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Charlie is a lost astronaut. She’s been wandering in her spaceship for days, radars silent. Just when she starts giving up all hopes of finding her way back to a spaceport, she wakes up to a smiling face and a soft voice.

Jess is a star, and she’s here to help.


Cloud Atlas Openings

"While my extensive experience as en editor has lead me to a disdain for flashbacks and flash-forwards and all such tricky gimmicks - I believe that if you dear reader can extend your patience for just a moment you will find there is a method to this tale of madness."

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I’m an ISFJ, so:

Jeanette from Alvin and the Chipmunks
Suki from Avatar: The Last Airbender
Steve Rogers from Captain America
Bob Cratchit from Christmas Carol
Courage from Courage the Cowardly Dog
Rory Williams from Doctor Who
Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII (his real, non-Zack personality)
Marlin from Finding Nemo
Neville Longbottom from Harry Potter
Meg March from Little Women
Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas
Jiminy Cricket from Pinocchio
Ted Buckland from Scrubs
Dr. Watson from Sherlock Holmes
Padme Amidala, Chewbacca, & C-3PO from Star Wars

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✑ Gideon Chamberlain is a biochemical engineering professor, resembles Benedict Cumberbatch, and is currently OPEN.

House: Academic (Biochemical Engineering)

✑ Back in Time

Gideon was the type of guy that made most people question how someone so smart could be so dumb. With an IQ that was off the charts, it didn’t take Gideon long to outstrip his peers, parents and even teachers when it came to intelligence but that wasn’t easy to tell just by looking at him. Gideon gave off the appearance that he was always somewhat lost—since he usually was—and his appearance often got him laughed at since he often didn’t realize things like the fact his socks didn’t match or that he’d forgotten them altogether. Like most geniuses, however, Gideon struggled to connect to the people around him. In some ways that intelligence was much more of a curse than a blessing. Being the result of a teen pregnancy and born to parents who had never even finished high school, that intelligence did not do much for Gideon at home either. Though they took care of him as best they could and loved him, Gideon’s parents were in no way prepared to deal with a child like him. Maybe it was because they knew they couldn’t give him the stimulation he needed or that they were both too new too young to really know what they were doing, but they did everything for Gideon, never stopping to teach him even basic independence. It was just assumed that somewhere down the line he would learn it. But he never did. Gideon’s parents always fought. They were too young and too careless to make their situation work and when Gideon was six everything finally exploded, causing Gideon’s father to walk out the door. Gideon’s mother told Gideon that she would be back as soon as she found his father and left too. It was days before anyone noticed that there was something wrong in the house and when they found Gideon he was dirty and half starving. The resulting trial didn’t take long and Gideon was taken away and put in a new home.

He was shuffled around between two or three foster homes before he found a family willing to adopt him. It didn’t take Gideon long to accept the as his parents, though he still never really connected to them. He didn’t feel they could understand him since most people didn’t.  Gideon still never learned a lot of the life skills that most people took for granted since his adopted mother worked from home and spent a lot of her time taking care of Gideon and his adoptive brother. Since he never liked to talk about his real parents or what had happened—instead just claiming he couldn’t remember—Gideon’s adoptive parents didn’t know much about his life before but it was clear to them that he needed someone to take care of him. Gideon had developed an idea that he needed someone to be around to take care of him or he couldn’t survive. Thankfully Gideon’s close bond with his brother never wavered. Looking for a job wasn’t easy for Gideon either since he’d studied at least a little of everything he came across and picked up things easily, seeming to be an all-around savant. Finally, Gideon was invited to teach at Kingsley Academy, despite having no experience teaching. He accepted since he knew he couldn’t live off his parents and brother forever and left home to start his new job.

✑ Personality

+ Intelligent, Sweet, Caring

- Forgetful, Easily Frustrated, Dependent

✑ Connections

  • William Chamberlain – Adoptive Brother. It took a while for William and Gideon to start getting along. William pushed everyone as far away from him as he possibly could and that included Gideon. Gideon was used to people not really taking to him so it never bothered him. However, one night Gideon woke William up at around midnight and dragged him outside. William grumbled and complained until Gideon flashed the light he had brought and suddenly the area around them was filled with the bright glow of fireflies. William never really forgot that moment and it was that moment that he truly accepted Gideon as a brother. Though William didn’t like letting people in since he always assumed he’d lose them again before long, Gideon was the exception since no matter how many times Gideon might get lost, William knew that he could always find his brother again.

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i'm in love with your story so far and i think you're very talented because your work with writing/paiting/"motioning" is so so good :D i so hope you will not abandon this project!

