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Charlie is a lost astronaut. She’s been wandering in her spaceship for days, radars silent. Just when she starts giving up all hopes of finding her way back to a spaceport, she wakes up to a smiling face and a soft voice.

Jess is a star, and she’s here to help.


Cloud Atlas Openings

"While my extensive experience as en editor has lead me to a disdain for flashbacks and flash-forwards and all such tricky gimmicks - I believe that if you dear reader can extend your patience for just a moment you will find there is a method to this tale of madness."

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1) I have a hard time reading my own stories (not narrating) because they don’t flow like when I am reading someone else’s. My brain is constantly analyzing every sentence and scene and thinking, which is why I am so dependent on my betas, because I seriously CANNOT judge my own work.

2) I am a huge, epic nerd with tons of figurines from comics, videogames, and tv shows. Plus, my Supernatural collection is getting absurd. Stage an intervention.

3) I feel undeserving of so much of the generosity and kindness my fiancee shows me, and often feel like I receive it simply because he thinks that little of me. Like with our house, if I never went to help him, he wouldn’t say a word about it, and it makes me feel like he’s surprised by the fact that I *would* help, when in my mind it’s like “Well, why wouldn’t I? That’s just what you do.”

4) I am a stresser and can get very angry and have to distance myself before I do something I’ll later regret.

5) I’m demisexual/bisexual.

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✑ Evangeline Johnson is a literature professor, resembles Billie Piper, and is currently OPEN.

House: Academic (Literature)

✑ Back in Time

Evangeline was what you would call a free spirit. She was bold and adventurous and not afraid to speak her mind. Wishing for adventure but not always having it she found her adventures in story books. Having a love of reading and a crave for knowledge made her more intelligent than people normally ave her credit for. In college most people would see her and think sh was a pretty face, and her wild spirit didn’t help. People thought she was a good time, but no one showed her the knowledge and adventure she craved until she met William.

William was brilliant and full of knowledge and wisdom, he didn’t see Evangeline as just some pretty girl, but as a person. He was willing to share his knowledge with her, and even when he would get too caught up in things and she would have to tell him to slow down or explain he never seemed irritated or like he found her dumb. William fascinated Evangeline and every moment she spent with him was like a new adventure something she had never experienced. She knew that he had feelings for her as she did him, so finally she simply asked if he was ever going to ask her on a proper date. He did and they spent an amazing year together. Until on week she felt off, she knew she was off, and looking at her calendar her fear heightened she was late. Taking a pregnancy test confirmed the suspicion. When she told William they both decided that they weren’t ready to raise a child. So they decided that they would give it up for adoption.

After nine months with this child inside her, it was hard for Evangeline to let the child go, and part of her regretted that decision. Evangeline didn’t want to tell William that she regretted it, because she didn’t want him to feel bad. After they graduated from college they were married but Evangeline could tell that there was an unresolved tension between the two. When thy both got jobs at the same school in California she was elated. A new place a new adventure and a chance to start over with the man she loved.

✑ Personality

+ Free-Spirited, Adventurous, Loving

- Loud, Headstrong, Hasty

✑ Connections

  • William Johnson – Husband. Though they’d been together for a while, things between William and Evangeline were tense ever since they gave up their child. Evangeline didn’t want William to know how much she regretted giving up their child so she hoped that a new start would be what they needed to start over and work things out.

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✑ Benjamin Dane is a college freshman, resembles Alex Saxon, and is currently OPEN.

House: Academic (Art HIstory)

✑ Back in Time

As a child it was often said that Benjamin had the air of a prince. Though not exactly haughty, Benjamin did have a strong sense of entitlement and selfishness. As the only son of a very wealthy family, Benjamin had never wanted for anything but perhaps that was part of what lead to his lack of enthusiasm for life. His father had been a very decisive man and Benjamin had grown up with the dream of being just like his father. However, as fate would have it, Benjamin’s personality tended less toward action and more towards thought. Some would consider that a good thing but Benjamin’s father hadn’t thought so and made sure Benjamin didn’t. Whether Benjamin really loved his father or just admired him, it was hard to say. When his father was found to have been murdered, Benjamin tried not to cry, knowing his father would have thought it weak. As much as he tried to be, Benjamin knew that he was weak and with his father gone, Benjamin no longer had any way to prove that he was a man. Or so he thought.

