↳Cabin Pressure, by John Finnemore | 2nd July 2008 - 24th December 2014

"When I was planning series three, I decided that (BBC and cast permitting), I would write two more series, and build towards a cliff-hanger, followed by a special. I knew by then how important it is when writing an episode to have the ending in mind, and I thought the same would probably be true of a series. This way I get to build towards an ending that I feel is satisfying, rather than it simply stopping one day... or worse, getting tired and repetitive. It's also allowed me to let the characters and their relationships change and develop over the last couple of series, knowing that I'm building in a particular direction, in a way that I couldn't have done if I'd had to keep them in sitcom limbo."

We’re delighted to reveal the grand prize in our Holmes for Christmas Advent Calendar Prize Draw, kindly supplied to us by the brilliant team at Hartswood Films – a copy of the script for His Last Vow, signed by Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Mark Gatiss, Louise Brealey, Una Stubbs, Jonathan Aris, Lars Mikkelsen, Sue Vertue and Steven Moffat!

With all those signatures, we think this is the best prize we’ve EVER given away – and if you’ve been entering the draw daily, you’re already in with multiple chances to win it!

In addition, the second prize winner will receive an official Sherlock Scarf supplied to us by the brilliant folks at Lovarzi, and 24 runners up will receive a Sherlock 2015 Wall Calendar, thanks to the guys at Danilo! 

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Cabin Pressure is your dad's show??? That's so cool!! My mum LOVES it and she has it all on CD. We play yellow car all the time.

aww yeees he produced it! I’m proud of him he did good, I mean shit that show has fangirls soooo props to dad and props to John Finnemore who is amazing. 

Ultra - Hi-Res ! 2014 10 08 - 58th BFI London Film Festival - Premiere Red Carpet ’ The Imitation Game ’ by Leon Neal

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Caption : British actor Benedict Cumberbatch poses for pictures as he arrives for the BFI London Film Festival’s premiere of ‘The Imitation Game’ at the Odeon Leicester Square in central London, on October 8, 2014.  LEON NEAL.



Sherlock themed Christmas tree by me!

-Moriarty’s suit “burn”
-“Hanged, yes.” ft. mini-noose
-“You always feel it” with EKG and 3 bullets inside
-“The game is on” with dominos inside
-“I may be on the side of the angels”
-“But don’t think for one second that I am one of them”
-“London would fall” with London skyline
-IOU Apple
-The woman’s measurements
-The wall
“I am SHERlocked
-A.G.R.A. Thumb drive
-Molly’s silhouette “You see me… I don’t count”
-“I don’t shave for Sherlock Holmes”
-“Dr. John Watson” and John’s silhouette
-“Not dead- SH”
-“Old friend” and Sherlock’s skull friend
-Mary’s Ornament
-A study in pink’s pills