I’ve been tagged by merlinfied, pizzapigforever-in-exile and nooowestayandgetcaught in the 15 things that makes you happy/you like thank you sweeties :) 
I’m doing them together even if they aren’t exactly the same thing (it’s really late for some, sorry <3)

  1. fireplaces, especially the older ones
  2. reading explicit fanfictions
  3. cuddling with my cats
  4. bottom!arthur
  5. brolin
  6. brolin headcanons
  7. mysterious stories, maybe a bit scary but not too much
  8. when someone saves the seat next to them for me at lunch or the cinema
  9. exploring new places
  10. the smell of gasoline
  11. symmetric drawings/buildings/rooms/roads everything really
  12. MAGIC
  13. gay porn :D
  14. chocolate
  15. the merlin family

I’m going to tag: cawlinmorgan, thewintersorcererghostclotpoles brolin-truelove and romies-merthurian-pornation. You can do the happy things or the things you like or just a mess as I did :’)