Vincent Piazza and Gretchen Mol will be guests on the TODAY Show!

Great news! Vince will be appearing on the @TODAYshow on Sep 4 on NBC from 9-10am! DON’T FORGET TO WATCH! 

Also, the amazing and beautiful Gretchen Mol, will be appearing on the @TODAYshow on Sep 3!

Obviously both are promoting the new season of Boardwalk Empire :)

Yep, just watched the first two tonight. If it’s cool with the mods, feel free to ask me anything about them. Massive spoilers obviously. If it’s no…

Someone on reddit saw the first three episodes of the Boardwalk’s new season and answered some questions about it. IT’S FILLED WITH SPOILERS! And it may not be true, but it seems pretty legit. (Hover to show the actual spoilers)

Dear Americans,
Please think of us English folk on the 7th of September at 9:00pm when you’re on your couch stuffing your face with chocolate whilst watching boardwalk empire. For we have to wait an excruciating 6 days more than you do.

Much appreciated😆