Imagine your OTP meeting at a mutual friend’s party, and having a drunken hook-up together. Later, they meet up again in another social situation, realize that they’re still attracted to each other while sober, and suggest maybe making a regular thing of it. And from then on, who knows?

Here is a picture of Stevie singing a lead vocal part to one of her songs, during the recording of the “Mirage” album. She seems to be staring at me like I was the “Ghost of The Chateau” himself. After quite a few intense weeks there, I swear I actually was. Enjoy…. (BOO!!)


Imagine an AU where instead of Aoba getting his memories erased he’s found by Toue. At first Toue is kind to Aoba. He welcomes him to Platinium Jail and calmly explains to him what he is. Toue offers to teach Aoba to control and use scrap.”All Aoba needs to do is let Toue learn more about him”. Aoba would have been allow to play around in Platinium Jail and meet Sei.

Aoba enjoys this life until he tries to go home and finds out he’s not allowed. He’s tries anyway and fails. For a few year Aoba fights, he resists, refuses to cooperate, tries to escape and when Desire is in control even tries to kill Toue. But he always fails. He’s restrained and punished.

Eventually he gives up. By the time Aoba is 20, he has become Toue’s loyal tool. But at least Aoba gets to grow up with Sei. 

Now imagine this Aoba meeting the dmmd boys in this AU.