A Brief History of Animated GIF Art, Part Three

Latest essay from Paddy Johnson for artnet looks into how Tumblr has paid a huge part in the file format as an art medium:

A Tumblr-based art world, generally speaking, is defined a little more broadly than the art world defines itself. The dashboard removes context the way a Google image search does, so that may have something do with its democratic nature. Articles and lists about artists on Tumblr typically include artists with little to no connection to the art world—mathematicians, animators, computer programmers, etc—as well as artists who work the gallery and museum circuit.

Highlighted artists and shoutouts go to dvdp, threeframes, annstreetstudio, hellyeahcinemagraphs, mrdiv, hexeosis, echophon, zwian, beesandbombs, adamferriss, slimjimstudios, cindysuen, hoppip, michaelshillingburg, centolodigiani, brentsgifs, lolumadclub, twohundredfiftysixcolors, joehamilton, francoiseditelagrivoise, kimasendorf, scorpiondagger, evapapamargariti, vincemckelvie, wolfandunicorn, laturbo, cloaque, 15folds, and myself …

You can read the whole article at artnet here


So, remember when I said I was working on a special gift for hitting 1,000 followers?  Well, over the weekend, we hit 1,500! WAY past due for me to make good on that promise. So here you go- a free origami Cubie pattern to download and print! It’s designed to be folded using the traditional waterbomb base, with the heart faces overlapping and the white sections becoming flaps that get tucked in. Now you can resize it, give it battle damage, make it look however you like, and then take cubie pictures of your own! 

You have a gift for these tests. That’s not just flattery. You are great at science.

Uchi-Zu-Maki's 250+ Bannerless Follow Forever!

//Wow. 250+ people. You guys are amazing. I made this blog a little less than two months ago. I know you see blogs getting to like 300 in 24 hours, but whatever. I’m proud of where this blog has gone and I’m happy that you’re all here. So here you go:

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