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Charlie is a lost astronaut. She’s been wandering in her spaceship for days, radars silent. Just when she starts giving up all hopes of finding her way back to a spaceport, she wakes up to a smiling face and a soft voice.

Jess is a star, and she’s here to help.


Cloud Atlas Openings

"While my extensive experience as en editor has lead me to a disdain for flashbacks and flash-forwards and all such tricky gimmicks - I believe that if you dear reader can extend your patience for just a moment you will find there is a method to this tale of madness."

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1. Are you violently protective of anyone?

Yeah, my best friends. I have no doubt I’d defend them even if I get the wind knocked out of me.

2. Many questions ask what you would tell past you. Do you think past you would listen or act on your words?

I wouldn’t listen, I’m a stubborn person.

3. Graph paper, rules paper, or blank sheets?

Ruled paper, It’s so much cleaner.

4. What did you want to be when you were a kid? Is that what you wanted to be the entire time? Do you still want to be that?

I wanted to be a star, but not like a celebrity. I wanted to be a flaming ball of galactic residue. I still do, but I realize it might take me a while to get there. 

5. Are you a “polite topics” only conversationalist or do you like discussing more controversial topics such as politics, religion or morals?

I’ll go all out on conversations, I don’t mind, but I do try to respect others and keep them comfortable.

6. How would you describe your language paterns? How do they differ from your typing paterns?

I’m so much more informal when typing than I am in my spoken languages.

7. Were you afraid of the dark?

I am, and was, and most likely will. But I’m equally scared of what’s in the light. I’m just a generally scared person.

8. What encourages you?

Knowing that people need my help.

9. What is your favorite pen?

My blue pen, I like it because it has this thick ink that just makes my writing look so neat.

10. Do you get restless? What do you do when restless?

All the time, I study things I find interesting or I just review things and see them on the bigger scale (you may remember my late-night blogging)

11. Wrong path to the correct destination or the correct path to the wrong destination?

Wrong path to the correct destination, all the way. By any means necessary.

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1) Childhood hopes?

2) Current hopes?

3) Whats your favorite thing in the universe

4) What do you find beautiful?

5) Favorite book/poem

6) Most disgusting thing you know about

7) Can you tell me a horror story?

8) What are you worried about?

9) Favorite topic to talk about?

10) favorite class in high school

11) one thing you regretted. 

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✑ Sandy Rosenberg is a history professor, resembles Kaley Cuoco, and is currently OPEN.

House: Academic (History)

✑ Back in Time

As a child Sandy was always considered a nerd. She was intelligent and enthusiastic, always ready to answer a teacher’s question or to present her work. With all the jealousy and cruelty of little children they were, her classmates bad mouthed her on the playground and refused to play with her whenever possible. They called her “teacher’s pet” and made a point to exclude her as much as possible. Attempts to go to teachers or other adults ended with her being called a snitch and the bullying became less obvious but also more severe. Sandy made a few friends here and there but never many and those friends rarely lasted long since associating with her usually meant alienation from the other students. This all started to change when Sandy hit puberty. Suddenly she was turning heads and boys went out of their way to talk to her instead of avoid her. Sandy wasn’t sure what to make of this sudden change, her mind telling her not to trust such a sudden change of heart. Her position in the school had shifted dramatically from teacher’s pet to the resident sex symbol.

She, however, refused to change. Still raising her hand and turning in quality assignments, Sandy sought to better herself. School continued to interest her more than dating or romance and she had no conception of how her appearance would make that more difficult. Unfortunately she discovered that appearance meant a lot more than she could have imagined. Males—and even the occasional female—would more often than not ignore what she had to say, simply assuming she was just another brainless bimbo with nothing more than a pretty face. After putting up for years with students—and even teachers at times—treating her in that way, Sandy knew she couldn’t bear to let another student go through any kind of discrimination so she began sending applications out to become a teacher. People laughed and mocked at first when she told them, assuming she was going to be a kindergarten teacher but when she was hired to work at Kingsley, they were almost floored in surprise. Sandy ignored them and set off with a determination to help the kids there in any way she could. Unfortunately she found that even teaching at such a prestigious university does not guarantee her respect.

