Friendly Reminder.......

let’s not lose perspective, we should remember that…..

Kubo chose Rukia to usher Ichigo back into the story.

Making a point for Rukia to be the first Character to actually recognize and have dialog about Ichigo’s presence. 




 Nice huh?

Humm? I don’t know about y’all but,  hasn’t Rukia  been looking a bit (♥‿♥) “Oh Ichigo!” ever since Chapter 476. I don’t know?….Maybe my glasses are just “shippy” and “rose colored” What do you think?

Chap. 476 ⬇



Chap. 515 ⬇


Chap.581 ⬇


Or maybe?…. There is a good reason why Rukia has the “twinkle eye’s” for Ichigo? Remember “speaking is not communicating” Actions speak louder than words like the kind in really good eyesmex. eh?eh?

So fellow shipmates keep this in mind, and let’s continue being patient. The most rewarding things in life never come easy. (they can take 13+ years sometimes) xP..;}


“And I know there’s a million reasons why we shouldn’t be together. I know that. But I’m tired of them. I’m tired of every single one of them. We’ve all gotta make a choice. Right? Well, I choose you. So, here’s my thought. England. Both of us. I’m following you now. I’m just gonna follow you everywhere. I’m just gonna follow you the rest of my life.”

creative-ectoplasm said:

Molly Carpenter (Dresden Files) and favourite TV show

(We’ll say…. Pre-Changes)

If you ever went and searched Molly’s bedroom, you would find an embarrassingly large treasure trove of X-Files memorabilia. The entire series on DVD- she will, occasionally, wheedle Butters and the wolves to swap out a night of gaming for an X-Files marathon, where Butters sets up a projector in the back of the room and Molly sits as close to the screen as she can manage, hoping not to fry the DVD player- and a whole mess of magazines, posters, and the occasional action figure (still in the package, naturally) about Mulder and Scully.

If you really searched, and wanted to invoke her eternal wrath, you might stumble across one of her notebooks from her freshman year of high school, full of X-Files fanfic, where Mulder has developed a few new skills and picked up a taste in leather trench-coats and a heavy walking stick, much to the eye-rolling (but secret fascination) of a somewhat-younger-than-expected Dana Scully.

The first time Molly dyed her hair, she was trying tl get it as close to Gillian Anderson’s shade as possible.

Well, the resolutions worse than I thought it’d be. Anyway, I just hit 600 followers earlier this week and I decided what better way to celebrate the belated milestone than with a follow forever? And here we are. Let’s do it.

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