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Metroid Prime Trilogy is available in the Wii U eShop today for only $10! Considering that this rare compilation of some of Samus Aran’s best adventures goes for much more than that online, this is great news for those interested in the beloved Prime series. We’ll celebrate with a track from the second game, the theme from the memorable Torvus Bog. DarkeSword’s remix also gives shout-outs to other Metroid tunes and works them together well.


Behind The Scenes - Strange Magic’s Marius de Vries Scoring

i could watch the first ten seconds over and over again

Ficlet: Boutonniere (Marianne/Bog)

A short little thing that just popped into my head, spawned from a prompt I saw in the Butterfly Bog tag (EDIT: it came from this prompt by suzie-guru). Do enjoy. (Also, fuck Tumblr’s updated post arrangement, goddamnit). 

"So…" The Bog King shifted in place, shuffling his feet over the petrified floor. "Do - do you like it? Or is it a bit, um… I mean, I don’t have much experience in making these, but if it’s too much, I can always - "

"NO!" Bog snatched his hand back, and Marianne winced. "Well, I - no, I do like it, Bog, it’s - it’s lovely." And it was; the small cluster of petals and leaves was quite nice, if a bit bright in nature. Granted, she wasn’t about to tell Bog that boutonnieres were for men to wear, but he’d seemed such a quiet, mumbling mess of nerves about the whole presentation that she wouldn’t comment on it. "Thank you." 

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Woohoo! Okay!!

falls asleep on the couch:

Marianne. She always falls asleep first, and sometimes she falls asleep on Bog when they’re cuddling on the couch, so he reluctantly shifts her off of him so he can carry her to bed.

makes friends with the neighbors:

Bog’s pretty antisocial and doesn’t trust easily, even after all the events of the movie take place. Marianne’s the same way, but much less so than Bog so when they meet new neighbors, she’s much more… I wouldn’t say friendly, but courteous toward them than he is.

is the adventurous eater:

Bog! Well, in his eyes, his diet is pretty normal, but being somewhat a dragonfly he tends to eat some small insects as well as the fairy food Marianne makes him try (though he’s somewhat getting used to it, he still finds it too sweet for his taste.)

hogs the covers at night:

Oh, definitely Bog. He’s very tall and lanky so he likes to spread out at night, and that usually causes him to unintentionally steal the covers. Marianne doesn’t mind; it gives her an excuse to cuddle closer to him.

forgets to do the dishes:

Marianne! She’s definitely the messier of the two and Bog likes everything neat and tidy (for a guy who rules a swamp, anyway). Usually the castle servants do that if neither of them do.

tries to surprise their partner more often:

Bog! He’s very thoughtful and when he sees flowers that remind him of her he picks them and brings them back to her. He absolutely adores seeing her face light up, so he wants to make that happen as much as he possibly can!

leaves dirty laundry on the floor:

Marianne, since she’s the one that wears actual clothes. Bog tends to trip over it and it irritates him, but usually the servants pick it up to wash it anyways. And then Marianne comes back and tries to make him believe that she fully intended to pick it up later, but he doesn’t buy it one bit.

stays up til 2 AM reading:

Bog. He’s something of a bookworm and I’m sticking with the headcanon that Bog’s somewhat nocturnal because he’s been living in the Dark Forest for so long so he’s trying to get his sleep schedule on track with Marianne’s but it’s pretty difficult for him so he tries to read until he’s tired.

sings in the shower:

I’d like to think that they duet in the shower… if you catch my drift…

takes the selfies:

Neither of them do! They usually get caught in Dawn’s. Actually, because of Dawn, Marianne starts taking them ironically and somewhat gets hooked on the selfie trend. So Marianne!

plans date night:

Marianne. She’s not as busy with running her kingdom yet, because her father still has it covered, but she’s got Dawn to cover for her if she ever needs her to, so she’s a lot less busy. Bog, however has the entire weight of his Dark Forest kingdom on his shoulders and has his hands full with that so he’s pretty much a workaholic. But Marianne goes behind his back and gets Griselda to take over on a night when she thinks he needs a break! 

