“I followed Anthony Burch on twitter after playing BL2. I’m honestly debating on whether or not to buy the pre-sequel now. The guy comes off like a pretentious, self-important jackass 9 times out of 10. I’m not sure I’m comfortable supporting someone who’s immediate reaction to opposing viewpoints (or even absurdly obvious trolls) is “Wow, so ‘X’ is a total piece of shit” It comes off as unprofessional and childish.”


get to know me meme:  favourite male characters [4/5] Handsome Jack
- “This one guy in New Haven, right? City’s burning. People are dying left and right, yada yada yada. This jackhole rushes me with a spoon. A freaking SPOON! And I’m dying laughing, right? So I scoop out his stupid little eyeballs with it, and his kids are all ‘WAAAAA’ and he can’t see where he’s going, he’s bumping into stuff and I - anyway, I don’t know, maybe you had to be there. The moral is: you’re a total bitch.”