Made a model of the billboard from Pole Position a long time ago. So I made a bunch of ads for it. The three at the bottom are less original edits, and were more than likely just adjusted to fit on the billboards.



First of all, those of you who know bluegrass music, consider this lineup of The Clinch Mountain Boys:

・Ralph Stanley (Banjo, Vocals)
・Roy Lee Centers (Guitar, Vocals)
・Keith Whitely (Guitar, Vocals)
・Ricky Skaggs (Mandolin, Vocals)
・Curly Ray Cline (Fiddle)
・Jack Cooke (Bass, Vocals)

Now, imagine that two out of the three who could be called internationally-famous are relegated to the back of the line. Yup, that’s what happens to Ricky Skaggs and Keith Whitley who, as teenagers, had joined the band just a year or so before.

That said, their featured number, “Don’t Cheat In Our Hometown” is one of the highlights of the set. Jack Cooke’s plain-spoken take on “Sittin’ On Top Of the World” is another.

The real standout is fiddler, Curly Ray Cline, who closes the set with “Orange Blossom Special”, fiddling the ode to that mighty train like it was the grandest, most terrible thing he had ever seen. Who knows? Maybe it was.


bonkles. all the ones i found in the big ol box of bionicles me n bro collected over the years. i have yet to build pohatu nuva, nokama, nuhrii and vhisola, which is why theres just their masks.

Vote Now- Get Trans Lives Matter on PBS

My short Trans Lives Matter! Justice for Islan Nettles is in the running to air on PBS. 

Official Selection of PBS Reel 13’s weekly short film contest, dedicated to the best in short film.  October 2014 is  “AFROPUNK Month.” Voting begins Now & continues through Wednesday, October 22nd  at 5pm NYC time. Vote more than once.
Get my work on PBS as part of Reel 13 on Channel Thirteen.

I know we can make this happen. Please forward widely.


 Trans Lives Matter! Justice for Islan Nettles.

A powerful and intensely moving document of a community vigil for Islan Nettles a transgender Womyn of Color. Because the brutal and increasing attacks on Trans Womyn of Color are outrageous their oppression causes outrage. Because healing and action tighten our fists and boom our voices. -supported by Ciy Lore & Bronx Documentary Center (BDC)