We’re playing with Into It. Over It. and Lemuria on 12/1 at Soda Bar, so Brandon and I decided to cover one of my favorite IIOI songs. I hope you guys like it.
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Gettin' Up
  • Gettin' Up
  • Emerson's Old Timey Custard Suckin' Band
  • Emerson's Old Timey Custard Suckin' Band

In 1970 this recording of Emerson’s Old Timey Custard Suckin’ Band was released.  This music comes off somewhere between bluegrass and string band.  This  tune was written by their banjo player.

Neil Ricklen, mandolin, fiddle, guitar, vocal
Howard Lamden, guitar, autoharp, vocal
Arnold Sell, banjo, vocal
Alan Siinger, bass