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11 Random Facts About Me!

Get to know me, you know, if you’re into that kind of thing.

I was tagged by @spndaydreamsx! THANKS! <3

1. I have lived in 6 different states! (IA, IL, WI, ND, SD, and now NE!)

2. My treasured childhood stuffed animal was a pig named Pinky. I was obsessed with pigs when I was little…

3. I tend to dress almost exclusively in earth tones and neutrals. It’s not super often that I wear really bright colors.

4. I have a list of instruments I would LOVE to learn how to play, including banjo, piano, harmonic, and violin. Currently I sing and play guitar.

5. I do own a shotgun. *thumbs up* Though I haven’t prepared any salt rounds…

6. My dog Kuma is my right hand man and always by my side. We are attached at the hip! I found him in the middle of nowhere out on the prairie when I was doing my field work for my M.S. degree. He was very underweight and in bad shape. Love at first sight for this sweet boy…

7. I am absolutely a creative-type but my career is in science! Best of both worlds, and my creativity often helps me approach scientific problems from new perspectives! <3

8. Last summer (2014) I took a month and a half long road/camping trip all over the western U.S., mostly just me and my dog. I visited NM, AZ, NV, UT, CA, OR, WA, ID, MT, WY, CO and ended at home in NE.

9. I get to work outside and study wild animals and plants and stuff for a “living”. <– That’s in quotes because I’m in grad school so really they’re paying me with a degree more so than an actual living :P

10. I have green eyes, though they often look blue or gray if I wear those colors.

11. I’m bringing home an 8 week old lab puppy tomorrow who will be the newest family member and who I will be training as a hunting dog! SO. EXCITED.

Post your facts and share a bit of yourself!!

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[[Hey, remember when Speedwagon, Magenta Magenta, Hot Pants, Pet Shop (and Boingo and Mariah) formed an indie punk folk band? You don’t??? What do you mean it couldn’t possibly happen in canon???? Well have some pics I drew for our Skype band anyway. In which Magenta is stuck in the 2007 emo scene, HP is militant about maintaining their hipster cred, Pet Shop is their brilliant lead singer, and Speedwagon just plays banjo and wonders how he ever got in this mess.]] badlydrawnmagentamagenta badlydrawnhp badlydrawnpetshop


A lovely anon asked to see my pony couples, and here they are!

(I would die and go to pony heaven if someone ever drew one of my ships omg)

~G1 Majesty and G1 Princess Tiffany~G1 Strawberry Surprise and G1 Sugarberry~G1 Sunburst and G4 Princess Celestia~G4 Pinkie Pie and G4 Shining Armor~G3 Pearly Pie and G3 Silver Glow~G3 Piccolo and G3 Bee Bop~G3 Lily Lightly and G3 Star Catcher~G3 Banjo Blue and G3 Sweetsong~G4 Princess Luna and G4 Star Swirl~G4 Diamond Mint and G4 Wysteria~

Both Florida and Alabama are my home.

Most of Florida isn’t even the south…

Like, yes, it’s in the south, but guys…

It’s not “the south,” especially in the peninsula.

Don’t let me catch any of you thinking differently from here on out. Not because I’m upset with southern things, but because I’m annoyed yet amused at the ignorance of assuming Florida is anything like “YEEHAW” and “sweet tay n’ banjos.”

Please calm down.