I worry sometimes that the negative impact that Fiona had on Klaus is occasionally overlooked. It’s easy to push it aside and focus instead on the importance or the cuteness of the Klaus/Fiona relationship or its impact on the series as a whole instead of its impact on a more personal level with Klaus himself. I’m certainly guilty doing it myself! So I’d like to take a moment and remind everyone that the boy whose character arch is largely about him losing his trust in people falls in love with a girl who betrays him and breaks his heart despite returning his feelings and being a good person at her core.

Sometimes I remember that I’ll never know the fates of the Baudelaire and Quagmire orphans and then I can’t think about anything else for several weeks

Woooot and here are the quiglet kiddies!

Obviously it’s Violet and Quigley at the top, aaaand their kids;

Kit Quagmire (fc; Demi Lovato)

Jacques Quagmire (fc; Asa Butterfield)

Emma Quagmire (fc; Emma Watson)

I did change Asa’s eyecolor to green but I think the gradient map I used reverted it… I’ll change it later whoops. Aaand I wasn’t sure if the kiddies were in the exact age order so idek


Yes, what you’re witnessing is Count Olaf being beaten by a tiny little girl. Friday Caliban is the fiercest character in the entire series, and I love her more than I could possibly say.

I also love that what finally gives Olaf true pause in his pursuit of the Baudelaire orphans is another child who simply stands up and says; “No, you’re a bad man and you’re acting ridiculously–go away.”

Why we use horseradish

So I just realized why Horseradish is so powerful in the ASOUE universe. In the Jewish culture/religion Horseradish is the bitter herb used in the Passover tradition for the “Maror” it is to symbolize the slavery and bitterness the Jewish people (Baudelaires) went though under the rule of the Pharaoh (Count Olaf). It took me over 11 years to figure out and I have been going to Passovers for about 14 years.