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aHHHH its done it’s finally done.

sighs this was so long ago, i’m dearly sorry it took so long. I hope you like it.

Originally, numbers was gonna be frowning at Wrench but he just looks so much better with a smile. Thank you all lovely Wrencher fans, hopefully many more fanarts to come of these two.

i was seriously considering this a tishirt design

anonymous said:

Hello. I just saw your drawing of Numbers birthday and I was thinking that maybe in Wrench's birthday he would expect the same gesture from Numbers but instead he'd show up with a crappy cake and the same t-shirt (the one with Numbers face) 'cause he's an asshole :p


I hope this is sufficiently terrible

I tried to pick really harmonious colors for Mr. Wrench’s banner and present.


Pieces of Today

Not having our bike has made our outings a bit trickier without a double stroller. Oria enjoys walking but she doesn’t enjoy walking long distances or the entire duration of the walk, so we have to get crafty. My kids have been crying more than normal without the bike. It doesn’t help Arrow and her erupting molars aren’t getting along too well. We trekked to Le Marche St. George to meet dailydelza and Jackson for a coffee and a snack. Arrow screamed most of the time. It was awful. Nothing worked to calm her other then the serious distraction of walking to a nearby swing and getting her on it. This is when the bike would do her magic.
We wandered by a community flower garden and the littles wandered in and out of the ginormous sunflowers.
We parted ways and both girls settled in for two hour long naps each.
After nap, Oria rode her run bike to Tandem Bike Cafe to pick up a loner cargo bike from a cargo bike building employee. Rusl of the bicycle family loaned us one of his bakefiet cargo style bike while he tinkers with ours. It doesn’t have electrics but I’m so happy we have wheels to move around with.
I took the girls for a spin around the neighbourhood and out for sushi. Arrow ate a ton and then started to lose it while she chomped angrily on her fingers. We made a mad dash for tea swamp and a trip to the swings. We played in the park for an hour or so before heading home and retiring to bed for the evening.
We’re all a little happier to have a “thighs of steel” bike ride tomorrow.