✑ Personality

+ Sweet, Caring, Sincere

- Frustrated, Not Taken Seriously, Objectified

✑ Connections

  • Peter Sheldon – Crush. Sandy had grown used to people not expecting much from her, but Peter wasn’t like that. From the first time they spoke he hadn’t seem surprised and was happy to talk to her about any topic. The closer they got and the more they hung out, Sandy began to realize she wanted to spend even more time with him. She made a point to go over and see him whenever there was a break and she laughed at all as his jokes, no matter how corny.

✑ Bethany Sullivan is a high school junior, resembles Kacey Rohl, and is currently OPEN.

House: Academic (Botany)

✑ Back in Time

Bethany was always a very nice girl. She loved taking walks and being out in nature. She liked the quiet solitude of it, though she didn’t mind bringing people along with her at times. Part of her dreamed of showing them just how magical the forest could be since she knew city dwellers didn’t often see it or if they did they didn’t appreciate it. But in the woods or in the city, Bethany was happiest when she was gardening. There was something about the task that relaxed her and it didn’t matter if she had to keep a small flower bed in her room, she wasn’t going to let the city’s confined space stop her from gardening. Possessing one of the most genuine and open personalities, it hadn’t been hard for Bethany to make friends. Or, it had been. However, once Bethany entered middle school, she suddenly found herself in an entirely new situation. She’d only been there a couple of weeks when the rumors broke out. “Bethany lost her virginity over the summer. Bethany was sleeping with the English teacher. Bethany would have sex for money.” The longer she stayed in the school the worse the rumors got. And it didn’t just stop there. The rumors began leading to real harassment with boys soliciting her for sex.

While this would have been a hard situation for anyone, for Bethany it was impossible. She had always been a little wary of being touched and cringed even at the idea of friendly hugs but when the sexual harassment started she found herself on the brink of tears every single day. Every time someone touched her she couldn’t help but feel dirty. And it always brought to mind the same crystal clear memory. When Bethany had been just a few years old she had been stumbled into her parents’ room with the intention of watching her favorite cartoon. However messing around clumsily with the technology she accidentally turned the TV on to the disc left in the player and could only stare in horrified confusion at the porn on the screen. From that moment she grew slightly uncomfortable with human contact and even much later when she understood what she had seen, Bethany couldn’t shake the association of disgust at the mere idea of sex. This disgust was mild and she was sure she could have overcome it with time but the sexual harassment in her middle school and even early high school years left her petrified. Her parents pulled her out once the school started to take note of the incidents but damage had already been done, causing Bethany to close herself off to most people and jump at even the slightest touch.

✑ Personality

+ Kind, Compassionate, Pensive

- Terrified, Jumpy, Prude

✑ Connections

  • Kimberly Sullivan – Sister. It was Kimberly who had found Bethany after she’d discovered the porn. Tearfully Bethany had told her sister everything and Kimberly had just listened and held her, trying to calm her sister down. Ever since Bethany has looked up to her sister and told her everything. She couldn’t really imagine anyone better than her big sister. As they grew older Bethany started to feel like Kimberly was pulling away, though, and she began going out of her way to do little things to make her sister happier in the hopes things can get back to the way they were before.

✑ Peter Sheldon is a physics professor, resembles Jim Parsons, and is currently OPEN.

House: Academic (Physics)

✑ Back in Time

Peter was always a stereotypical nerd; the kind that everyone knew would succeed in life at a job they couldn’t even understand. He was naturally intelligent but never very physically strong. His parents encouraged him to do the things he most enjoyed and was good at so Peter found himself a part of a lot of school clubs which surprised no one. Captain of the chess team, founder of the Dungeons and Dragons club and head chair of the mathletes, Peter was well known throughout the school, though few people knew him socially. His interests isolated him from a lot of his peers since he never had been interested in what was popular but instead could name every episode of Star Trek or Doctor Who and spent a lot of time playing roleplaying games. Still, Peter didn’t want to be left too far behind his peers and thus made an effort to go out and socialize, even if he often ended up standing awkwardly by himself. Everyone knew he was going to go far in life but he was abused by the jocks that were too afraid to admit they had nothing once high school ended. He got used to the pranks and cruelties and learned to ignore them. Maybe if he had the strength he would have fought back but being a sickly child—and later a sickly adult as well—he had never been very strong. But he did learn to shrug off what people had to say about him and lived his life as he wanted to live it. Despite having lived through that bullying, Peter stayed surprisingly upbeat person.

