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ooc: I saw your post about using brand names in fiction, and it confused me. If you can't use brand names in place of actual words, when /can/ you use them? * "I noticed a box of Kleenex sitting on the shelf." yes/no? * "I reached for the Band-Aids." yes/no? And are there any (other?) examples of when it /is/ okay to use brand names? Thank you. (:

You can use brand names when you are specifically referencing that brand. For example:

  • Yes: I noticed a box of Kleenex tissues sitting on the shelf.
  • No: “Can I have a Kleenex?”

You have to say “Kleenex tissues” to specify that your character is talking about tissues. Otherwise, you’re using a brand name in place of a generic term while simultaneously making it seem like tissues are the only product Kleenex produces.

Here are a bunch of other terms not to use in place of real worlds.





Shrek  // Monsters Inc. // Frozen // Toy Story // Simpsons // Family Guy // SpongeBob // WALL-E // Cars // South Park


Arctic Monkeys // Imagine Dragons // Lorde // Chris Brown // Lana Del Rey// The 1975 // Coldplay // The Killers // Miley Cyrus // Foo Fighters // Sia // Maroon 5


Spring // Summer //Autumn-Fall // Winter


Supernatural // F.R.I.E.N.D.S // Game of Thrones // American Horror Story // The Walking Dead // Teen Wolf 

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Why do you get upset when someone refers to them as 21p?

ive always felt this way because when twenty one pilots were first starting out they had to really emphasize the words over the numbers to tv stations, radios, interviewers ect and it was really hard to build a name for themselves

twenty one pilots isnt talking about 21 individual occupations, but talking about a band. its a band and not the words. so to use the 21 would be to not recognize the band but see it rather by the words. they want to be a definition of the 3 words strung together.

Twenty One Pilots is the band not 21. 

twenty one pilots has emphasized that they abbreviate top before again and again

my best friend is named amanda and as a nick name she likes to be called manda and that would being like me saying “well im sorry im going to call you mandy because its easier for me to say plus i mean it doesnt really matter right?”


MEET & GREET! Submit your meet & greet stories and photos to bryanstarsfanpictures@gmail.com. You are emailed back when they will be posted to the website.

I was on Twitter one day in June of 2014 and saw I had at least a good 20-30 messages from bands trying to get their stuff out and I only opened one because it said “bvb ftw” and that’s basically how to win me over. This band just happened to be Note To Self. And talking to them I learned they were actually a local band consisting of 5 members (Albert, Brandon, Jak, Kolby, and Ben) and working on an EP (Which is now out. Agony Complete. Buy it on ITunes). After talking to them then I never really communicated with them again until December of 2014 because I wanted tickets to their show January 9th. I asked how to get them and I was told they’d drive them out to my house. I was kinda in shock because what band hand delivers tickets? Anyways so the day before the show they came out and brought me tickets. It was Brandon and Albert (rhythm guitarist and lead singer) and while being here Brandon brought up how I tweeted about needing my guitar restrung so he did that for me. The night of the concert, I watched them and afterwards I got introduced to I think a friend of someone there and then 2 of their girlfriends Ali and Jessi, who I’ve learned are really amazing people. Then we went outside to take pictures. I got one with each member Individually and then a group picture which I won’t show because I’m not friends with the friend in it anymore. After the pictures my dad brought out my guitar from the car and the whole band signed it for me (as pictured) and I got comments like “I’ve never signed an instrument before” and “this is sooo cool. I feel awesome” and “definitely never gonna forget the first guitar I signed” and I felt pretty dang cool. As I was heading out to leave Albert, lead singer, gave me a shirt of theirs they had in their van. I’ve gone to a show every month since then and I just asked for tickets to the one this week. The last show I went to was their EP release show and I bought the hard copy of it and the 2 shirts they sell. Before that show Brandon, asked me to take pictures and stuff for him so of course I took waaaaay too many and then afterwards I was called over to take pictures with them (2 of which pictured) and Jak (the drummer) like screamed my name when he saw me walk over there so that’s always fun. Now currently, I have met them multiple times and Ive talked to them all on Social media. I’ve enjoyed watching them grow and actually getting to know them a little better as people individually and not just a band I like. As much as I’d love to meet Black Veil Brides or a band I’ve loved for years, I’m positive no other band will ever be able to compare to this one. Bands like this; and people like these 5 are the true definition of what Heros are in a band, and I’ve definitely glad I’ve gotten the opportunities I have to know them as much as I do!(: 


Panic! At The Disco Talks KROQ Weenie Roast Y Fiesta, New Music on The Kevin & Bean Show

Brendon Urie from Panic! At The Disco stopped by The Kevin & Bean Show to talk about being on this year’s KROQ Weenie Roast Y Fiesta lineup and new music from the band.

