King of the Squirrels
  • Markiplier:dogipliers are heavy
  • Markiplier:more rest needed
  • Markiplier:/tweet
  • Fans:pls stop
  • Markiplier:WHAT CAN I DO
  • Markiplier:i know i'll reprise king of the squirrels
  • Markiplier:this can't possibly go wrong
  • Markiplier:mom do we have peanut butter
  • Markiplier:i need it for reasons
  • Momiplier:again mark
  • Momiplier:really
  • Markiplier:shut up i'm quality
  • Markiplier:i mean i luv u mom
  • Momiplier:
  • Markiplier:*Covers stubble with peanut butter*
  • Tom:what the fuckiplier bro
  • Markiplier:just hold the camera and shut up
  • Markiplier:*FLAILING PAIN*
  • Markiplier:bro did u get that
  • Tom:
  • Markiplier:shut up i'm quality
  • Markiplier:i mean
  • Markiplier:
  • Markiplier:shut up i'm quality
  • Fans:
  • Fans:why am i watching this
  • Fans:
  • Fans:
  • Fans:
  • Fans:why can't i stop watching this

Have…have you guys seen this? It’s all the posts markiplier likes. The ones that don’t make it onto his blog, but the ones that make him smile anyway.

I just found out that this is a thing. 

It’s so…absolutely touching. It’s full of stuff we see and recognize from him, sure, but it’s also full of fan art, the kind we don’t always see because it doesn’t get picked up by the bigger blogs.

Some of this stuff has less than 25 notes on it. And he saw it. And he liked it. It made him smile. 

This is it, guys. This is proof. This is the proof that you are not too small, you are not unheard. This is the proof that he does see everything, or at least so, so much more than we realize. 

I only found this because he’d liked something of mine, but hadn’t reblogged it, and it had few enough notes that I noticed his name there. I would never have seen that on a more popular post. I did some digging to find a tool that would let me see if he’d liked anything else of mine that I didn’t know, and I found out that Tumblr provides us with that ability, built-in.

This…to me, this is incredible. It’s not about the number of notes or the popularity of the blogs who reblogged it. It’s about the fans. It’s always been about the fans. It always will be about the fans. 

Mark, how do you do this? How do you take me down this path? I don’t feel this depth of emotion with…anything else. You were an entertainer, and I subscribed. Then you put out vlogs, and I made a blog to share your warmth with the world. Then you put out bonus pictures and tweets, and I joined websites I’ve never considered being a part of just to maximize my exposure to all the content you give us. 

And just when I thought I couldn’t be more touched…I find this. A hidden gem, a secret of Tumblr. A Mark Fischbach Easter Egg.

Right now, I am feeling emotions that I don’t have words for. Please, dear followers, enjoy this. Bookmark it.

Never think that you are forgotten or overlooked. 

What the signs are thinking right now
  • Aries:Markiplier should take it easy
  • Taurus:Markiplier should take it easy
  • Gemini:Markiplier should take it easy
  • Cancer:Markiplier should take it easy
  • Leo:Markiplier should take it easy
  • Virgo:Markiplier should take it easy
  • Libra:Markiplier should take it easy
  • Scorpio:Markiplier should take it easy
  • Sagittarius:Markiplier should take it easy
  • Capricorn:Markiplier should take it easy
  • Aquarius:Markplier should take it easy
  • Pisces:Markiplier should take it easy
Give Back For Mark - Charity Stream

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Give Back For Mark
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