There were a lot of professions Peter could have gone into and succeeded at, but something about teaching others really appealed to him. He had been tutoring since he was in middle school and it was clear that he was good at it. He always knew what he was talking about and, though he was not always respected at first, he gained the respect from his students by being able to answer nearly any question they threw at him about a variety of subjects. He did his best to learn everything there was to know about everything he could and thus often surprised people when he managed to talk knowledgably about sports or pop culture. As a firm believer in the idea that learning should be both fun and informative, Peter made efforts to spice up his class with corny little jokes and references that often left his students mildly amused, if only at his effort.

✑ Personality

+ Knowledgeable, Organized, Thick Skinned

- Nerdy, Awkward, Corny

✑ Connections

  • Sandy Rosenberg – Friend. Peter had met Sandy at Kingsley and had started chatting with her during a staff meeting. He was more pleased than surprised to find that she could keep up with everything he was saying and that her mind worked in a lot of the same ways. They started up a friendship and could be found in each other’s classes as often as their own, even sharing materials. Peter made a point to leave her little jokes and puns every day and was happy to know that she enjoyed them.

✑ Biff Nelson is a college sophomore, resembles Alexander Ludwig, and is currently OPEN.

House: Academic (Biochemical Engineering)

✑ Back in Time

Biff grew up surrounded by the best parts of the American Dream: trailer parks and cheap booze. He spent most of his childhood watching his mother hook with a stream of worthless alcoholics and addicts, moving them from place to place as she did so. This left him with a large number of half-siblings—probably more than he was even aware of—to compete with. But that didn’t stop him from outshining them all and everyone else in his community. In an environment of idiocy and failure, he alone was a genius. It all came so naturally to Biff that he never questioned it. His curiosity was insatiable and his drive to learn had him jogging several miles to the local library nearly every day. However, genius was not highly prized in the slums of backwater Mississippi. Biff succeeded at basically everything he attempted from calculus to football, but that only served to further isolate him from everyone around him. The people in his community were wary of him being too different and his better off classmates resented that someone of his background could accomplish so much more than they could.

Resentment quickly turned into mocking and then outright bullying. At first Biff tried to reason with them, hoping for a passive solution. When a group of his peers took his books—some of the few actual possessions he had and without a doubt the most precious to him—and dumped them in pond where they were ruined, Biff didn’t think before reacting. Though it was four on one, Biff left with just a few scratches and the other kids learned not to mess with him. That was when Biff learned that actions really did speak louder than words. After resorting to violence and bullying as retaliation for the mocking, Biff found that progressively fewer and fewer people would mess with him. Becoming a bully was the only way he could find to cope, and slowly he grew to enjoy it. Still, he could only stay in such a hostile environment for so long and he knew he needed to find a place where he would have more in common with the people, even if it was just a closer level of intelligence. After applying for various scholarships, Biff was fortunate enough to get one to Kingsley academy and he packed what little he had and left without so much as a goodbye to any of his family. He had no friends. California didn’t prove to be much better than Mississippi, however. Biff was still too set in his bullying ways and he hadn’t left the mocking behind him. Instead of being an outsider due to his intelligence, he was no one due to his upbringing. Being poor in a rich school was no easy feat.

✑ Personality

+ Intelligent, Strong Willed, Curious

- Sleazy, Arrogant, Insecure

✑ Connections

  • Juliet Wilde – Attracted To. Though he might not have had a silver tongue, Biff was no prude. He spent a lot of time trying to get girls into bed with him and his intelligence and southern accent made that work more than most people expected. Biff set his sights on Juliet as his next conquest, thinking that the quiet girl wouldn’t be hard to convince.
  • Arthur Winthrop – Annoyance. Biff hated Arthur from the moment he first saw him. Arthur had just returned from a fancy dinner his parents had been hosting and in his suit he gave off the air of being privileged and everything that Biff was not. That might not have bothered Biff so much if he didn’t perceive the boy as being completely incompetent. Arthur was always tripping over himself—literally and figuratively—to apologize for his many mistakes in a way that Biff found nauseating.
  • Cristina Abetecianni – Friendly Acquaintance. Cristina and Biff had a lot of things in common. Both were poor, smart and surviving the school on a scholarship. And coming to the school had meant leaving behind a large family for both of them. With all these similarities, it was hardly a surprise that the two found things to talk about. However, it would be too far to call them friends. Though she was one of the few people who did not mock Biff for his background and was kind to him, he’d never let anyone close to him.