Now I am stoked with the Korra ending but I gotta be honest I had a moment


It was like oooooh this looks very similar to Aang standing away from the party just before hooking up with Katara


Yes this is the same set up, thematically whoever walks up now should be her love interest, who are they going with?










I hate the nick player because it’s absolute crap but the show needs the support. Anywho it froze at this one part with Toph in this position and I really thought that she was turning up for something. So I made some crap edits of Toph doing just that. 

It is your nature. Your legacy.

I’d like to think that part of what makes the Avatar so powerful is his or her inevitable choice to do right by their power, instead of abusing it. 

Celebratory “Thank you for 700!” post. Again. Because I can’t sleep today for some reason ugh.


Water, Earth, Fire, Air.

”My grandmother used to tell me stories about  the old days. A time of peace. Where the Avatar kept balance between the Water Tribes, Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation and Air Nomads. But that all changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Only the Avatar mastered all four elements. Only he could stop the ruthless fire-benders. But when the world needed him most, he vanished

Highlights from the Bryke Interview

1.  Vaatu is dwelling in Korra; he’s just too weak to do anything.

2.  We are going to learn who Tophs’ baby daddies are before the finale!

3.  Kuvira and Korra were intended to be similar.  ”It’s like Korra has to deal with overcoming a version of her past self.”  -MD (That was deep…)

4.  There is going to be two more ATLA comics following The Rift.

5.  "Not really…they moved to the suburbs ;)" was Mikes’ answer to a question about what happened with Sokka and Suki between ATLA and LOK.  (this answer was soo vague that I’m curious as to whether or not it ties into #2)

6.  Kais’ character was developed with the intention of being a little bit of Wan and a little bit of Aang.  ”We wanted to have an adventurous kid with a slightly shadowy background.”  -MD
(I knew I had a good reason to love Kai)

7.  Kuvira is an earthbending and metalbending master; Toph would give her a good fight, though.
(yeah…Toph…but Korra needs to catch the buff up!)

8.  Amons’ motives were fueled by his desire to make the world a better place.  Amon truly believed that bending oppressed others, as was evident in his own life.  ”He saw how it made others suffer and he wanted to eradicate it from the world; but he had to believe his own lie in order to execute that vision.”  (my freak-ing heart. Bryke. *tearbends*)

9.  Zukos’ daughters’ name is Izumi.
(I’m soo relieved that I won’t have to keep hearing the gongs of ‘Honora’ anymore)

10.  In the United Public, the dialogue about the representation of non-benders from Amon and the equalists led to the take-down of the non-elected council, of which Tenzin was a member, and to the rise of holding democratic elections.  ”Raiko, jerk though he may be, is a non-bender who was elected by the non-bending majority.” -BK  (Bryan has voiced his opinion of Raiko.  It is ‘jerk’, and I am satisfied.)