Snuggle Pile of Leezord Weezords

(Dragons by Webereptiles)

Spoiler Room: Contentious

I saw the EW questions for Once Upon a Time. Why no Rumple or Belle questions? It made me sad, I know there had been some. — Karen
I did ask about them… just not during The Hot Seat. On the Belle side, there’s this. But on the Rumple side, I hear things are going to get very contentious again between him and Hook this season. “Hook and Rumplestiltskin have a very long history that is blood-riddled and difficult that has been put aside for a little while due to circumstance,” executive producer Adam Horowitz tells me. “But now that circumstances have changed, that past history is going to rear its head again.” Let’s just hope Hook doesn’t steal another one of his wives.


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Hi guys. I always do Paramore posts and edits… but this is something really important, and I’m sure Hayley, Jeremy, Taylor, Kathryn and Bliss would be proud of.

The Alice Adams Foundation (AAF) is dedicated towards Alice, a sweet girl who was murder a few years ago. Alice shares a relationship towards Kathryn Camsey Davis, Jeremy’s wife. She never spoke about this until just a few days ago.

Alice always loved treehouses, and teens want a nice place to socialize these days. Now, The Alice Adams Foundation wants your help to have enough money to build treehouses and parks - and one in particular so that teens these days can have a place to talk without getting into any trouble - just a place to relax.

With your help, rather you donate money or not, together the world can make Alice’s dream come true. To build that ‘magical treehouse’.

You can donate by clicking here. If you can’t, just a simple reblog can do a lot. We’re trusting you to make sure everybody gets the message. Thank you for your support - and a special thanks towards the Paramore family towards letting the whole world know of this special time.

Thank you.


Get The Look:  Sarah Hyland

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DINNER: Peperonie and a Pitza!

peperones ingredeints

  • small child. the egg
  • smells strange
  • wowpaw. wow coolpaw dogg
  • lots of food and loves and some water
  • VERY stinky sweaty salty greasy gooey gummey and meaty minni bunyan


  • half white alfredo, half tomato saus. fresh dough cus the pizza crusts we bought went moldy 9 days before expiration
  • cheese: mozzarella and new york cheddar marinated litely in olive oil with fresh basil, black pepper, sea salt; goat cheese on afterward
  • stoveroasted: fresh garden bell peppers, onion, gigantic clove of garlic
  • from a can: peperoncinis and artichoke

Puó sembrare banale, ma quando mi capita qualcosa di inaspettato, qualcosa che mi smembra, qualcosa che fosse stato meglio non mi succedesse, qualcosa che mi fa male, è in quel momento che inizio a pensare: tutto passa.
E per quanto in quel momento possa sembrare assurdo, insensato, impossibile, è semplicemente la verità. Le cose brutte passano, esattamente come quelle belle. Niente dura per sempre, davvero, niente. E le brutte esperienze aiutano a crescere.