So when your going through your mother’s book of butterflies (cause of Stranger reasons) and you find this beauty, and google it and find out this bit of info which might make it perfect butterfly bog baby fodder (gods help us all)…

The Sylphina Angel (Chorinea sylphina) is a clearwing butterfly species from the Riodinidae family. It is found in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. When seen in flight the transparent wings of this exquisite butterfly reflect a myriad of glittering colours - a kaleidoscope of iridescent green, blue, pink and golden hues that hold the observer spellbound as it flickers it’s wings in bright sunlight. As it flutters rapidly around bushes and shrubs it could easily be mistaken for a damselfly, and it is not until it settles under a leaf and stops fluttering that it reveals its true identity.
Adults fly in full sunshine, but occasionally settle beneath the leaves of bushes.

"Played like a fool" (Bog King scene drabble)

Spoilers from the movie,
Forgive me if I got confused on what is said or going on, if something is out of place or missing, please tell me.

He was a fool! A complete fool! Fooled by a common fairy princess! The Bog King spitefully thought as he flew towards his castle that currently had an army of fairies and elves waiting at the door step. He managed to lose Marianne after throwing her onto a spider’s web. He could have done away with her for betraying him and tricking him into leaving his castle but….he couldn’t bring himself to do it. He clenched his teeth in irritation for being so weak. He flew to his skylight and looked down, immediately seeing a lone male fairy, sitting smugly on his throne. He let out a snarl at his insolence and dived down with his staff ready to strike bit the fairy was too quick and immediately dodged out of the way, cowering behind the throne. The Bog King let out a snarl ready to swing his staff over his head.

"Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!" He yelled out, stopping his advance. The blond fairy slowly brought himself out from behind his hiding spot. "I’m just here to return this…"
He put out his hand and in sheer amazement, was the love potion, the bane of The Bog King’s cruel existence. The very thing that made his life a misery. Before he got the chance to snatch it from the fairy’s hand, he was caught off guard by Marianne, who managed to escape from the spider’s web and landed beside him, but from the look of her face she did not seem glad to see the blond fairy.

"Roland! You-!" She made a motion to attack it but The Bog King swiftly motioned to his goblin guards.

"Restrain her!" He commanded. He was in no mood to deal with her. He was done, he had the potion and that was all he wanted. He glanced at Marianne and blinked. She had a soft and apologetic expression towards him, her large maple colored eyes turned glossy and unexpectedly made The Bog King’s heart lurch out to her as a small wave of guilt enveloped him. He shook his head refusing to look at her and turned back to the main object at hand, the love potion. He made a grab for it but Roland moved it back away from his grasp letting out a confident smirk.

"Ah ah ah- first I need the princess-!"

"Get the princess!" The Bog King barked to the guards behind him.

"I think you mean Princesses." Roland emphasized, his eyes moving to Marianne.
The Bog King let out a growl, showing his canines. A ping of jealousy and hatred overwhelmed him towards Roland and to Marianne.

"That wasn’t part of the deal!" He argued, his grip on his staff tightened.

"But you have the potion!" Yelled out Marianne, who had a look of confusion on her face. He faced her.

"Yes!" He nodded. "But he also came with an army!" He yelled out angrily. Marianne looked away. As if she did not know, she knew, he was sure of it! She played him! She got him to lower his barriers! She got him to open up about-he turned away from her. Now, she would be used as leverage and a permanent prisoner so that everyday he can look at her, everyday he could hear her voice, to see her rough exterior, to touch her hair and to-! He placed a hand to his temple as he furrowed his brow as he fought to get his thought out. To! To do whatever he wished to her, lock her up, rip out her wings! Anything! Anything! As long…as long….
as long as he can see her. His ear twitched and looked behind him and saw Dawn, looking love struck from seeing her “true love” before her. He flew beside her grabbing the young princess gently as he motioned her to follow her for the exchanged.

