i actually hope frankie goes to jury bc that house is making him insane like literally hes never been so psycho and i think hes at that point where he doesnt give a fuck what people think and hes trying to protect himself and giving himself too much of an ego boost which can hurt his game 10x more

you're the skid marks on my palm and the asphalt staining my skin

Benvolio tips his head back and sighs. Mercutio watches the rise and fall of his chest and wonders if it’s just the warm wine staining his mouth that’s making his heart falter and his skin fever pitch – he decides it’s just that it’s two AM in July, and that the air is muggy and sticks his shirt to his skin, and that the car roof is warm and the stars are faded in the middle of the city.

Be it wine or sleep deprivation or both, Mercutio’s lungs are tightening. That’s been happening a lot, lately.

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idk why so many people rip on pearlshipping for being mostly platonic i mean they are 10yo kids and they both are more interested in their dreams than romance so it makes sense

however they have such a close bond and are really natural and fun in their interactions, they care about each other so much, and they influence each other positively, so of course i’m gonna ship them they’re so cute holy shit

If the Ministry intercepted letters around 1995, I’m curious as to how many break-ups they went through, how many awkward sexts they came across or how many exchanges they read between a couple. They probably even began to ship a few couples….

i’ve been on and off this blog for some time now, and i’ve always been a little self-conscious about how i play my emma, because she means so very much to me, but some how, despite disappearing several months at a time whenever i lose the muse, there are still a good chunk of you around, and it will always amaze me. in that same amount of time, i’ve come across some amazing roleplayers that never fail to bring my emma muse to life, and have made leaving this blog for too long absolutely impossible.

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Ben Howard and the bands performance at Optimus Alive 2014(Black Flies, The Wolves)


I love these promo-ads for Lois Lane: Fallout by gwendabond

This shows me, that finally, someone out there totally gets Lois. She’s a hero, in her own rights, without powers, but that doesn’t mean that she’s not capable of helping those that need help. And (side-ish note) so is Clark Kent. And this is why Superman falls head-over-heels for Lois. She does what he does, fight for truth, justice, and equality, without the powers! She fights the good fight with wit, smarts, and passion, and she stands up for all injustices. She defends those who can’t defend themselves.

I mean that’s why Lois is my hero. Anyone can be Lois, and Lois can be anyone.

I love this! I’m so excited for this book!

You can preorder it now guys and gals via Amazon.