[asshole voice] haha hate me all you want your hate fuels me xoxo Haha i dont care (: lol Im being edgy and cool by being rude to you and pretending that i Dont care that youre calling me out :) lol! Grow up brb while i watch anime!

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Arden Cho - Eyes, Nose, Lips (cover)

anonymous said:

There are multiple reports now of people commenting in these tabloids that Jen did not sit in the balcony, but rather in regular orchestra seats. And also that CM did not pay any special attention to her throughout the concert.

Well, yeah.. I was


You know, it actually makes sense! I already read somewhere that Jen went with a group of her friends. So I’m starting to think that may be she just went because she is a Coldplay fan and she probably likes Chris Martin ,since they met at the after party of CP’s concert in London.
And may be her line (that she supposedly said to the twitter guy from the radio) : “I just wanted to see my boyfriend!” was full of sarcasm ?!( She probably knows that the whole world thinks they’re dating…)
I mean we can afford to think like that ,right ?
Can we?