them all, but there are a few that are commonly used now. I am writing this from what i have read, studied, experienced or know so far. Not everyone will relate to this and that is okay.

Types of origins:

Starseed - This is a soul that has it’s origin from outside the planet Earth, from another planet or star system. The most well known type of star seeds are Lyran, Pleiadian, Lemurian, Andromedan, Sirian, Vegan, Greys, etc. Sometimes we may identify as starseed due to our past frequent incarnations there.

Earthlings - Please note this is not an actual term, this is the word I use for the souls born on Earth. Yes, these are souls that were born on planet Earth. Doreen Virtue uses the term Wise Ones for them. 

Elementals - These are souls that come from the elemental realms or so known nature spirits. They still come from planet Earth and have a strong connection with it. The term elementals comes from the energy of elements they embody - water, air, fire, earth. Examples of elementals would be fairies, elves, gnomes, devas, brownies, etc.

Angels - Some souls do have angelic origins. There are different types of angels and they obviously all have different purposes. An example would be ascension angels - they were created to incarnate in different locations to help with the ascensions of the planets. 

Hybrids - Yes, it is possible. Some souls come from a mixture of two different areas. The mixture can be half starseed - half angel, a mixture of 2 different starseed “races”, half angel half elemental, etc.

When it comes to soul origin, we may not always identify it. This is due to a few different things:

1- We may have spent too many incarnations in other places or around other beings, which makes us identify with another “realm”.

2-We may not remember on purpose, have forgotten the origin because it would either distract us or be not useful in this lifetime. Sometimes we are not meant to know certain things. And sometimes, the answers come at the right time.

How can you find your soul origin?

There are a few methods you can use. The easiest is meditation. You can observe the images, feelings or sounds you get. It doesn’t work for everyone, so you could ask for a little help from your guides. Be careful because you may pick on familiar energies or past incarnations, so your visions may not necessarily be your soul origin info. If meditation doesn’t work, then resort to a psychic for a channeled reading or someone who can feel/read the origins. Please note that not all psychics may tune into your soul origin. They may pick on your Andromedan energy let’s say because they are from there themselves, but may not pick that your soul origin is actually angelic. So try it through different methods and listen to your intuition. You won’t always get the right answers from first try. Remember this is a self discovery journey, so it will take you some time.

You may identify already some things about your origins from your interests, feelings and dreams you have in this lifetime. When researching, please filter carefully through the information. There is a lot of mis-information out there. Listen to your intuition. Sometimes it’s best to know less than too much, so do not spend too much time researching as you might end up confused (especially when you relate to a few different kind of energies).

There are people that may identify/feel drawn to mermaids, animals (otherkin), wizards, mystics, etc. This does not mean your soul origin is some kind of mermaid land or animal spirits. You may identify with that due to having your last incarnation there, a lot of incarnations in mermaid/animal/wizard scenarios or just strong connection with those realms/ spirits.

I hope this brings some clarity to those that are confused and if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask.


Mirak and Alula

I love this AU but no one is talking about the lives everyone had before they were reincarnated into their transcendence lives so i did a thing.   <a href=”http://archiveofourown.org/works/2635307”>ao3 link</a> and there should be more eventually

AND NOW CASSIE PRESENTS MIRAK AND ALULA (with guest appearance by Stan’s soul and idiots afriad of anything they can’t control)

"W̼̭̘͙͇̘͛Ĥ̹̙͈̆̀̀́́O͔̝̰ͭ̉͛ͅ ̩͉͙̻̺̎̄ͤͧD͍́̄̆ͩ͂ͯ̚A͖̐Ŕ͈̪̐̽ͪ̔E͎͚ͥ͑͊̓̑ͦS̫ͣ ͉̲̻̦S̯͌͋ͫ̂ŬM͕̦͋̋ͩͣ͆͊̾M̥̹͓̣̈́ͭ̓͊͆ÒN͍̘̙̲͚ͣ̚ ̥̭̦͕̘͇̗͐ͪͤ̂̒̔̉A͍̳͔͚̜͇̯ͭͫͪ̾̏L͙͎̖̱̭ͭ͆ͤ̾̾̚C͔̟O͕̱̳̺ͪŔ̰̙̣͎̞̬̰ ̹̐̿̓ͬ̏͂T͉̼͎͓̬̲̖̉̂ͯ̆ͬ͌H͔͕̤̒̔ͮ͌̊E͓̳̅̚ ̯̱̱͕ͅD͈̬̉̎ͥͮͫͪR̗̗͙̞̹̂̋̈͐̏̿̋ͅE̫̪A̯̝̮͕̙̖̺ͮM̟͖͙̫͎ͩͩ̇̈́ͫ̅B̼͕̳̱̖̙͎E͇N͐̋ͦ̓D̒ͅẸ̟̤͖̟̖̣ͩR!̭͖̻̦̲"

"Shhhh! You’ll wake up the neighbors!"

"Sorry Cassie"

"Sure you are. Look I have a calculus test coming up and I need a study buddy. However you ate all the ice cream last time you were here and my mom refuses to buy ice cream ever since she learned about you. Could i trade something else? How about a story? There’s an old tribe legend my grandma used to tell me! Would that be good enough?"

