A little fanimation I did for a distraction~<3 It’s been a long while since I did any fun stuff like this, I missed it! And goodness flash animation is still my favorite to do. So I thought why not have some fun with this little cutie pie~!!!

Ironically, Nine Lives to Live is going to be re-done mainly in AfterEffects. It’s easier and the output is quicker without sacrificing too much quality.

Shark puppy belongs to Stacey!

At the former Oregon State Hospital between 1883-1970 thousands of people died. If a persons body was not claimed their cremated ashes were sealed in a labeled canister and sealed and stored at the hospital. “On my first visit to the hospital, I am escorted into a decaying building, were a dusty room lined three deep with thousands of copper canisters.” David Maisel. This photo was taken by him.