The perfect Netflix playlist for spending Valentine’s Day with the bae (AKA you)

It almost goes without saying that this year, as Valentine’s Day falls ever so conveniently on a Saturday, instead of going out, many of us will be curling up with a long, romantic day of Netflix. That means you need to have a strategy. Here’s the only hour-by-hour guide you’ll need.

10 a.m. — Start the day empowered and upbeat about your solo V-Day party.

You’ve woken up, showered, had that lovely cup of coffee and croissant and now you’re back in bed. Good for you! By now, you’re feeling content and upbeat, the perfect mood for a quirky, seriocomic classic romance like How to Marry a Millionaire. The dolled-up escapades in this movie never gets old.

With Lauren Bacall, Marilyn Monroe and Betty Grable, this is an hour and half of classic Hollywood fun. Heck, you might even pick up a few pointers. One problem: All the happy-go-lucky romance has you realizing how alone you are.

Noon — You’re starting to feel the feels from the rom-com. Indulge them.


but there’s also this version

Are you ready for Puppy Bowl Sunday?

Here’s our starting line-up: nine adorable golden retriever puppies, born to the Fords’ dog Liberty in September 1975. We imagine their big game would have looked something like this.

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Angie gets the job as Betty Carver in the Captain America radio show. She quits her job at the Automat before she even meets Peggy.

Peggy is just as disgusted with the show as usual, but she can admit the girl has a nice voice. Sometimes it seems like the girl is bringing her in on a joke, like she finds the material as laughable as Peggy does. Slowly Betty’s role begins to change. She still talks too much about laundry detergent and cooking ware, but every now and again she’ll provide “Captain America” with information vital to stopping the Nazis. She grows a personality, one that doesn’t reflect who Peggy is, but seems to match the voice she hears.

Eventually, Peggy moves into a new apartment, run by the overbearing Miriam Fry. Angie is the first to introduce herself to the new girl, and Peggy is left confused why this girl seems so familiar.