borderlands au where everything is exactly the same except instead of saying “executing phaseshift” angel says “hacker voice: im in”

“I’m sick of a lot of Jathena fans being so hostile towards other Athena ships. No one is trying to replace the canon, no one is that upset with it being canon, we just like a different ship than you. People ship outside the canon all the time, get over it. This is coming from someone that enjoys the ship after seeing how it was handled in TFTBL.”

*snaps fingers @ borderlands fandom* Where is the handsome jack selfcest come on people, he has canon body doubles, he was going to set up an escort service run entirely by his body doubles, he hits on timothy in the pre sequel DLC what more cause do you NEED


How do you say ‘BOOM BOOM’ in French?
Relive a crucial moment of Pandora’s history again through this awesome cosplay tribute video made by “La Vie En Pixels” (LVEP) and Borderlands Cosplay~the French group

(beware of story spoilers)