The investigations into his father’s death concluded with the apprehension of one of the former employees but something about the entire case felt off to Benjamin and he grew even more brooding and depressed as the months went on. His mother grew worried and tried to figure out what she could do to help him but she quickly got swept up in planning her wedding to Benjamin’s father’s best friend which only served to make Benjamin angrier. With his new step-father taking over the business, Benjamin was left mostly to his own devices. He had little interest in actually running the company so that didn’t bother him but he was obsessed with discovering who had killed his father. Finally, while looking through his father’s things, Benjamin found a letter that claimed that his father’s best friend had not only been making illegal dealings on the side unknown to Benjamin’s father but also that he arraigned to have Benjamin’s father killed. Benjamin wasn’t sure whether to believe this note or not but the idea festered in his brain and—especially since he already distrusted the man—Benjamin tried to devise a test that would establish once and for all if that man was a murderer. However, the strain of everything was beginning to take a toll on Benjamin and he began acting out, needing an outlet for his internalized anger and resentment. His mother and new step father decided to send him off to a boarding school to keep him away and hopefully to improve his spirits. Though normally brooding and overthinking everything, Benjamin had moments of exuberance where he could be impressively charming or eccentric. After his father’s death he tried harder and harder to be the man his father hoped he would be and not to overthink, though he usually failed. Some people questioned his sanity at times, thinking his father’s death was causing him to crack but it was hard to tell just how much of Benjamin’s erratic behavior was purposeful.

✑ Personality

+ Charismatic, Thoughtful, Independent

- Brooding, Erratic, Indecisive

✑ Connections

  • Fanny Fitzroy – Acquaintance. Benjamin and Fanny had met several times over the years in meetings or parties. As they were usually the only children they were often thrown together at these events and expected to entertain each other. Benjamin always admired Fanny in a way. He prized her decisive nature and tried to emulate it without success. Unaware of his step-father’s actions, Benjamin had no awareness of what happened to Fanny’s father and no reason to understand why she would hate him as much as she did.

✑ Fanny Fitzroy is a college sophomore, resembles Carey Mulligan, and is currently OPEN.

House: Academic (Business)

✑ Back in Time

Fanny had no memories of her mother. The woman had died while she was still young in an accident, leaving her father in grief. But Fanny’s father was a man who took grief in stride and chose to work through it instead of letting it control him. He put everything he had into being both father and mother to his daughter all the while running his company as CEO. Predictably Fanny grew up to be a daddy’s girl; with her father at the center of her universe and believing he could do anything. Though he often had to go to work, Fanny would beg to go along with him until he consented. Fanny was fairly certain she had spent a good portion of her life in her father’s office and running small errands for him. She loved it. The idea of taking over her father’s job was never a bad one and Fanny never had any doubts that it was exactly what she wanted to do but she was also more than content to wait. Even as a child she knew to love all the moments she had with her father and never to wish that time would move any faster or slower. Everything would happen in good time and she was willing to take care of things as they happened and not a moment sooner.

That was not to say that Fanny couldn’t plan things out, she could and she was good at it, however she was a very reactive person. Always preferring to deal with the things directly in front of her before the things that were coming down the road, she was punctual and organized, making her a good worker. Everyone could see that she had the potential to go far in the business world, even when her father gave her a basic entry-level job when she turned sixteen. Her father wanted her to prove herself and that she could take over the company by working her way from the bottom. Even though there were a few whispers of nepotism at first as she quickly rose through the ranks, they were dispelled once Fanny managed to befriend nearly all of her coworkers and gained a lot of support. But Fanny wasn’t quite the ray of sunshine people thought she was. After becoming the confidant of a lot of the employees, Fanny had no qualms about sharing the information they gave her with her father, which could sometimes lead to demotion or loss of their jobs. It wasn’t done maliciously; Fanny just wanted to make sure that her father’s company ran as well as it could. She was a woman of action, aware that thinking too much about a decision was just as harmful as not thinking at all. Thus when she told her father that she wanted to get her business degree from Kingsley Academy he didn’t try to stop her, knowing that her mind wasn’t likely to be changed. Fanny never thought to worry about the future of the company since she never thought to worry about her father. But, over time, her father worked more hours and he came home more worn and tired than he had in the past. The differences in him were obvious and Fanny began working to discover exactly what it was that was going wrong. She discovered that a rival company was surpassing them and using what looked like underhanded methods to do it. She wanted to fight back just as underhandedly but her father wouldn’t hear of it. Instead he ended up working himself to the bone which was one of the main causes for his fatal heart attack according to his doctor. Fanny was both devastated and outraged. With her father gone Fanny knew that as soon as she finished school she would have to move directly in as CEO of the company and there was no doubt in her mind the first thing she would focus on: destroying the rival company that had taken away the only family she had left.

✑ Personality

+ Dedicated, Decisive, Personable

- Cut-Throat, Shameless, Obsessive

✑ Connections

  • Benjamin Dane – Dislikes. Benjamin and Fanny had met several times over the years in meetings or parties. As they were usually the only children they were often thrown together at these events and expected to entertain each other. Fanny had never liked him. She thought he had his head stuck in the clouds and he was indecisive which irked her. After the death of her father, Fanny’s dislike of him grew even further as she couldn’t help herself from blaming him and the rest of his family for her father’s death.