Anna and Bates (Froggatt, Brendan Coyle)

Following Anna’s rape by Mr.Green (Nigel Harman) last season, he suddenly died in an accident while visiting London. Bates also happened to be out of town that day, but claims he was in York. “There’s a little spark missing from Anna as we find her,” Froggatt says. “Nobody can move on from such a thing. It takes a great deal of time… The subject of Mr. Green they can’t escape it really because there’s a police investigation into his death and it keeps getting brought up.” 

Meanwhile, the couple is trying to repair their relationship. “There are still moments of freedom and joy and love with her and Mr. Bates; it’s not all doom and gloom,” Froggatt says. “Like human beings do, we can laugh and forget about our worries once in a while. Sometimes they stay there, sometimes they don’t. There is mention of babies. They both want a baby. It hasn’t happened for them yet. We’ll have to wait and see if it will or not.”

Interviews with Joanne and Laura, a lot of spoilers for other characters in the article as well!

Downton star ‘cut his teeth’ in Belfast

He is best known as the stoic Mr Bates in the hit period drama Downton Abbey, but actor Brendan Coyle has revealed to UTV how he “cut his teeth” in acting in Belfast.

The English actor explained that his father was from Omagh and his grandmother was from Belfast, and when he entered the acting world it was the city’s Lyric theatre that he first began his journey to Downton.

He said: “When I left school my cousin had a studio in Dublin and that’s where I went to train.

"Then I got my first big break at The Lyric in Belfast, so I did two years there and that’s where I really cut my teeth, doing great plays."

Brendan’s character Mr Bates returns to TV screens on Sunday as Downton Abbey is back for its fifth series.

And the question of whether or not he had anything to do with the death of his wife’s attacker, Mr Green, still looms.

With Mr Bates and Anna facing a multitude of troubles over the years, viewers will be eager for the pair to enjoy some happiness in their lives, but is that on the cards?

Unfortunately Brendan is giving nothing away, teasing that fans are simply going to have to watch and find out.

Downton Abbey returns to UTV on Sunday at 9pm.

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