"Bog-" he looked at Marianne, who continued to have the same hurt expression on her face. His expression soften towards her. Her eyes, those sinful eyes that he couldn’t help but drown in them!
“I did not mean for…any of this to happen.” She stated softly.
He felt his barriers start to go down again but he shook his head turning towards Roland as he handed him Dawn but Roland’s eyes seemed to be distracted as his hands twisted the cap of the love potion, taking a step towards Marianne.
The Bog King’s eyes widen in realization, he wasn’t there to return the love potion, he wasn’t there to retrieve Dawn. He wanted to use the potion on Marianne. He wanted to force her to fall in love with him. That single thought drove The Bog King forward, stepping in front of Marianne protectively.

"No!" He shouted, sending Roland back. the Bog King was wrong, she was being truthful. The real enemy was Roland, not her. "Deals-off!"
He tilted his neck to the side letting out a satisfying crack as he held his staff in front of him. His eyes darted back to Marianne, and he could have sworn to see her smiling up at him. His eyes went back to Roland who got out his sword, his eyes lower into a glare. If Roland thinks he is going in between him and Marianne. He got another thing coming.

anonymous asked:

You know, in the tv series Stoick says Hiccup use to be terrified of dragons. I have to wonder how Hiccup manage to conquer that fear. He must have been young since Hiccup doesn't even remember being that scared. His drive to being accepted by his father just ended up being stronger to get over it?

Why hello there! Baby Hiccup time is gonna be fun. Thanks for asking… thinking about the Hooligan as a little tike usually brings me into a happy smile. :3

I’m no psychology expert in the children’s area, regrettably, but I feel like lots of kids have fears when they are very young that they just grow out of naturally over time. It doesn’t have to take a big event for a young one to learn not to be afraid of the dark, to give an example. Sure, sometimes there’s a significant event that ends the fear, but sometimes it’s just a simple growth in psychological maturity that leads a kid to move forward.

And if you think of infanthood and toddlerhood, those age times that people almost invariably forget as they age (thus probably Hiccup’s age during his fear), just about anything can scare them. Novel events can make a one year old or two year old cry with little provocation. I mean it could just be a cat walking into the room that startles them, and then they become afraid of the family cat, but as they grow older, there’s no enormous personal growth breaking them out of the fear. They get older and just like that Kitty isn’t scary anymore. That’s just a factor of their maturity, so it could have been so with Hiccup and dragons.

I guess I’ve always headcanoned Hiccup’s childhood - or rather toddlerhood - fear of dragons to be something like that. There was just a tiny little boy who was given a toy that looked SCARY and it looked like bigger SCARY things so he cried. But as he grew older, he naturally would have looked at things like dragons with a bit more knowledge and not had that instant cry-and-be-frightened reaction.

I also think his drive to be accepted by his father didn’t start at THAT young of age. I mean, yes, as a very young boy he’ll definitely undeniably absolutely desire his father’s love. But I imagine that it’s as Hiccup grew older and became more and more different and outcasted, his relationship with his father worsened. Young teenagerhood would be the time Hiccup and Stoick can hardly even speak to one another because they cannot get along, and that’s the point where Hiccup’s drive for acceptance (a huge psychological issue for teenagers according to developmental studies) leads him to do his crazy stunts a la movie one.

Although, if you think about it, Hiccup still retains a healthy fear of dragons even as he grows far older. It’s not what Stoick’s talking about in “Breakneck Bog,” but it’s fun to think about: Hiccup was scared of dragons as a teenager, too. That’s normal instinct at this point of development. Dragons are enormous fire breathing beasts that destroy houses and maim and kill humans. Hiccup and basically all the Vikings have a natural fear of dragons simply for survival reasons. It’s  not until Hiccup and Toothless befriend one another that the fear leaves completely.

And at that point in time, I bet it’s awing for Hiccup to think about the fact that yes, he used to be afraid of dragons. He used to be chased by them and run away from them and flinch when even an adorable, warm-hearted Gronckle neared.