Meet The Contemporary Photographers Experimenting With ‘Radical Color’

For decades, the art world had a tendency to believe that black-and-white images were somehow more powerful – more moving, and more artistic as the lack of color nods to the unrealistic construction of the image. Of course, that notion has long since expired, and color has proliferated picture frames, magazines and Instagram feeds. The use of neon hues is no longer seen as an act of rebellion, even within gallery walls. So what does color mean today, now that it’s no longer a subversive opposition to the norm? Humble Arts Foundation Curator Jon Feinstein attempts to answer these questions in “Radical Color,” an exhibition at the Newspace Center for Photography in Portland, Oregon.

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speaking of afropunk..

BLACK FASHIONISTAS BEWARE:white designers,fashion photographers, hair stylists, stylists, choreographers, makeup artists etc, have caught on.

and they are most definitely coming to the one in NY this year. i have on more than a dozen occasions heard one of these types tell another one to go there for “inspiration” (read : theft.appropriation).

they will praise you to your face, take your photo, and use your shit in the next vogue or music video.



Charlotte Mei is an artist living in London. She is an illustrator and also makes ceramics. She studied illustration at Camberwell College of Arts and graduated in 2012. Her work is playful in its gestural, hand-painted detailing, yet powerful in its simplicity. Mei says that her works mission is to “observe and challenge social topics and popular culture, and to connect with the viewer through imagery and objects.” 

Charlotte’s instagram & blog

enrique262 asked:

I must ask, I tried to get into your comic, but found it read right to left, so well, why?

As a lefty, I draw from right to left. That’s why I’ve always preferred the Japanese direction in planning comics. I’ve absolutely despised drawing from left to right tbh. I always smudge the drawings with my hand and it looks like this when I draw

and it irritates the hell out of me (even now). I mean it wouldn’t matter if I were drawing it digitally (like the left-right comics I sometimes post on tumblr) but I plan and draw my comics on actual paper so it’s really bothersome. 

On a slightly related note, there are actual people who have issues against English-speaking artists who use the right-left direction instead of the “western” left to right (like it’s “weaboo” or something?). But if you think about it, I don’t care  ?  I do what I want??

You asked me today, ‘What are you?’
And wild flowers grew from my tongue, filling my mouth, as they bled their brilliant colours down my throat, before I could tell you that I am all the things I never meant to be.

(I am the sea, my dear, wicked in my calm. I will drown you and I will mourn you, for darling, I should have taught you to swim.

I am a thousand stories, built on the ruins of a ten hundred stars. I am an artist of fire, my canvases covered in dust and ash. I am a temple, holy in my prayers.

I am wolf, with lips painted red, waiting for the moon to howl again. I am the deadliest of beginnings, the brightest of ends)

I swallowed the dirt, and the stems, and all the pretty petals, and told you, long after you’d gone;

“I am poet, darling, and I will write myself the sun.’

—  They say if a poet loves you, you’ll never die, and if that’s true, darling, I’ll live forever (on loving all the things you never meant to be) | p.d

Still on my way to visit my little bro. Almost there, it’s a 15hr trip but Lopi has been incredible and has been driving the whole way so I’ve filled many sketchbook pages. Here’s one quickie sketch of @hottiepotty I tried not erasing as much as possible. It’s amazing how much practice matters, years ago I’d have been erasing like crazy. I will be painting this girl in the future fo sho. 💕💖 Thanks for letting me draw you chicka! I drew you making a face for practice. Also, wtf am I actually getting a tan on my hands for the first time ever??? :/ #art #artist #artwork #artshare #artistsoninstagram #jennaleeauclair #myart #sketch #sketchbook #drawing


Rounding out the Artist 100’s top five, alt outfit Twenty One Pilots flies in at No. 2 as Blurryface bows as their first No. 1 album on the Billboard 200 and Top Album Sales.

The Artist 100 is the first weekly survey dedicated to measuring artist activity across Billboard’s most influential charts, including the Billboard Hot 100 songs chart, Top Album Sales and the Social 50. The Artist 100 blends data measuring album and track sales, radio airplay, streaming and social media fan interaction to provide a weekly multi-dimensional ranking of artist popularity.

- Billboard

World Turtle by John Clowder, 2012. Collage.

Artist’s note:

Inspired by early alchemical imagery this illustration demonstrates the mythic relationship between the Cosmic Turtle and its prey and predator Sesa. Like the squid and the whale these two colossal celestial beings battle in the deep abyss of space in evenly matched bouts millenniums apart.

The World Turtle’s age can only be ascertained by the technological advances of the civilization that habitats its massive back. Hosts to many beings; the World Turtle is nearly planetary in size, and its parasitic hitch hikers compose humanoids and human-sized nematodes alike.

Sesa, on the other hand, never ceases to grow, achieving monumental size over accumulative years. The wagtailed dragon will one day make a nest of a deceased World Turtle’s shell, its offspring feasting on the turtle’s remaining innards before launching into outer space in colorful streams resembling space born spaghetti.


We made reservations at The Pink Door like a month before our trip so we could be sure to catch a trapeze artist. You loved searching for the hidden pink door and the fact that we had to have a code to get into the bathroom. We had our celebratory dinner here the night before our wedding.