#INeedFeminismBecause full-time working women make 77¢ for every $ a man makes AND the gap widens for African-American women (64¢/dollar) and Latina women (54¢/dollar) on avg.*according to the US Census. #equalpay #wagegap #INTERSECTIONALITY

koztastic said:

You have ruined me with GaVG. I didn't want this to happen, but curiosity got the better of me and your amazing writing sealed the deal. I now lay hopeless in turtle feelings, never to return to the life I once knew. (P.S. YOU ARE FREAKING AMAZING!?!! like holy shit everything you do is wonderful! the writing style, the amazing plot, and how deeply you develop and represent all of the characters and aaaaah! 10/10, A+, outstanding)


This message came at the best time — I’ve been feeling really low, and I’ve been keeping it in my inbox so I could reread it whenever I needed a boost. Thank you so, SO much, lovely! Thank you for reading, for taking the time to write me this message — you have made the bee so happy that I must use the KALROS HUG GIF to express myself! <3


weird survey thing i got tagged to do by lnsectoid

Name: dani
URL: juepucha, previously izumicurtises and shrillingchicken
Tumblr title: share a coke with DONG
Gender: lazy girl type thing
Height: 5’11”
Shoutout!: to my homework for always being there :))))))) [sobbing]

Favourite number: 3 and 13
Favourite colour: yellow and blue

Sexuality: gray ace bi
Time zone: east coast life yea
The average number of hours of sleep i get at night: avg id say about 6 because it can be anywhere from 3 to 14
The last thing i googled was: how to dress up as college tuition for halloween (FUCK IM LAUGHING)
My most used phrase(s): ”can we please talk about…” (thanks eddie) or “that’s a lot” (ALSO THANKS EDDIE….), and “womp womp” (thanks nikki)
If i can run a marathon or marathon netflix I choose: man i am in no condition to run a marathon
The first word(s) that comes to mind: we got tom-toms over here bigger than a monsta blakblakblakblakblak 
If i can have pancakes or waffles, I’m picking: pancakes!! i just made some
Favorite fruit: strawberries, bananas, apples and mango
Buffalo or BBQ: BBQ damn
My pizza toppings are: ideal is jason’s mom’s slice from lazy moon and that’s chicken, onions, mushrooms, tomato and ranch 
Favorite video game: the only console video games i play are animal crossing and kingdom hearts lol
Most hated TV show: idk big bang theory? king of queens, the one with david spade in it
A TV show you miss: teen titans, HIMYM, scandal, orphan black (but those last two are comin back at some point so)
If i was a Pokemon, I would be: the one michael picked out for me idk i don’t play pokemon lol
The last thing i said to a family member: "aw :( flu?"
One place that makes me happy, and why: in my room, or at the school where i mentor. my room cos i get to sleep and the school cos i get to see my mentee
My patronus is: dolphin or sandhill crane
The number of blankets i sleep under: 1 really thick comforter and a throw blanket
Favourite beverage(s): arizona green iced tea and coffee
Favorite webcomic: idfk im not too fond of homestuck anymore and i havent kept up with any other ones. i like BFFcomic tho
Favorite comic: BONE, Witch, the Star Trek comics
Favorite manga: Fullmetal Alchemist and Heart of Thomas
Favorite anime: ….also Fullmetal Alchemist. and Madoka Magica
Favorite cartoon: steven universe!! 
The toiler paper roll should go: with the paper facing frontwards u animals
Peeing in the shower is: lmao the fuck
Two celebrity crushes: samira wiley, tatiana maslany, nicki minaj, lupita nyong’o, janelle monae, natalie dorner
Two fictional crushes: pretty much all the women from FMA, cosima neihaus, garnet
A TV show more people should watch: orphan black and community
The last movie i watched in a cinema: holy crap umm….How to train your Dragon 2?
A piece of advice to all of my followers: if you feel like u need a break take it bb.
Favorite band(s):  damn…bear’s den, phoenix, capital cities, the new pornographers, fleet foxes, beirut…im entry level hipster garbage
A band i would wipe from the face of the Earth: idfk the ones that are full of awful people 
You all have to listen to this song: ALL OF ST. VINCENT BY ST. VINCENT and Blind Faith by Chase and Status 
A song that speaks to me: Pills & Potions by Nicki Minaj, Where No One Goes by Jonsi
Something you love but are constantly disappointed by: Art history classes but they’re racist af
Preferred nosepicking finger: what in the most disgusting fuck lmaoooo
My most desired bobble head: idk those game of thrones ones. i want an oberyn one, a dany one, a sansa one and a margaery one

k i tag these ppl you can do it if you want: thefirstthingsaid somebody-tell-me-whats-going-on ramblingsofastudentoflife burnslikeabluedream passive-aggressiveprincess sandwormsspiceandeverythingnice abregine