I’ve reached a pretty milestone. I can not begin to put in words what a crazy ride it has been so far. And it keeps being crazy. I will make sure of it. I am proud of every moment of it. Granted, I have my ups and downs, but you guys are always there and I am glad for every one of you. Bolded are those closest to me. Italic those I kind of admire from a distance. Normal, well my hearties. That being said: All of those people here deserve a follow. It’s in no particular order, just in order of how they came to my mind (or where they came up on my list). Also I am sure I am forgetting people here or misslabeled some. If so forgive me, I am forgetful. It’s not intentional at all.

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here we are, seven months later since the last follow forever. two hundred fifty followers from that point. i actually got kinda sad when i looked through that old one and when i went through the older blogs i’m following because i did not realise how many are inactive until now. and it’s a shame because some of them were one of my favourites and it’s a shame to admit that up to now i still don’t know what happened to some of them. ugh, that’s kinda depressing. but this post is not supposed to be depressing. we are here to celebrate that at this exact moment there still are amazing people from the tolkien fandom. some are new, some not so much. some are not even tolkien fandom, my mistake. but they are here and are enjoying themselves and helping others enjoy themselves and that’s the main point of it, right?

so bellow, there are three categories to which some of these awesome people are divided. there are the babes, my saint trinity. then there are dwarves because they deserve a category of their own. and then there are others aka elves, men, people from other fandom.. and i love them all. but you know you’re a special special snowflake when your url is bolded. when it’s not you’re just a special snowflake. just that. isn’t that enough though? uh, i’m blabbering and i do apologize. just.. do enjoy. and i’m sorry if i forgot about anyone.

the babes

let me just lose a word for ursinh whose asunn brings in the dwarven sass you all need in your lives. yay for dwarrowdams, yay for firebeards, 100/10 would recommend. — another one worth mentioning is kirikhaz basically for the same reasons because dwarrowdams have to stick together and having jon snow used as a fc was a genius idea! — and last, but not last, there’s throas-dwarven-healer. the lad amongst them girls, the eternal bro and though he’s now on hiatus gwynn’s still planning on bringing the fassexy him back.


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the rest of you amazing people

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Dragoncon was a lot of fun!

Friday: Stan Marsh (South Park)
Saturday: Finn the Human (Adventure Time)
Sunday: Totoro Kigurumi (borrowed from resident-shota)

This is actually the first time I’ve cosplayed at a con since last year’s Dragoncon, and it was a blast! I didn’t take a whole lot of pictures, but I’ll be posting the ones I did take and reblogging ones other people post.

"Hello, little hound! Are you lost?"

DN 69 min challenge, Rain! ovo/

Well in this case the sky’s mostly cleared up…

It’s Ferrlyn and a hound she found while walking home from school 8>

I just can’t get over how cute the Vice Student President armor set looks on her bwahahah-

…orz what are hands and anatomy :’D

Archer Fandom Network

I’ve decided to make a place for all of the Archer fandom to sit and wait for season 6 to come out!

  • Pretty much everyone will get in unless you don’t follow the rules
  • I’ll be choosing members on September 8th (maybe longer, idk man.)
  • New members will always be considered!
What You Gotta Do
  • Follow me (I’ll follow back everyone who gets in!)
  • Please reblog this post!
  • Archer doesn’t have to be your main fandom but it would be cool to see Archer posts on your blog
  • Fill out this form!
  • Have your ask open!
  • Love exclamation points!!!!!!!!
What I'm Looking For
  • Cool, fun people who want to talk about Archer and Archer related things!
  • BE NICE!!! No hate, please!
If You're Accepted
  • Put a link to the network page somewhere on your blog
  • Track the tag #ArcherFandomNetwork
  • Follow as many as the other members as you wish! (I’m not gonna force you to follow people but I mean this about making cool friends who also love Archer and stuff so you’ll probably wanna follow them anyway!
  • You’ll make so many new friends and have so much fuuuuuun!!!
  • We’re all gonna cry over Archer/Lana and how cute AJ is while we wait for season 6.

Archer did great at the parade. He walked for part of the couple of miles, stole many hearts, and when he was tired we took him up on the float and covered him with a wet towel to cool him off. When we got home he promptly slept for two straight hours.

In a society that’s base of being with your soul mate, it was hard finding out when your tattoo came through that it wasn’t the person you were dating. Laurel wasn’t even sure who she was meant to be with since no one had her mark, not even the man she was dating, who broke up with her since clearly she was meant for another.

It was Oliver’s birthday and Laurel was running late, she had slipped into the back and smiled when she saw him and Tommy talking about something. “Hey boys,” she said with a quick kiss on both their cheeks, “what did I miss? Find your soul mate yet?”