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Thank you! I’m glad you’re enjoying it. I may have to change the update schedule just a little, because I’ve ended up busier than I thought I was going to be, but I will not abandon this project.


✑ Irie Baksh is a college freshman, resembles Dev Patel, and is currently OPEN.

House: Academic (Computers and Technology)

✑ Back in Time

Irie had no memory of his parents. After they’d died in a plane crash when he was just a year old, Irie continued to live with his grandmother who was heartbroken over the loss of her son and daughter-in-law. There were no pictures of his parents in the house and Irie learned not to ask about them. He wasn’t even aware that he had once had a mother and father until his teacher explained to him that every child needed both to be born. However, Irie’s grandmother refused to talk about them, still too torn up by their loss to stand to talk about it, leaving Irie growing up feeling alone. His grandfather had died long before he was born so it was just him and his grandmother and she never took much interest in him when she didn’t have to since he was another reminder of what she’d lost. Irie was lonely for most of his life and reading books and watching movies never helped since it only reminded him of what he didn’t have.

Because he didn’t have it, Irie wanted nothing more than to have friends. Or, at the very least, people to care about him. Growing up he’d learned not to make much noise or to make a nuisance of himself so it wasn’t easy for him to get out of his shell. People rarely liked him when they met him and Irie got used to not being liked. In fact, he came to expect it. Thus, when he found people who did like him or at least treated him kindly, Irie couldn’t help but get overzealous in his quest to make them like him. Though he was shy and awkward, people who were kind to him found themselves being faced with a lot of personal questions. At first most of them assumed he was just a little lacking in social skills and didn’t know how personal those questions were. However, if they continued to be kind, Irie’s obsession only grew. He became very good at looking up people online and had a habit of staying up all night reading through Facebooks or any other information he could find on them and if he was given the person’s number he would text them frequently as though afraid he would be forgotten if he didn’t. Irie saw nothing wrong with any of this, so used to being rejected that he was sure that the only way he wouldn’t mess up a relationship would be by knowing everything there was possible to know about a person as quickly as possible. This obsessive behavior was met with anger and even fear from the people he wanted so desperately to like him and it left Irie alone as always. People didn’t wonder why he had no friends, they all understood. Though he could never hurt a fly, after his behavior had increased to stalking, even his grandmother knew she had to move him somewhere else before something bad happened. Irie had no problem with moving to find a new start, hoping that someone would finally be his friend.

✑ Personality

+ Friendly, Caring, Harmless

- Awkward, Shy, Obsessive

✑ Connections

  • Paz Persaud – Cousin. Irie always liked Paz. The boy was nice to him. Though they didn’t see each other much, Irie made a point to keep up with what Paz was doing through Facebook, Twitter or whatever other source he could for when they would meet again.
  • Ayida Persaud – Cousin. Ayida was one of many that didn’t like Irie. Though they’d met on only a handful of occasions and she’d been polite whenever there was someone around to see, Irie didn’t get the chance to get close to her before he discovered that she wasn’t quite as nice as she liked to pretend. Part of him wanted to make her like him since he wanted a family bond but he wasn’t sure how to go about that. As nice as he tried to be, she rejected him every time.
  • Phoenix Carleton – Survivor. Phoenix had been nice to Irie since she’d met him and had believed that he was just misunderstood when she heard people calling him a freak. His mild obsession didn’t bother her that much since she believed that she could help him change. But once he started following her around and she even caught him following her home, Phoenix started to feel that same uneasy vibe so many others had felt and begged her parents to let her leave so she could escape him. Since she never rejected him to his face, Irie still held the false idea that the two of them were friends.


✑ Bryce Cassano is a sociology professor, resembles Vanessa Ferlito, and is currently OPEN.

House: Academic (Sociology)

✑ Back in Time

The last thing anyone would have ever said about Bryce as a child and even as a young adult, was that she was maternal. No matter what age she was, Bryce had always made it clear that she never wanted to have a child. While her sister had spent her days planning her dream wedding and naming her future children, Bryce had wanted no part in any of that. It was often said that the two girls were as different as night and day, which led to tension between them on many occasions. However, they were still family and that meant a lot to both of them at the time. Being a tomboy and the tougher one of the sisters, Bryce saw it as her duty to look out for her more naive and childish sister. It didn’t take people long to learn that the Colfer sisters were not to be messed with. While both of the sisters were well known throughout their school, it was for very different reasons. Bryce’s sister was always the popular girl that every wanted to date while Bryce was nearly always just one of the guys, rarely getting asked out and spending more time playing sports than flirting.

