Anonymous asked: can you write something with Cas being a celebrity & he is always so kind to his fans and shows them how much he cares for them by getting themcoffee when they’re waiting in the line etc, like Misha himself but with Cas’ personality, and Dean is his biggest fan and never misses any con & Cas always has a special extra sweet smile for him & many little extra details reserved only for him. however you want it to do it but they get together/kiss at the end, please

Author’s note: Whoever you are anon, I loved writing this. ;) 

It was cold, more like freezing. They’d been waiting for hours, and Dean could no longer feel his fingers. His friend Charlie was clinging to his arm, trying to steal some warmth from him. Her teeth were chattering, and her face looked a little paler than was usual.

“This is all worth it, and you know it.” Charlie remarked when their gazes met.

Dean shrugged and nodded. He agreed wholeheartedly; she was right. Meeting your favorite actor was always worth it, even if it meant standing in line for hours and hours. And possibly freezing to death in the process.

They were surrounded by thousands of other fans, some of them dressed up as a certain character, others wearing shirts with their idols on it. Dean also recognized a few first timers; the ones who hadn’t been to any of these kind of events before, and who looked like they were slowly dying on the inside while waiting.

Four years ago, Dean had been one of them. He still remembered the nerves, but looking back now, it only made him smile. He thought back to the many conventions that he’d attended since then, and he appreciated all the friends that he’d made along the way. Friends like Charlie, whom he’d met at Comic Con, to find out that she lived in the same town as Dean. It was sort of awesome, finding a friend who understood that it was okay to still get excited about TV shows even when you were in your late twenties.

The two of them had pretty much become con buddies from there on, and it also helped that they were both mainly there for the same show; Angel Grace. Charlie had a huge crush on the actress named Gilda Fairchild, who played a badass warrior angel sidekick. And Dean… Well, he had his own preferences.

Castiel Novak was the actor who played the lead, a powerful archangel whose job was to keep peace on earth. Now at first, Dean had been drawn to the actor because the guy was handsome, charming in that socially-awkward kind of way, and had the bluest eyes to ever exist. Every person with a pair of functioning eyes could come to the conclusion that Castiel was drop-dead gorgeous. But then he’d met the guy, several times, and his little infatuation had only become worse.

The problem was that it no longer had anything to do with Castiel’s looks, or with his acting skills even. The guy was just genuinely nice. And kind, and sweet, and caring, even when it came to his fans.

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Cameo Battle Music
  • Cameo Battle Music
  • Motoi Sakuraba, Go Shiina
  • Tales of Zestiria OST

This is the track that plays when you battle both Jade and Sophie in TOZ’s EX Dungeon. The track itself is a mix of various battle themes from both Tales of the Abyss and Tales of Graces. Pleasing to the ears, I daresay.


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