"Depending on how good the story is? Sure."

"How about 2 hours minimum? If I don’t pass my mom swears she’ll never buy ice cream or other sweets ever again."


"Okay, give me a moment to remember it properly…

Long ago, before magic was first locked away and creatures of all manners roamed the land, twins were born. The firstborn, a male, shrieked with laughter as if to make up for his silent sister. The younger regarded all with cation and she was named Silent-Eyes. Her brother, Bright-Eyes.

The twins, for all their personality difference, refused to be parted. Bright-Eyes’ ever present smile would slide right off his face if his sister was pulled from his side. The only time Silent-Eyes would open her mouth was if her brother left her sight. Even the stars would hear her screams then. Everyone excepted they would never be apart. That is how it came to be that what one learned so did the other.

The elders should have seen it earlier, but their pride blinded them.

As they aged Silent-Eyes became renown through all the tribes for her beautiful weave works and other crafts. Bright-Eyes was the greatest of all hunters, effortlessly bringing in food and scaring off the fiercer creatures. What none saw were the late nights the twins would stay up. Bright-Eyes’ hands flying, creating beautiful patterns. Silent-Eyes’ brain churning, creating plans for the tribe’s safety. What none saw was the two were young enough and similar enough that none could tell them apart. What none saw was the friendships Bright-Eyes forged with other tribes. What none saw what the secrets Silent-Eyes’ was privy to simple by sitting quietly in a tent, forgotten by all.

When the twin’s twelfth summer same, the Elder’s saw. They saw two who had deceived the tribe. They saw one who consorted with other tribes. They saw one who knew all the tribe’s weaknesses. They saw two threats. Threats that had to be eliminated.

The Elder’s were no prepared though. They were not prepared for the twins to be prepared. They were not prepared for Bright-Eyes’ silent contempt like they, the Elders, were wrong. They were not prepared for Silent-Eyes’ curses that they, the Elders, were fools. They were not prepared for the other tribes to side with the twins as if they, the Elders, were the ones betraying their tribe. They were not prepared for the unclaimed Medicine Man  to burst into the tent and proclaim them, everyone but the Elders, right (and they, the elders, were morons). That is how it came to be that the twins lived and traveled with the Medicine Man from No Tribe.

What precisely the twins learned from the Old Man is unknown. What is known is they reappeared four summers later. Bright-Eyes now called Mirak, and Silent-Eyes now Alula. (The population of creatures of magical heritage was also lower then it had been in generations.) Alula had taken to talking like a Pegasus to air. On the occasion one was unfortunate enough to run afoul the twins, Alula would twist the other’s word until she was owed a debt. Mirak was far kinder, running the enemy through with an arrow on the rare occasion she could not turn foe to friend.

Do not think the twins cruel or evil though. They only fought to protect. Lacking a tribe all they had was each other and the Old Man. The Man who cared for them in his own way. The Man who knew they better than anyone else but knew he only knew a small amount of either. The Man who once lost everything and in the end gave everything to keep the twins safe. Upon the Old Man’s death, the twins disappeared for a second time.

Two years later, now in their twenty-seventh summer, the twins returned. Their smiles sharper, their words smoother, their curses nastier, and their blessings bountiful. They continued as they had before, moving between tribes. Helping when asked and punishing when deserved. Creatures of magic were given the same chance as the people of the tribes. Heed the twins’ warnings or face elimination (which was not always death, but death was always wished for in the end). The problem came when creatures listened more than people.

It continues this way until even friends whispered of the twin’s terrible magic and wondered ‘what if they turn on me?’. Tribe sought tribe searching for a way to end the twins’ power.  They saw the destruction the twins could bring down on man or tribe. They saw the way creatures flocked to the twins. They saw their own end in the twins.

They didn’t see the kindness given to those in need. They didn’t see the plans the dead had before their death. They didn’t see the creature that came to the twins came from fear of the evil growing in the world. They didn’t see the twins would be the ones to save them. The twin’s saw though, they saw all of it. That is how it came to be, thirty-seven summers after their birth, the twins went off to their last fight.

The last anyone saw of them was Mirak and Alula, hand-in-hand, walking thought the snow towards the darkness in west. When the snow melted and everything grew green once more, all of the creatures of magic that once roamed the land were nowhere to be seen. And neither were the twins.

Did you like it? Does it buy me enough for two hours?



"YES! Sorry, yes. It’s more than enough for two hours."

ho-ho-ho-dextra2 asked:

So the Woodsman (after Henry's death) is like a shadow of his soul, right? (I imagine that is "posses" Henry's axe after Henry dies. So it's possible to send it back into the axe.) Which makes the Woodsman a semi-sentient being. What if it could actually recognize Henry, Mabel's (and maybe even the triplet's) reincarnated souls?

(P2) So when the Woodsman sees the soul of someone that was dear to Henry, it will obey them to a fault, or until they leave. (Of course Dipper can control it, but it’s not quiet the same.) So what if a future reincarnation of Henry gets lost in the Woodsman territory, and finds out about his special “power”.