When it came time to go to university both girls surprised their parents. Bryce decided to pursue a teaching major, despite both of her parents and even some of her teachers expressing misgivings. They didn’t see Bryce as someone who would be good at dealing with children, however Bryce never let them get to her. She knew that teaching was what she wanted to do and she kept at it. Bryce’s sister, despite being accepted to several good schools, decided not to attend college at all. Instead she said a quick goodbye to her sister and parents before moving in with her boyfriend. Bryce didn’t see or hear from her again for a couple of years. When her sister did contact her again, Bryce was ecstatic. That is, until she found out that her sister was only really interested in money. It continued like that for a couple of years with Bryce’s sister only appearing when she wanted something and Bryce getting more and more frustrated with her sister when her attempts to help continually failed. Still they were sisters and Bryce felt it was her duty to help. However, when Bryce’s sister showed up at her door with a baby boy Bryce knew that this had to end. Her sister’s new boyfriend didn’t like kids and with nowhere else to go her sister turned yet again to Bryce. Unable to leave her nephew without a home, Bryce agreed to care for him. For the first couple of years her sister came to see the boy occasionally but the gaps between her visits became longer and longer until Bryce finally had enough. Feeling overwhelmed with frustration, Bryce gave her sister a simple choice: either straighten out her life and be a real mother to her son or stop pretending to be a mother and let someone else care for him. Bryce hoped that the ultimatum would make her sister realize how important her child was to her. As it was, her sister instead signed over care of the boy to her sister and left again, this time without the intention of coming back. A little afraid that her sister would change her mind and demand to take her son back, Bryce moved around the country for a little while, taking the boy with her. Finally they ended up in California where Bryce was hired at Kingsley Academy. She quickly gained a reputation for being a very tough, no nonsense type of teacher. Yet, as much as she was respected and even feared, there was still a quality about her that made her likable.

✑ Personality

+ Responsible, Caring, Hard-Working

- Blunt, Stern, Demanding

✑ Connections

  • Levi Cassano – Nephew/Adopted Son. Though Bryce had always made it clear that she never wanted a child, it didn’t take her long to get used to the idea of having a son. While she still wasn’t ever very maternal, Bryce took care of Levi as well as she could. The boy grew up never really wanting for anything. Affection wasn’t Bryce’s strong point but she cared a lot for Levi and treated him as if he was her own son. Whenever he had any kind of problem Bryce would try to find ways to solve it, rather than comfort him but that was comforting itself sometimes. Bryce never knew how to tell Levi about his mother, however, and some part of her didn’t want to. She thought that if he knew he would be determined to find out more about her or maybe even want to live with his real mother. Thinking it was safer for him not to know, Bryce never brought it up and let Levi keep believing that he was her biological son.

✑ Samuel Miller is a law professor, resembles James Mcavoy, and is currently OPEN.

House: Academic (Law)

✑ Back in Time

Samuel grew up in a house of lies. It wasn’t suspected that his mother could be a compulsive liar until he was nearly eight years old, but the disorder had been present in her for a lot longer. For nearly as long as he could remember Samuel had learned not to trust the things he had been told. His father, though once a decent and patient man, struggled to deal with his wife. He was not as used to distrusting people as Samuel had become. Frustrated and angry, Samuel’s father considered divorcing his wife and taking Samuel with him but it wasn’t to be. Having grown accustomed to living a wealthy lifestyle after he married a rich woman, Samuel’s father couldn’t bring himself to let go of that, no matter how miserable he was. He cared too much for the good of his son and hoped that by suffering through he could give Samuel a good life. So, instead of leaving, Samuel’s father became a serial adulterer, spinning complex lies to tell his son and wife about his long absences. When Samuel discovered the truth, his faith in people was completely shattered. He put on a good face and was able to like people but he had a hard time believing what they said. Completely hating the idea of lying and subterfuge, Samuel went to the other extreme, becoming completely honest even to a fault. He doubted everyone around him and only let in certain people.

Daisy had been one of those people. Having been friends for years, Samuel trusted her honesty enough to believe the best of her. Though he might not have truly loved her, he didn’t believe he would ever trust anyone like he did her and so when people began assuming they were dating, Samuel never corrected them. After he filed for emancipation on his 17th birthday, Samuel left his parents and never looked back. Both of them tried to make attempts to contact him but Samuel ignored them both. His trust fund enabled him to do anything he wanted with his life. It wasn’t quite enough to prevent him from ever having to work, however—especially after his marriage—so Samuel decided to settle down as a teacher and hope to bring some honesty into generations to come. He was happy with his life for a while, until he discovered that the one person he trusted was lying to him. Discovering that his wife had been cheating on him was a hard blow to Samuel, especially after having lived so long with his father that he was at a loss of what to do. The idea of giving up such an important friendship was almost impossible but after what she did Samuel didn’t know if he could honestly forgive her.

