hey u know those starbucks inside barnes and nobles stores. they dont have tip jars fyi (bn corporate wont allow it) but tip them anyway they (we) get almost nothing in tips

Apparently, my plecos spawned! Baby bristlenose!(or at least they should be unless BN can cross breed with clown plecos) So cute! I thought this little one was a weird clump of algae until I looked closer. I was looking for my nerites to transfer them to the other tank and found baby plecs instead. I saw at least 6 total and there are no doubt many more hiding in the driftwood. They’re about 1.5 cms long. My male BN is a calico, though he’s all brown now. The female is a longfin albino, so it will be exciting to see what they end up being.

nickillian asked:

I am in love with Bella Notte and it would be the best Christmas present in the world to know when you may be giving us Part 6? Sending you holiday hugs and appreciation for being a wonderful and talented shipmate...

Hopefully before the end of the year, sugarplum :)) Thank you for reading and coming by to flail. I always appreciate everyone’s kind words about BN <3 Here, have some Westley helping Killian shovel snow! :D


İbn Rüşd’e göre felsefe öğrenmek dini bir zorunluluktur. Din, var olanlara akılla bakmayı ve değerlendirmeyi zorunlu tutmaktadır. Çünkü akıl ve felsefe, gerçeğe ulaştırıcı en önemli araçlardır. Îslam’la felsefe arasında çatışma yoktur. İnsan hem felsefe, hem de din yoluyla doğruya ulaşabilir.

Men of the 82nd Airborne Division move up a road through heavy fog, somewhere in Belgium. (2nd Bn., 325th Glider Reg’t.) 12/20/44. Near Werbormont, Belgium.

From the series: Photographs of American Military Activities, ca. 1918 - ca. 1981

More on the Battle of the Bulge at Prologue: “The Bloodiest Battle - The Battle of the Bulge Loomed Large 70 Winters Ago” →