The signs as visual kei bands
  • Aries:Babymetal; Nocturnal Bloodlust
  • Taurus:Malice Mizer; D
  • Gemini:Golden Bomber; An Cafe
  • Cancer:The GazettE; Gackt
  • Leo:Versailles; Lm.C
  • Virgo:Luna Sea; Alice Nine
  • Libra:Buck-Tick; exist†trace
  • Scorpio:Moi dix Mois; Mejibray
  • Sagittarius:X Japan; Jupiter
  • Capricorn:lynch.; 9Goats Black Out
  • Aquarius:Dir en grey; Mucc
  • Pisces:Kagrra,; Wagakki Band

This is the secret behind Billie Joe Armstrong’s guyliner

“On April 18, Armstrong’s 29-year-old band, Green Day, was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame at the 30th annual celebration of the ceremony, held in Cleveland. Armstrong, donning a tuxedo, complete with cummerbund, ruffled shirt and floppy bowtie, wasn’t remiss in rocking his signature guyliner, although it was toned down slightly for the event, according to makeup artist Elizabeth Cook,who was charged with prepping Armstrong and 10 of his family members, including wife, Adrienne.
Cook, who’s worked with other music maestros such as Coolio, Billy Corgan and The Misfits, says Armstrong told her he just needed eyeliner for the night, nothing else. “I could tell he didn’t want a heavily lined look like he usually rocks for shows and music videos,” Cook notes. “Being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a huge deal and I think he wanted to keep the guyliner low key but still bring that little bit of punk rock into it.”

To achieve the understated liner look, Cook opted for a charcoal shade, rather than a true black. Using Ardency Inn Modster Eyeliner ($19) (“It glides on effortlessly”), Cook worked quickly before the liner could set, drawing a line along the top then the bottom lash lines and followed by smudging the pencil with her ring finger to soften the line. “The key is this smudging—you want to diffuse the line for a more rock and roll, slept-in look,” says Cook. “The amazing thing about eyeliner on men is when it’s a bit messy, it’s better.”

Cook’s other goal was longevity. “We did his eyeliner after he was in his tuxedo, right before the red carpet. The event ran extremely late into the night, so it was important for the liner to stay put and defined.”

I feel like people are being way too over-the-top about how sexual songs are. Like in EXO’s new album, for like every song people are like ‘OMG this is so dirty’ when they hear 3 English words out of context. Maybe you just have a dirty mind, because I really do not see what the fuss is about. Of course, I’m not naive, I know that SOME of these songs are fairly sexualised, but certainly not as much as people are saying. This isnt just for EXO - I see this for many bands.

Why Do People Hate Nickelback So Much?

by Zack Zarrillo

Look, I’m not going to tell you I’m a Nickelback fan, but it drives me insane to see the amount of ignorant hate there is for Nickelback. My eyes popped when I saw NPR take on the question of hatred towards the band:

Given that contrarians are, by definition, outnumbered, the popular-side-pickers often find themselves contributing to a pile-on once the tides of public opinion shift toward mass opposition. That’s where the Nickelbacks and Coldplays of the world — and the Gwyneth Paltrows, and the Shia LeBoeufs — come in for what almost has to be, by definition, wildly disproportionate public antipathy. Once that particular tipping point has been reached, the chorus against them becomes loud enough that joining it offers little risk of blowback.

So, why Nickelback, specifically? Many of the reasons listed above come into play: Nickelback sold millions of records in a style that’s fallen out of fashion through overexposure. The genre to which the band has typically belonged — umpteenth-generation copy-of-a-copy post-grunge, dispensed with urgent, Creed-esque self-importance — has seen the scales of public opinion tip overwhelmingly against it. Specifically to Nickelback, you also have the similarities between its own hit singles, not to mention (let’s face it) that name, which rolls off the sneerer’s tongue with a special kind of venomous ease.

Really though, why do you hate Nickelback so much?