✑ Personality

+ Honest, Independent, Idealist

- Blunt, Untrusting, Holds Grudges

✑ Connections

  • Daisy Miller - Wife. Samuel and Daisy had been friends for a long time. They were the type of friends that had always been so close that people merely assumed that they were dating and so, without thinking much of it, the two figured they should try dating. Since neither of them was overly concerned with passion, their relationship was peaceful. Though perhaps not exciting enough for some, the two were perfectly content. Or, they had been. After discovering that Daisy had been cheating on him, there was a large rift torn in—not just their marriage—but their friendship as well. Samuel didn’t want to give up on years of what he perceived as happiness so he hoped that moving to Kingsley Academy would give them both a chance at a new start.
  • Finn Hewitt – Dislikes. Samuel hadn’t ever paid all that much attention to Finn. The boy sat in the back of his class and kept to himself. Every once in a while Samuel thought he might have felt some glares coming from that part of the room but he couldn’t imagine what reason Finn would have to dislike him really since they hadn’t interacted much. However, when the truth about Daisy and Finn came out, Samuel understood a lot better. After a frank discussion with the principal it was decided that it would be better to move Finn out of Samuel’s class. Samuel had not seen the boy since and he would have been very grateful never to see him again.

✑ Rhett Oaksford is a law professor, resembles Daniel Sunjata, and is currently OPEN.

House: Academic (Law)

✑ Back in Time

Though he was born in poverty Rhett did not stay there for long. His mother had stumbled into the hospital pregnant and with no identification. The doctors didn’t have much hope for her or her baby since it was clear she was unhealthy. After hours of labor, the doctor finally found herself holding a baby boy who—though not completely healthy—was stronger than expected. The mother, however, hadn’t made it. She hadn’t even survived to see her son or to give him a name. While they tried to find a relative that could take the baby in, he was kept in the hospital. When it was discovered that the boy really had no one, the doctor who had discovered she couldn’t have children of her own, decided to take the boy in. She and her husband could give him a better life than he might have had otherwise, she was certain. Being raised by a doctor and a successful attorney gave Rhett a lot of opportunities in life. He decided to follow his adoptive father’s footsteps and go to law school where he graduated at the top of his class and went on to work as a prosecuting attorney.

It was never a secret that Rhett was adopted. His parents knew it was useless to try and hide it but they made sure that he knew that even if he was adopted it didn’t mean they loved him any less. Rhett always considered them his family and there was nothing that would make him change his mind about that. Still, he was curious about where he came from and started doing some investigating. In this investigation Rhett was surprised to discover that he had a brother. Hoping to connect to his long lost relation, Rhett set out to go visit him but it was only when he did that he discovered how much different his life was from where he had started. It took a long time to get his brother to trust him and once he had Rhett quickly found out they didn’t share much in common. Still, family was family and when his brother finally mentioned that he was horribly in debt and in trouble with dangerous people, Rhett assured him that he would help. Rhett had no idea just what he was getting into. His addict brother needed a lot more help than Rhett knew how to give. His attempts at getting help for his brother were met with resistance and so he quickly found that the only thing he could really do was to help by giving him money for rent and other necessities. Though Rhett thought he was helping, he refused to see that he was just feeding money into his brother’s addiction. Quitting his job as a junior member of his law firm and taking a teaching job at Kingsley for the extra money helped but Rhett’s brother saw the money Rhett sent as never ending and so grew cockier and flippant which resulted in him making a lot of enemies. With his brother’s life in danger, Rhett was still determined to do everything he could to save his brother, stupidly loyal even to the end. When he was approached with an offer to work off his brother’s debts by selling drugs around the area, Rhett didn’t see he had any choice but to accept. Anything he could do for the safety of his family.

✑ Personality

+ Loyal, Protective, Responsible

- Stubborn, Refuses to Give Up, Always Puts Others First

✑ Connections

  • Jordi Morris – Dealer. Rhett had no idea what how he was supposed to sell the drugs he was supposed to and his first attempts had gone poorly. Being a well known member of the Kingsley staff made things increasingly difficult. But when he caught Jordi in the middle of a deal, an idea was born. Calling the boy into his office, Rhett could see that Jordi was nervous but that nervousness turned into confusion when, instead of scolding him, Rhett suggested the two of them work together. Rhett had all the drugs Jordi could ever need and Jordi was a lot less conspicuous.