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i’m really sorry that you had to wait for so long, but here are they (finally) tumblr award winners!

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please take your time and check them out, they all have more than just amazing blogs!

1 October --- Happy Birthday Chris-senpai!

Haven’t got enough of young Chris-senpai? Well, here you go~

Baka Taichou: “TBH, ever since Nachi told me he looks like the guy in kuso miso, it’s never got out of my mind. Anyway, who would refuse if he/she was told ‘yaranaika’ by Chris-senpai?”

Hopefully, we can release a Chris doujin scanlation this weekend. Don’t expect anything porny tho. The porny Daiyas aren’t still in our upcoming releases hehehe. BUT, it’s very cuuuute so it’s fine.

[ Art by Woofy ]
[[ Our graphic artists also do commissions, come visit their Tumblr pages. ]]

spoopyybaka said:

who, habit, cravings, fur, sleep, custom!!! > w <

who: a yorkie and a spirit wolf thing, i feel my yorkie form most of the time tho hehe

habit: i shake my head like a dog a lot, sleep like a dog, and when i get rlly stressed/uncomfortable ill growl without noticing x_x

cravings: yeesss i want 2 run and chase things like aalll the time and chew on stuff. any time i see a big field i want 2 Run



that me

sleep: oh one i didnt mention was i had a dream where i was just goin 2 school n having a normal day but at the end of it i looked down and there were paws

custom: eee i think ur supposed 2 make the question..>w<