how do they rise up - a mix for the stubborn bastards of treacle mine road.

01. get home - bastille
02. weighty ghost - wintersleep
03. drunken lullabies - flogging molly
04. some nights - fun.
05. team - lorde
06. the draw - bastille
07. do you hear the people sing - aaron tveit & les miserables cast
08. late march, death march - frightened rabbit
09. the minstrel boy - colm meaney
10. head full of doubt/road full of promise - the avett brothers
11. bugger off - fiddler’s green
12. cruel city - the augustines
13. the take over (we’re gonna die young) - fall out boy vs. ke$ha
14. holland road - mumford & sons
15. this is gospel - panic! at the disco
16. timshel - mumford & sons


coffee shop au playlist

HERE it is. playlist for a valvert coffee shop au. i made this kinda long time ago and someone was like link it and i’m like why not. sort of sweet, lazy, feel-good-sy.

Trouble Sleeping; Corinne Bailey Ray ✿ Ever Fallen in Love; Nouvelle Vague ✿ Le Petite Mort; Coeur Ur De Pirate ✿ Bubbly; Colbie Caillat ✿ Cups; Anna Kendrick ✿ Freckles; Natasha Bedingfield ✿ Todo Se Transforma; Jorge Drexler  ✿ Don’t Know Why; Norah Jones ✿ Tuft; Frank soundtrack  ✿ Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps; Doris Day ✿ Me Gusta Como Eres; Jarabe De Palo ✿ Energy; The Apples In Stereo ✿ You and I; Ingrid Michaelson ✿ Illusions; The Shout Out Louds ✿ Might Tell You Tonight; Scissor Sisters ✿ The Call; Regina Spektor ✿ Flaws(acoustic); Bastille ✿ Contaminame; Pedro Guerra ✿


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thank you loves xx

Those four talented idiots make me so ridiculously happy. I love how they interact with each other and their music gives me life. I don’t know what I would do without the music they create. When I’m having a shitty day, I can just listen to Bad Blood all the way through and be content for the rest of the day. I love Dan, Kyle, Will and Woody so so much. And it makes me so happy that they have gotten so big considering that they started so small. I love Bastille with all my heart. Always will.

A Solavellan playlist

Once Upon A Dream ~ Lana Del Ray

King ~ Lauren Aquilina

Now Im All Messed Up ~ Tegan and Sara

Oblivion ~ Bastille

This is Gospel (Acoustic) ~ Panic! At the Disco

Demons ~ Imagine Dragons

Shouldn’t Be a Good In Goodbye ~ Jason Walker

Long Song Reqieum ~ Trading Yesterday

sooo i was tagged by Andrea harrystyluhs, thank you!! i did a similar meme thing few days ago but this is a bit different so yeah here it is.

rules: put your music on shuffle, write the first 10 songs that come on and your favourite lyrics from them. Don’t forget to tag 10 people at the end!

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It’s been a long day, and that’s pretty much the only thing you want to say about it.

Work was absolutely debilitating. The coffee supply was all but gone and clients seemed to have been working together to give you hell. You just want to be at home right now, but, of course, that takes an eternity to reach. Besides, Dan’s gone right now, thus leaving you with no company whatsoever, anyway. 

Damn your best friend and his vagabond ways. Touring for a famous band pulls him away from you far too often for your liking.

You pull into your reserved parking space and get out of your car lethargically, all you want to do is plop down on your bed and sleep. The very thought of your pillow makes you want to collapse and curl up right there. The warm blankets call your name with every step you take towards your front door. 

You finally reach the tall plank of wood, moving to unlock it, only to find that it’s already open. Your eyes widen as you’re violently pulled out of that languid haze you were in.

You take the straps of your bag firmly in hand as your heart begins to pump at an abnormal pace. The weight your bag holds would surely be able to knock out any unwelcome intruders, right?

You creep into your own flat, raising your bag as you give your flat a skittish once-over. Well, nothing seems to be missing so far. Maybe the intruder decided to cut you some slack. Of course, that seems to be a bit of wishful thinking. You feel your heart jump to your throat at the sound of movement coming from the kitchen. Hefting your bag up, you sneak a peek around the corner. 

You take a glance around. The cupboard is open, the cabinet doors are thrown wide open, the fridge isn’t even closed correctly… and a massive fluff of hair is munching away at some crisps. 

You make an exasperated noise and run over to the man, tossing your bag aside as you wrap your arms around his broad shoulders. He makes a surprised squeak, and you quickly retreat to give him a light-hearted whack over the head. 

He turns around with an exasperated look, clutching where you just struck him with a wounded look in his dark blue eyes.

“You almost gave me a heart attack!” you exclaim, cocking your hip and crossing your arms.

“No! I wanted to surprise you!” Dan’s eyes widen as he continues to rub his head.

“How’d you get a key?” You say, frowning.

Dan’s right cheek lifts up into a crooked smirk as he quirks an eyebrow at you. “You know, keeping a key under the doormat isn’t the best place to hide it.”

“Well, where am I supposed to put it?” You shake your head, a disbelieving huff escaping your mouth. “Fine, whatever. What I’m more interest in is where are Kyle, Will, and Woody?”

“They all went to see their girlfriends.” Dan shrugs.

“And you came to see me?” you ask.

Dan nods.


“Are you suggesting something?” you say with a slight smirk.

“Uh…” Dan stutters, “I mean, only if you want to– like, you don’t have to at all– I mean we’re just friends, after all and– well… um… it was stupid, really…”

“What?” you ask, noticing the bouquet of flowers sitting nicely in a vase on your countertop, and they definitely weren’t there when you left this morning. Tugging your lip between your teeth, you mutter, “Oh…”

“Sorry, I–” Dan starts.

“No, no, really, this is the sweetest thing anyone’s done all day for me. Thank you,” you say as a smile begins to grace your features. You close the distance between Dan and yourself, once again wrapping him up in a big hug.

“You’re welcome, love,” Dan says quietly, his cheeks a deep shade of red as he reciprocates the hug.

“You know, I’d love to go out sometime.” you suggest, grinning your face off. Truth be told, you’ve had a crush on Dan since you met, but you’d never thought he liked you back.

“Really?” Dan asks, a big smile spreading across his face. 

“Yes, really.” You give a nod with a roll of your eyes. “So where do you want to go?” 

“For what?” Dan questions, his eyebrows knitting together in confusion.

“For the date, you idiot.” You slap him playfully. “We’ve got to go somewhere, right?”

“Oh, yeah. That is an excellent question… Where would you like to go?” He shakes his head in faux-exasperation with himself, smiling all the while.

You can’t help but be glad that Dan was not a robber.