I want my husband to love me the way Clark Gable loved Carole Lombard.

I want to have passionate love like Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor.

I want a never ending international love affair like Ava Gardner and Frank Sinatra.

I want to love my Dahlin the way Katharine Hepburn loved Spencer Tracey.

I want to have mutual respect with my lover like Bogie and Lauren Bacall.

I want a relationship full of laughter like Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward.

I want a love that will surpass death like Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier.

Bogie just didn’t have time to be anything but himself. He was a hardworking guy,  a good craftsman. He would have hooted if anyone had called him an artist. (I would, but not to his face!) To him, “artist” meant someone unpredictable and fancy pants. He would have made a wisecrack if anybody had called him “Humphrey”-or even “Mr. Bogart.”

He wasn’t very tall; vocally he had a range from A to B: his eyes were like shiny coal nuggets pressed deep into his skull; and his smile was a mistake that he tried to keep from happening. He was no movie hero. He was no hero at all.

I have heard people say he wasn’t really a good actor. I don’t go along with that. It is true his personality dominated the character he was playing-but the character gained by it. His technical skill was quite brilliant. His precision timing was no accident. He kept other actors on their toes because he listened to them, he watched. he looked at them. He never had that vague stare of a person who waits for you to finish talking, who hasn’t heard a word you have said. And he was never “upstage center” acting all by himself. He was there. With you.

As a person he looked at the world, his place in it, at movies and at life in general and he wore no rose-colored glasses. There was something about it all that made him contemptuous and bitter. He related to people as though they had no clothes on-and no skin, for that matter. If they grabbed at their various little hypocrisies for protective cover, his laugh was a particularly unpleasant chortle. 

Bogie would have liked a world that was loyal and loving, truthful and generous. There was something in him that responded instantly to anyone or anything that was “for real.”

-Mary Astor on Humphrey Bogart

anonymous said:

i think its super cool that you all have remained super nice over the last year since you guys have gotten so much more popular. ive met you guys maybe 5 or so times since last november and i always get a genuine conversation. make sure you never forget about us albany kids and keep coming back to bogies!

You can’t forget where you came from and who got you to where you are today