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hi there .... so i wanna know what was the dirtiest/hottest fanfic you've ever read ... i mean , just for science ! *sweats nervously*

i know i’m forgetting a million but theese are good

please toutch me /xiuhan (fave)

wallpaper /baekyeol(use of safeword)

fill me up (with your engergy)/sexing (just read it)

we intertwined/ jongin/kai+sekai (cat!au)

Equivalency /sechen

safe behind teeth/ baektao (phone sex)

double trouble /kaisoo(twin!soo)

Precautions/krisyeol (wolf!au)

Crushcrushcrush [Fences AU] /kaisoo(ganderbend)

I Don’t Need A Man /taohun(genderbend)


happy reading~


Thetwistedstar is probably my favourite author ever and she is so perfect that she makes small drabbles for every pairing imaginable with such imagination that I am just speechless. Just that there is no description, so I am willing to provide one, so as to know what to expect. Each post will have 10 stories, M is for smut, F is for fave. Small bites of heaven, enjoy.

Part 6

51.Luhan/Sehun Sex for game time, pwp, non au M

52.Luhan/Xiumin model Luhan tries to find someone to commit to.

53.Luhan/Xiumin Luhan wants to play a game in a closet, in a party. college au M

54.Sehun/Chanyeol Sehun just got rejected by Jongin but Chanyeol is always there for him ಥ_ಥ

55.Kai/Chanyeol/Kris uhmm…threesome in the lockers?couple Jongin and Yifan wants a taste of Chanyeol. pwp M

56.Kris/Kai dragon!Yifan and dragon rider Jongin try to escape the danger.

57.Kai/Xiumin continuation of domestic au of stories #6, 36, 44. Minseok gets hit on on his work and feels uneasy about it. F

58.Baekhyun/Chanyeol female!Baekhyun, pwp M 

59.Kai/Sehun mpreg, pwp and a plot twist M

60.Kai/DO where they are former roommates and lovers who got separated after graduation.

Just drabbles and ficlets summary series 


[fancam] 141120 ChanBaek MC,machine cut


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Hi ^^ Can you recommend me any baekyeol fics where they are making love? No fucking, just sweet words and gentle touches? Thank you a lot!

Of course!! ^^

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That’s all I could find though (and remember reading it)

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Hi there! You could try Paint What Makes You Sick? Unfortunately (and to my great surprise) it turns out this is the only one I could find/know…