In The Road to El Dorado, the armadillo is the actual god

Whenever something crazy or impossible happens, it appears that Miguel and Tulio are gods, but the real god is the armadillo that is always around during those incredible events.

The biggest piece of evidence the volcano eruption. The armadillo is running around Miguel and Tulio’s feet as it erupts, then when Tulio shouts stop, the armadillo and, quite magically, the volcano stop.
During the game, the armadillo is able to bounce and fly around with skills that any regular armadillo wouldn’t have and allows Tulio and Miguel to win the game against the huge odds.
The armadillo was present during Miguel and Tulio’s journey through the jungle and helped guide them as they probably would have gotten lost using their shoddy map.
The natives of El Dorado and the Spaniards can communicate because of divine-armadillo intervention.
Also the movie begins with a creation story featuring armadillos and the movie closes with the armadillo present in the film, suggesting the significance.

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                                                             Umbralis 9:41 Dragon

       I feel regret for my lips upon her throat, shame at the prick of my fangs as I pressed them deep into freckled flesh. Her blood was sweet but I did not savour it, no, I did not even taste it for I cast it upon the ground.

Anger, it spread in me hotter than any blade of Silverlite could burn me, I could feel it underneath my skin, the prickle of flames as the beast in me reared and roared. 

And now that the flames have died and the only thing I can taste is ash upon my tongue.

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Atreus and Rylen

just fuck me up: meme edition

“Ugh. Can I not just throw the both of them to the wolves?

She sighs. “Given that Rylen has never actively harmed me, I suppose I should choose him… but he stood back and watched me suffer without qualm. Why should I not do him the same care?

“Atreus, against my better judgement.”

Pero ako nung nakaexperience ako ng major major break up naiyak lang talaga ako. Tutunganga tas biglang iiyak mga tropa ko nun nataranta talaga eh kasi first time nga nila ako nakitang umiyak. Nasakto pang family days nun tapos ang bibo na ng atmosphere tapos ako steady lang pero tutunganga talaga ako bigla. Pero pag intense na talaga pighati ko (naks) nanlilibre nalang ako ng fuds. Wala eh. Nawawala pagiging kuripot pag nalulungkot. Pero schette yung myra e di ako makamove on. Sama ko.

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“Do you take me for a servant?”

“Well I don’t take you for an equal.” Words were harsh, pointed and not held back under the thick layer of venom that coated his tone. He took a step forward, reaching out and clasping at her chin with a thumb and index finger.

“What do you take me for?”

Title: Breathe In | Breathe Out

Author: Elizabeth1985 (aka…me)

Formerly known as: Dead-End Road on ff.net

Status: Completed and being posted on AO3

Summary: Guilt-stricken, Dean finds himself wasted on the asphalt behind a club with Gadreel’s trail gone cold. In what he believed was his lowest moment, Castiel came and picked him up, giving him hope for a future. But it’s all taken from him; everything he was gets twisted. The very soul of him being corrupted.

Castiel has seen the ages of the world, the tragedies that would cripple the strongest men. But this? It changes everything. Mending Dean’s mind and soul should be his only priority and yet, that too, is stolen from him.

Building on the sidelines of circumstance and opportunity, a new evil rises to shadow the world and their only hope to cauterize the influx of monsters is a singular event. It’s something Castiel is sure will never happen.

Constantly pulled apart by challenges both delicate and colossal, Dean and Cas fight to keep each other whole.

Pairings: Dean Winchester/Castiel, Sam Winchester/Jody Mills

Tags/Warnings: Dark, Temporary Character Death, Original Character(s), Sexual Abuse, Recovery, Insanity, Suicide Attempt, Depression, Torture, Psychological Torture, Aftermath of Torture, Nightmares, Crossover, BDBCrossover, Anal Sex, Anal Fingering, Rimming, Panic Attacks, Pain induced orgasms, Broken Dean, Angst, Possession, Dom/sub, Violence, Self-Harm, Implied/Referenced Rape/Non-con, Rape with Possessed Dean, Happy Ending, Love, Brotherly Love

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She’s seen Aveline’s scars. Scarves or no scarves, there are few in their circle who do not at least know of what happened, and Casira was there.

But she suspects this is the first time that Aveline has seen hers, at least so close - Casira has been hiding her neck longer than Aveline has known her; she has more practice at it. So the first time Aveline sees her neck bared, reaches out automatically and instinctively to brush her fingertips against the layered scars, Casira flinches. It’s instinct by now to panic at any touch near her throat.

“Please do not do that,” she says softly, pulling away and reaching up to tug at a high necklace she for once isn’t wearing.

If anyone could understand, it would be Aveline. So why is she still so skittish?

Shark Tales and A Monster of Paris’ helmer Bibo Bergeron is set to direct the movie adaptation of Les 4 As, a comicbook by Georges Chaulet that follows the goofy adventures of a group of teenagers.

“In the 1980s there were a lot of great movies entirely starring kids and teenagers but today there are too few,” said the director. “It will be great fun to make a real adventure film with teenagers in the tradition of The Goonies.”